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Quote: Originally Posted by Strombollii I mean, if I'm going out or going somewhere that isn't Stats, I completely agree. But drawing attention for dressing "up" for class is kind of awkward at this point in my life, in this set of circumstances. Hopefully, there'll come a time when I can wear a trenchcoat in the rain or dress in clothes that actually fit me on campus and I won't have to deal with the negative attention that necessarily follows, but I'm...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ludeykrus Dremel. I concur.
Quote: Originally Posted by mr. burns went to the levi store just to see if they had them and i saw what looked like the 514 selvage, but with a closer look, they were identical to those pictures a few posts up, just not selvage and $69 or so. just thought it was funny they were listed as 'rigid' and were some of the softest jeans i'd ever felt, the exact opposite of rigid. there were black STF 501 too. almost got a pair. I have a pair of...
Quote: Originally Posted by TrailofTears This is the only appropriate response, and there is no need for a poll. Werd.
Quote: Originally Posted by milosz this might be the worst jeans fit I've seen: Nothing wrong with the fit--something wrong with the jeans. Something very wrong.
I wonder how long it takes to hit Netflix?
Quote: Originally Posted by srivats Plus they are very, vert quiet. Makes an amazing difference if you wear dress shoes with leather soles daily! Yes, this is one of my favorite things about plantation rubber soles!
Quote: Originally Posted by TrailofTears Can some of you RW vets offer a suggestion for an insole? I'm looking at picking up a pair of 8146's and Iron Rangers, and would appreciate the help. Thank you. I found that I didn't like an insole in my IRs; my heels didn't feel deep enough in the boot. I was using these cheap Spenco insoles.
I love jean jackets with Sherpa pile lining. Unfortunately I don't own one.
Quote: Originally Posted by joel_954 I assume the Shoe Mart Chrome Excel's are leather lined and the NRO Chrome Excel's are not leather lined. My Shoe Mart Chrome Excel Indy boots are #40514H, not 403. NRO Chromexcel indies *are* leather-lined.
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