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Just got my mto galways in cc/bronze antique haf leather soles with toe taps. They are beautiful. What polish have you gentlemen found works with antique bronze? Regards, Dan
Centofanti can make a wonderful overcoat. I have continued to use them since Joe died and they are doing excellent work although my pattern was cut when Joe was still alive. Nevertheless I have had some significant alterations to my suits and the results have been outstanding. Lou (Luigi) has been a tailor there for years and has taken over much of Joe's role. I think you'd be happy.
JM Weston closed their only US branch over the summer but originally said that it was only a move and that another store would open later this year on Madison Avenue. There is a space on Madison that it supposed to be JM Weston but it has not opened. The website no longer lists a New York boutique. Does anyone know if Weston plans to open another boutique? They are carried at Saks but the staff rely does not know the product or the sizing and they are also carried by...
I am interested in having a polo coat made from Camel hair and have looked at a number of books including Harrison's and W. Bill. I have found some beautiful fabrics in 100% camel hair but I am concerned about how 100% camel hair will wear. Some have suggested that a blend of 50% wool and 50% Camel hair is a better choice but I have been unable to find this type of fabric. Could someone suggests some companies or books that make this blend? Any other suggestions on other...
If he is contracting out much work, I'd be surprised. I know that many tailors do contract out some pants work, but I do not know about whether this happens at Centofanti and I have never directly inquired. I also know that the woman who does his buttonholes is outside of the shop. I will say that whenever I have stopped by to see one of my suits under construction, it has been there for me to inspect even if they were not expecting me which argues against out sourcing. ...
As a lucky client of Centofanti, I have to agree with everything noted above. Joe is a genuine craftsman and in other cultures, he would be considered a national treasure. Over his 90+ years, he has hone his tailoring skills and makes a beautiful suit. I am always warmly welcomed and because they know I have an interest in clothing, Mr. Centofanti, his apprentice or his daughter Helen will often show me interesting pieces they are making or bring out a new fabric book...
Hi Tom, How about adding some larger sizes to your stock:>)? Those of us with the 11 in G&G, or 11/11.5 in EG or 10.5 in Lobb would love the opportunity to get some RTW. Congrats and best wishes on this endeavour. Regards, Dan
Bump up hoping for some expert opinions. Thanks.
I have a pair of RL Benton on the C&J 337 last that fit extremely well. They are marked 11 1/2 D. I suspect that this is US sizing but was wondering if anyone can confirm this? Also is the Polo "D" an C&J "E" or do they actually get them in "D" a la the polo EG's? Thanks for any insights. Regards, Dan
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