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Sounds like you're in line for some foot cancer. Bummer.And I would definitely try to prevent your feet from having any babies.
The Sears near me* didn't downsize the Canvas section, but the floor space went from half women's half men's to 80% women's. Bummer.*where I work.
Lots and lots of people, for better or for worse.They have a Made in the USA line (in addition to LVC) nowadays, btw.
You have problems, man. Indy boots aren't going to work for you if that is how you must wear them.
The pockets don't stretch out. They're whatever size the cotton bags inside the jeans are, and they are a bit small on Unbranded jeans.
Then put them on a shelf and never wear them; their color will change as time goes by if you use them. I haven't found that my appreciation for the aesthetics of chromexcel has changed at all after applying Obenaufs LP, but it does get a bit darker. Im sure you will still like the color.My understanding is that Horween says Chromexcel needs no treatment when new, but the Obenaufs will really help protect against road salt, so I use it on my ultimate indies. I've found that...
Obenauf's LP. It will darken the leather.
JMO, but I would try a double cuff with those jeans if I were you.
The Oil is intended for shoes, whereas the LP is intended for boots. I don't think the oil will last as long or protect as well, but it is easier to apply. As the name implies, the Heavy Duty LP is for more heavy duty applications.
They're only available at the flagship store on the Freeport campus. Even so, when I was up there last August they had none in stock.
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