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Mainline, the Workaday look too wide for me. Thanks for the tips. I've got some Boston's as well that I've been wearing with my SS13 USN pants and they look pretty good
Thanks man, was thinking Yuketen Maine Guide although I'll have to see how well they go when the pants are delivered
Just bought my first pair of Olive Fatigue pants, just wondering what people think are the best winter footwear options with them
Recently I had the good fortune to be shat on by a seagull. Unfortunately most of said discharge impacted on my Nanamica Wind Parka. The label says Dry Clean, however three Dry Cleaners local to me have refused to clean it saying it's not possible and the shell will be damaged. Anyone else had any problems with Dry Cleaning this coat?
I picked up a pair of 030 when I was over in NYC last week. The quality is amazing, not entirely convinced on the rise on them since I've got them home but still very wearable.
Got my EG Workaday cords from The Bureau this week. Great fit. Wasn't sure if they were going to be too loose but after seeing the posts on here bit the bullet. Fit is not loose at all and subsequently very wearable for me
After having my last pair of NS hemmed with horrendous results I'm getting a new pair. My only concern is the shrinkage once they are washed which will be way down the line. I'm a 31" leg should I get them hemmed to that size or allow for shrinkage? Because of my short legs Im not that keen on stacking/turn ups
I've got the Field Parka in L and I'm a 40 chest and it fits fine. I think the M would have been a bit restrictive if layering up in the cold with chunky knits. Have a look on Oi Polloi at their measurements they have the L down as 40" chest. There is an internal drawstring as well so that may assist you.
Has anyone got the Cruiser in navy? Just wondering if it's going to picking up lots of fluff and if the green is the better colour, loving both
I'm a 40" and went for the large and based on how it fits me i would say that the medium will be good for you. The large will be too big
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