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Isn't GenX the one that got GenY into this fucked up situation anyways? Quote: Yes, sell houses and lend money to mexicans and other people who can't afford it! Awesome idea. -GenX in a sum up You should be lucky that you have a bunch of spoiled pricks to inherit your business while it lasts. We will probably be the last generation where all the internships in Finance, etc. aren't run by the chineses. And they will make you do more than get coffee.
Sad thing is, someone will buy it at that price. Oh, Michelle Obama, what have you done?
You guise just like J Crew because Michelle Obama wore it.
This is the most retarded thread in FLH&D
I will go against the grain here and say this wasn't actually from Barneys.
The Oxford, what size will this normally correspond to on your website>?
Quote: Originally Posted by sci-fi-o-hi-fi IS anything stilll around? I would get receipts on anything from here...
Free bump. Good deal here to be had. If only it was a 28 and I hadn't recently purchased a pair, I'd be all over these.
You need XS!
See "Why was my thread locked?!!". I am not sure but I think you have broken one of the rules but they are so hard to understand AUGHGHH! Also Quote: Originally Posted by af1snaikboi Payments Must be Paypal Personal Payments Don't know if this merits attention because I have never seen this before.
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