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Quote: Originally Posted by BlackShoes Budd's RTW shirts are excellent, easily in the same bracket as T&A, I assume their bespoke is made to at least the same standards.. Are there stock RTW still made by Rayner & Sturges?
It may just be me, but i find the use of the word bespoke in the following copied and pasted from Savile Row Co's webpage, a little odd... What do others feel? A fabulous chance to own bespoke fabric at a ready to wear price. Using our excess bespoke fabric to make Savile Row Co spec shirts, you get the best of both worlds. Available fabric varied so only limited sizes are available per style - adding to the exclusivity of owning one of these shirts.
i would recommend Fox Flannel
Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast I think she uses Rayner & Sturges for her bespoke. Not sure about her RTW/MTO. My bespoke shirts (not from her) are also made by R&S; they're quite nice. Ms. Willis did have her shirts made at Rayner & Sturges but last year opened her own small factory in Gloucester with a small team of seamstresses (mainly ex-Turnbull & Asser). Emma is very passionate about shirts and produces a very high quality...
Alexander Boyd is not owned by Rayner & Sturges, however both are owned by the Boyd-Bowman family (who also own Cleeve and also Cravats). R&S make the shirts sold at Alexander Boyd, and they also make bespoke, stock-special and stock shirts for many other labels. The Alexander Boyd shirts you saw in London were likely made with Alumo fabrics.
Quote: Originally Posted by Gent Dale Rhodes also advertises handmade bespoke suits, but then he later states his suits come from a factory in Yorkshire and the pattern, though cut by hand, is an existing, standard pattern, which is modified for each customer. That, to me, is essentially the definition of made-to-measure. Because of this, I'm somewhat weary of their product. It's not the fact that they're MTM, it's the fact that they advertise it...
The ties narrower than 3.25" just look silly IMO
Quote: Originally Posted by Knutsson I'm looking for advice regarding what collar size to chose for T.M lewin. I usually wear a european size 40 which I believe equals 15 . 3/4 inches. The question is then do I order a 16 inch collar or a 15.5 inch collar. I've read posts saying the Lewins shrink a bit, thereby suggesting I go for the 16 inch but I've seen other posters deny any shrinkage. I plan to wash my shirts in 40 degrees celcius and dry them...
My favourites Alumo SIC Tess D J Anderson Grandi & Rubinelli Thomas Mason
A couple I had made for myself from Alumo fabrics
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