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I don't think I am contributing much but in real Canada (where road is made of ice because socialists cannot afford salt), people put sandbags in their RWD cars during the winter.
Quote: Originally Posted by per0 If you like GTI, take a look at Audi S3. It's more expensive but better than GTI in every way. No. A whole $10k for a douchebag badge? Thread should read "GTI". No other suggestions. I would also avoid the leather.
Quote: Originally Posted by robbie volvo xc60 its the top brake-lights that do it for me. If you're really into funny lights in the back does this turn you on? I saw in IRL the other day and was 'omg'
Quote: Originally Posted by *Tee* *throws up* reminds me of when jaguar tried too hard to be british
Quote: Originally Posted by Cosmonaut these are the glasses i have. you should try out something like this and see if you like. Ignore this post OP.
If you don't start listening to the simple advice to get a haircut and you buy all of your accessories/clothing based on what best suits you now, this is what is going to happen: And before you know it you're a rapist.
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt some nice photoshoppin' Used MSpaint pixel-by-pixel
Now it has to be knit but it won't let me edit my post...
Just shave your head ASAP. Then we can talk about everything else. Let's get you looking like a proper douchebag. Obligatory flippy hair doo? Check! You will be the best looking guy in computer science. EDIT: I made him smile EDIT: If anyone wants my professional MS Paint skills or needs a flippy hair doo preview please send payment to
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