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Well, my prescriprion glasses are Oliver Peoples Rileys in a tortoise pattern. As for my sunglasses I wear classic Ray Ban Aviators and Wayferers. in my opinion, classics are always a good choice^^
Well, is it ok for me to wear a black 2 button notch lapel medium gorge velvet jacket as a substitute for a dinner jacket with the rest of my dinner suit or I should just wear such jacket in a more casual look? (I'm 15 BTW)
Usually nightshirt or pyjamas
I woke up 2 pm hungover and drunk more to get better.
I just got 2 wonderful pairs of shoes today, the weather is wonderful, i can finaly walk on myown after a month in crutches.
Well, among my friends, one has more or less my kind of style, which is mostle preppy (I'm 15). All my other friends dress horribly, just like garbage...One of then for example wear band tees everyday and there is another who wears suit and skate sneakers to partys...The others are bad, but not that bad...
Well, I spent 90% of my days in shirt and slim fit corduroy trousers, word with vans black/grey hi tops. No tees for me, only button downs and polos
thanks guys...
Well, I just puchased a khaki casual blazer, little structured and with patch pockets andelbow pads. The material is not suit like, as it is casual, but can be worn with slacks. I'd like to know what does match it apart from jeans and white slacks...
No hate here. The navy blazer is the most versatile coat a man can have, I have 2 and love them
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