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Does anyone here read GQ? I recently subscribed to update my quasi-emo wardrobe from high school to university. At $20 for a year am I getting ripped off? They seem to push Band of Outsiders (thx Brian) a lot but they aren't as sold out as other websites (*cough* Askmen). I was looking through their articles and this one caught my attention. I think I'll gradually start working my way to these items:
Just letting everyone know he decided to keep the black laceups but didn't update the thread...
Hey I'm a Canadian looking for (adjusted) size 8-9 shoes. I don't need the box, as it just adds to the shipping cost. USPS to Ottawa for shoes ranges $10 to $15, and I will not be willing to pay more for shipping. I'd be willing to pay whatever's reasonable for the shoes though. Black shoes will also do if they're in reasonably good shape. A good example of what I want is I know beggars can't be choosers so I'll do my best. Post sizes and pics in this thread!
We need someone to buy them and ship it to Canada.
Color? Pictures?
What color? Pictures?
Would you tell me why I would want to pay full price for this
I can't see any of the pictures.
$80 bucks to Canada gets you a buy
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