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They're slow to ship, but the boots are quality.
asudesigner-- That dial version (pictured above) of the Le Locle seems to be getting harder to find, but you could speak to ADs who stock the watch and ask what the could discount. Or you could check on or for a used Le Locle for sale. A couple of years ago I got one from under $300, but they seem to be grey market these days (and selling for a lot more than they used to). You could try calling them and asking what the best price...
I like their trousers.
Quote: Originally Posted by srivats What is your budget? For your needs (wearable in rain/snow as well as outside) LL Bean Katahdin engineer boots are a great option. This is what popped into my head first.
They do make nice coveralls, but one has to wear coveralls for that to matter.
Quote: Originally Posted by GoSurface Carry a parasol. I like that.
Quote: Originally Posted by d-nice Great feedback! Thanks! I havent really come across any waxed jackets and this was helpful. I can see how they would attract lint. How are they in the rain or snow? Utterly waterproof. If there's an Orvis anywhere near you, they carry Barbour.
Personally, I'd take a look at the Stowa Antea range if you really want to spend $500 - 750. Having said that, I'm a fan of the Tissot Le Locle pictured above. That model Le Locle can be found for ~$300 if you look around. This is all assuming you want a somewhat dressy three-hand watch with date.
Quote: Originally Posted by d-nice Belstaff "waxed" jacket. I was originally looking for a new leather but might get a waxed cotton jacket instead because I cant find a leather that I like/want. Anyone own a waxed cotton jacket? I have never really seen one up close. I have a Barbour Classic Beaufort jacket that I love. It's not nearly as slim fitting as the Belstaff Roadmaster pictured, but the material is practically the same. Barbour...
They sure know their leather in Firenze.
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