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What happened to Staver? Couldn't find any faults in his post.
Quote: Originally Posted by whiteslashasian The door panel on the A3 looks much better than the GTI. Nah.
Quote: Originally Posted by per0 It's more like $20k difference where I live. S3 has quattro drive, 265 hp, magnetic ride, s-tronic, much better interior.. Quote: DSG® Transmission When you tap one of the steering wheel-mounted paddles, the DSG® transmission will shift engine power back and forth between two mechanically actuated clutches and row through its sequential gear set, providing seamless acceleration and imperceptibly...
Quote: Originally Posted by svelten This may have been answered in the thread, but do the button up shirts run large, small or true to size? I live in Canada so there isn't any J.Crew nearby for me to try out. I'm specifically looking at this: http://www.jcrew.com/AST/Navigation/...gham/14905.jsp I'm debating between a small or an XS. I usually wear a small for most "mall" brands and would fit a 15-15.5" neck, 36" sleeve length and 37" chest....
I don't think I am contributing much but in real Canada (where road is made of ice because socialists cannot afford salt), people put sandbags in their RWD cars during the winter.
Quote: Originally Posted by per0 If you like GTI, take a look at Audi S3. It's more expensive but better than GTI in every way. No. A whole $10k for a douchebag badge? Thread should read "GTI". No other suggestions. I would also avoid the leather.
Quote: Originally Posted by robbie volvo xc60 its the top brake-lights that do it for me. If you're really into funny lights in the back does this turn you on? I saw in IRL the other day and was 'omg'
Quote: Originally Posted by *Tee* *throws up* reminds me of when jaguar tried too hard to be british
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