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I don't think I am contributing much but in real Canada (where road is made of ice because socialists cannot afford salt), people put sandbags in their RWD cars during the winter.
Quote: Originally Posted by per0 If you like GTI, take a look at Audi S3. It's more expensive but better than GTI in every way. No. A whole $10k for a douchebag badge? Thread should read "GTI". No other suggestions. I would also avoid the leather.
Quote: Originally Posted by robbie volvo xc60 its the top brake-lights that do it for me. If you're really into funny lights in the back does this turn you on? I saw in IRL the other day and was 'omg'
Quote: Originally Posted by *Tee* *throws up* reminds me of when jaguar tried too hard to be british
Quote: Originally Posted by Cosmonaut these are the glasses i have. you should try out something like this and see if you like. Ignore this post OP.
If you don't start listening to the simple advice to get a haircut and you buy all of your accessories/clothing based on what best suits you now, this is what is going to happen: And before you know it you're a rapist.
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt some nice photoshoppin' Used MSpaint pixel-by-pixel
Now it has to be knit but it won't let me edit my post...
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