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Wow strong bump. I've been away from Style forum for a couple of years now lol. None of my MTM fits me as I'm now a competitive weightlifter and pretty much hang around weightlifting forums primarily. Dentistry is great though, made the right decision. Peace.
The movie is actually pretty decent. Came out in Australia last week (we rarely get anything early). Stay till after the credits. Also, spoiler. TONY STARK IS IRON MAN
Quote: Originally Posted by ERIK We just had a wacky idea. It occurred to me that there are a great number of people every day who drive to the gym for exercise. This in itself I have never understood because instead of driving halfway across town to some gym you could just ride. Connect the generators to the grid and basically have a small human powered power station. selling the power, and everyone involved would get good and healthy...
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason What the fuck, I swear to god if I eat carbs for dinner JUST ONE TIME I already start to look fat. In your head bro.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lone Wolf This reminds me of a story that used to circulate about the late Luther Vandross (who at one point in his life was quite obese). The short version is that he wanted a hamburger and didn't have any bread in the house so he made one and used donuts for buns. Seems like I've read that some venues actually serve a variation of that - fried Krispy Kremes w/a cheeseburger in between or some such. There was an...
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger so when im squatting, how low should i squat? i go all the way to the ground (ass like 3-4 inches off the floor) and its pretty rough on my knees. just work through it? I like to do both ATG (ass to grass/ground) and just below parallel. I do 3 sets of ATG and then ramp up to a heavier weight and do just below parallel.
Quote: Originally Posted by bloodyman thx for the response guys. Okay when people saying they are able to lift 2x or 3x their bodyweight, do they count the Barbell Bar too? Yes I work out alone and when my friends compared our lifts I was always 20kgs less than theirs even though I thought we were at the same level, and then I realised I wasn't counting the bar.
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara Nope, I am still doing well. Just not a lot of SF or computer time recently. Yesterday I had 3 eggs for breakfast, chicken salad sandwich for lunch, baked salmon with spinach and red/green peppers for dinner. Couple of treats in the office. I am walking a LOT. this
Quote: Originally Posted by steinwaytony Sorry if this has been answered before, but does anyone recommend combining NO-Xplode and whey protein, or would that be redundant? I'm 6'5" and 180 lbs., but really only started regularly working out about six months ago. I started doing protein shakes after my workouts shortly thereafter, so I can't be sure if it's having its desired effect. Should I add NO-Xplode, or not bother with it? NO-Xplode...
Quote: Originally Posted by ghdtpdna Anyone thats saying NO2 stuff works is lying to himself. Theory is that: Arginine -> Nitric Oxide -> Vasodilation -> Nutrient Delivery -> Muscle Growth and Strength However, here's the truth. "¢ Arginine blood flow stimulators ("nitric-oxide" or "NO2" supplements) have been shown to increase vasodilation, but only in unfed people receiving enormous doses through an IV. "¢ Oral arginine...
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