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Flat Head SE05BSP Size 33 Chainstitch Denim Hemming length: 38.5 14.5oz Unsanforized Japanese Selvedge Denim Rope Dyed Denim Indigo Half-Arcuates Button-Fly Slim tapered cut Current Retail: $370.00 USD +  $15.00 Chainstitch Denim Hemming option Price: $350 USD shipped CONUS I ordered these jeans awhile back and they didn't fit correctly. Intended to sell them, but packed them away during a move and forgot about them until I recently discovered them. The jeans were tried...
Thank you for sharing. This is exactly what I was thinking of doing. How often do you reapply, including the exposed leather sole piece?
How do the Beckman / GT hold up in winter snow and slush given the sole is not completely covered with a rubber layer?
Guidi 789Z Back-Zip Boot Size 46 Black horse leather Mid-calf length Zipper pulls with Excella logo Vibrammed (heel and forefoot) and heel tabs [Italian made SVIG heel sole / Super Plus sole / 5-star heel tab] Retail: $1,365.00 USD Price: $700 USD shipped CONUS I recently purchased these boots from JUANSOLO on SuFu. They looked like they had been worn very lightly. I tried them on and walked around on carpet. I'm selling them because the size did not work for me. I'm...
Thank you. This is what I was thinking as the thought of a red toned belt just seemed odd, not that it couldn't work in some situations.That doesn't evoke classic menswear for me. However, to answer your question try Julius or RO.
I'm not sure what color belt to pair with the Neumok Red Leather (4075) worn with brown chinos or possibly black trousers. With such a stand out color in the shoe does one still match to their belt?
Wow. Above and beyond what I expected from any reply. Thank you for taking the time! You wear a navy belt with all of those fits?Are you wearing a navy belt with that combo or another color?Didn't work for me - down .5 up 1 in width and both heels were slipping terribly. I'm having a terrible time trying to fit them via the mail and no shops carrying them nearby. Love the style, but about ready to give up on them since I cannot seem to figure out the correct size. Maybe...
I'm interested in the Neumok in both red and blue, however, this would be a first dive into such colored shoes and I'm not sure what color belt to pair with them. Suggestions? Thinking of wearing them with brown chinos and possibly black trousers. I did some searches on the forum, but didn't locate any fits with the Neumok.
Soliciting feedback from any Neumok owners - how does the Neumok fit compared with the Park Ave (PA)?
Seems it was before your time here on SF. The remarks stuck since I came across them after first joining. I said single buckle is described that way, double buckle has much love on SF. Example 1 Example 2 Now you've seen monk straps described that way on SF.
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