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I believe Atlanta is famous for its strip clubs.
If that's the case, perhaps you need to delegate more decision-making. I receive 200+ emails/hr. But most are carefully filtered away
I visit hakkasan with friends primarily for amusement purposes. Try the smoky negroni!
Very good condition Vass shoes. Haven't been worn much lately, hence the sale. Photos below. Free shipping CONUS. Includes lasted Vass Trees. Retail $900.
I found all the street closures for the Halloween parade incredibly annoying.
I just got back from an 8 day trip to Peru. Arequipa is a destination that seems to be often overlooked by American tourists (most non-natives there were European). There are lots of reasonable tours that will take you into the Colca canyon region, etc., including 2-3d hiking tours into the canyon. The Salcantay trek is an alternative to the Inca Trail, but not sure how strenuous it is. In Peru, US Dollars are pretty fungible, as long as they are pristine. ATMs are pretty...
I miss Smooth Jazz, CD 101.9
Isn't the point of this thread to discuss scotch? I have some enroute, wondering if others have tried it. I myself liked the 12 year, but hear the 21-year can be overwhelmingly peaty.
Snagged a case of Old Pulteney 21, just waiting for it to arrive. Any thoughts?
Selling two Macy's gift cards! Absolutely no restrictions of any sort, expiration date, etc. I can also pm/email you the #s immediately after funds clear if you want to use them online. $900 each, $1700 for both.
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