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Quote: Originally Posted by stormin10 [bad cars] Why are you on the internet, 'boarding school' boy? Your weekend pass should be revoked.
Québec EDIT: No wait, that's not a bumper sticker. It's just something that seems to be on every asshole's car.
Are the Madras shirts significantly shorter than the lightweight secret wash?
I am looking for a J. Crew shirt like this in XS. Or a lightweight shirt like this in XS
Quote: Originally Posted by mdeep1 Hey guys, I just went into J. Crew yesterday to try on their new "tailored fit" secret wash shirts and I have to say I'm a bit disappointed with them. The last J. Crew shirt I bought was a year or so ago and the current shirts still fit like tents. The RL custom-fit shirts in a size small fit me perfectly yet the J. Crew smalls are wide in the sleeves, chest, waist and anywhere else you could think of. Have any of you...
Sad thing is, someone will buy it at that price. Oh, Michelle Obama, what have you done?
You guise just like J Crew because Michelle Obama wore it.
This is the most retarded thread in FLH&D
I will go against the grain here and say this wasn't actually from Barneys.
The Oxford, what size will this normally correspond to on your website>?
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