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Is this still up for grabs? I sent you a reasonable offer, see what you can do with it.
Can I get some pics.
Do any of you think this tie is real?
They made me do it for water polo when I was in high school, but other than that I haven't shaved my legs.
I don't know if anyone has told you this but if you make a purchase, and fill out their feedback form, they will send you a one time coupon for $100 off $200. It takes a couple months for them to send them, and I don't know whether it has to be positive or not, mine was moderately positive, but try it next time, and you may be pleasantly surprised when you check your email.
I wish they shipped to Canada... any good samaritans out there?
Question: Is the person in the picture a woman? I don't know whether to be turned on or disgusted.
I'm new here so what should I watch out for at SF? What brands are shamelessly promoted? I see alot of Ralph Lauren Purple, but maybe that's just me.
Actually, the real reason I subscribed was because I want to make my apartment a little more sophisticated looking so I bought a couple of architecture magazines (of course, full of photos) and GQ.
Does anyone here read GQ? I recently subscribed to update my quasi-emo wardrobe from high school to university. At $20 for a year am I getting ripped off? They seem to push Band of Outsiders (thx Brian) a lot but they aren't as sold out as other websites (*cough* Askmen). I was looking through their articles and this one caught my attention. I think I'll gradually start working my way to these items:
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