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Purchased a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses from hardisty17. Couldn't have been more prompt and efficient. Good deal, honest seller.
Quote: Originally Posted by Agent GQ UPS is 10X better than FedEx and a little better than USPS. I've never used DHL so can't comment on that one. You must have all done something to piss off the men in brown shorts. What
Wouldn't buy it off eBay, but have you considered maybe a Porsche Cayman? http://www.autotrader.com/fyc/vdp.jsp?car_id=274572111 Might be a sound choice. Certified used 2008 Cayman S for $52k? Looks great, isn't going to be replaced anytime soon and will beat an Audi A5. Sure, it's on the sporty side of "luxury" but I think you will get along with it just fine.
Quote: Originally Posted by GuP Keep the info coming! How reliable are porsches in terms of owning for long term? I am thinking maybe I can get a used one and just finance it....their old models don't look different from the newer editions.. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/08-C4...item27b0b8a441 Very reliable. And because they don't change their styling, they don't lose their value. That is all.
Shit. I just threw my catalogue away.
UPS are pricks. I don't know why they are still in business.
Why not buy a rug and wear it as a suit?
Quote: Originally Posted by gqreader239 i think if staver just sells xs, he will sell out in a few days. +1 Get 13) Men’s BNWT J. Crew Size Small Secret Wash lightweight point-collar poplin shirt, I have 2 of these, awesome color! - $50 Shipped in size XS
Are these the ones that were flipped from that PSA
Quote: Originally Posted by bobpop 10% refund if you mention Style Forum at checkout. Why not just do the transaction on here at a discount? That way eBay won't rape you. Just a thought...
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