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Would you say the RLPL is pink or purple in colour?
If only they were size 15... beautiful shirts. If you can get a blue one in 15 let me know.
Men's clothing?
Should do a poll but I agree with the guy who chose Stella
I Pm'd. Waiting for reply.
I will buy your e-mail list for $5.00.
Does anyone think this is real? Can I get some styleforum experts on it?
Great seller! Upgraded me to expedited shipping and gave me a deal on a package of three items. He has some other stuff that he hasn't listed here, so ask him about it.
Inquired about the stone BR pants
Hate to be an ass but why so heavy with the screen+blur filter? I'd really like to know what the true colours are and it's hard to tell if it's lighter because of some bloom effect.
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