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I really don't understand the love for these shoes. They're ugly. Not as ugly as Wallabees, but that's like saying Kate Gosselin isn't as ugly as Kathy Bates. It doesn't make her pretty. Man, I hate to be a hater, but I couldn't stop myself. Sorry about that.
This was in Savannah two summers ago. I can't remember the shop name.
Quote: Originally Posted by noneshallpass why? Sarcasm, bro.
I use a Lamy Swift rollerball pen.
This color doesn't get mentioned enough: Model 8112, Oro-iginal, sometimes called Russet
Quote: Originally Posted by KnowYourRights Well that sucks. Sorry to hear it. Like a-rock, I've had nothing but great experiences with M+O, especially with the in-store folks. They are always nice (without being fake about it), helpful, and in one employee's case, remembered me weeks later. Yup, they've been good folks. I've had to pick and choose at M+O, but I'll be sad to see them go.
Quote: Originally Posted by scribbles I grabbed the blue and green madras with the pocket flap a few weeks back and I love it, except for having to steam out the flap after its been washed since it likes to curl up into a little ball. Pain in the ass yes, but not enough of a nuisance to keep me from wearing it. Man, that's annoying. I'm glad you can deal with it; I'm not sure I could.
Quote: Originally Posted by Listi It's like you can see the future or something. It's like you can read my mind, man.
Quote: Originally Posted by celticgent i will probably be lambasted as a silly noob, but in MY humble opinion, unless you're a lumberjack, a motorcycle cop/racer, a snake farmer, an inuit or sherpa, a skier, or an equestrian; tucking pants into boots seems unnecessary and silly looking. Or you're anyone in Vermont during mud season.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ludeykrus Finish with super-fine sandpaper/steel wool. I just think that "Dremel" should be the answer to any "How To?" question.
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