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Smartwool is good stuff.
You're probably going to want a longer coat. Alternatively, you'd need to layer under your trousers. You will definitely want to get a few scarves and some nice gloves.
Quote: Originally Posted by furo So this fit looks okay then? I like it, FWIW.
Take a look at Martin+Osa sweaters. I've found that they have long sleeves.
Quote: Originally Posted by binge Suede piping and throat latch FTW! I could not agree more!
B. I prefer the colors of A, but the "model" looks frumpy.
Short answer: Yes--shouldn't be too much. Longer answer: If you're going to walk in the world of mechanical (don't discount hand-wound) watches, then you should try to develop a relationship with a watchmaker/AD. It shouldn't cost to much to have a watch regulated. Having said that, you could always try to regulate the watch yourself--see the link in wacked's post.
Personally, I'm not into any of the four. Buy whichever one you like best if you must have one of them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Petyot Is that watch SO ugly??? I don't find it that bad... I feel bad for the 10 and 11 markers, but I wouldn't call it ugly.
I'd prefer a Stowa Icarus, but your watch is difficult to argue with at that price point. Congrats! The most important thing is that you like it. I must admit that it is easy on the eyes.
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