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They're your balls... you only have two so do what you want with them.
Wow on #3
I test drove a 2010 RDX the other day. Wasn't too impressed. Turbo lag was very noticeable - didn't find it as 'sporty' as the Acura is supposed to be. There is a pad on the right side of the driver's side that hits your knee and makes you put the seat back farther than you need to. The center console, while big, opens weirdly so that the passenger can't get at it. The navigation system is very hard to use and has too many buttons. Just not enough zip in it to justify...
Quote: Originally Posted by scribbles Banned. That's a shame. Even if he had a puppet, he's more reasonable than most sellers here. Oh well.
where is staver?
What happened to Staver? Couldn't find any faults in his post.
Quote: Originally Posted by whiteslashasian The door panel on the A3 looks much better than the GTI. Nah.
Quote: Originally Posted by per0 It's more like $20k difference where I live. S3 has quattro drive, 265 hp, magnetic ride, s-tronic, much better interior.. Quote: DSG® Transmission When you tap one of the steering wheel-mounted paddles, the DSG® transmission will shift engine power back and forth between two mechanically actuated clutches and row through its sequential gear set, providing seamless acceleration and imperceptibly...
Quote: Originally Posted by svelten This may have been answered in the thread, but do the button up shirts run large, small or true to size? I live in Canada so there isn't any J.Crew nearby for me to try out. I'm specifically looking at this: I'm debating between a small or an XS. I usually wear a small for most "mall" brands and would fit a 15-15.5" neck, 36" sleeve length and 37" chest....
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