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Daywear, would a three buttons, two piece charcoal grey suit with very discreet pinstripes, fishtail back trousers of course, look ok if paired with a burgundy waistcoat? How about shoes? Cordovan and black are fine?
Lost almost 22lbs recently, that's why trousers are so wide.
I'm currently studying in the South hemisphere, hence the colder climate fabrics. It's winter down here.
Does the boots look good BTW?
I know they're too long. Had them for years, the ppl who hemmed them at the store got them too long, even after I've told them I prefer my trousers with no break.as for the colour palette, it's just something a lot of relatives do and I ended up following them. I prefer to match black boots/shoes with charcoal trousers (I never wear black trousers/suits, it looks cheap). Hate the navy clothes/black footwear combo though. Anyway, I must find some time to get these trousers...
If I wear very light cream corduroys with black chelsea boots (rubber sole, although not clunky), a black leather belt and a dark button down or polo shirt, is it bad?
Anyone here watched to the film Filth? What I want to know is if anyone can identify the boots Bruce Robertson (James McAvoy's character) wear in the flick. They're some dressy Chelsea boots with slightly squared toes and rubber soles, I'd love to discover the brand and model though. Much obliged for any help you can provide
Well, my prescriprion glasses are Oliver Peoples Rileys in a tortoise pattern. As for my sunglasses I wear classic Ray Ban Aviators and Wayferers. in my opinion, classics are always a good choice^^
Well, is it ok for me to wear a black 2 button notch lapel medium gorge velvet jacket as a substitute for a dinner jacket with the rest of my dinner suit or I should just wear such jacket in a more casual look? (I'm 15 BTW)
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