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1. Order sale item 2. Get e-mail from J. Crew 3. Phone before cancellation timer runs out 4. Intimidate customer service agent 5. Lie 6. Profit?
Quote: Originally Posted by scribbles Before I call bull-shit on this post. Please explain to me how use used the 15% student discount on-line and on a sale item? More interested in how you swung using it on-line... Phoned some black woman named 'Deshana' who said that as a courtesy and because it was my first time buying online, she would let me have it. I used my @uottawa.ca e-mail account. No BS. Well, it may be, but I will let you know if...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dai19 http://www.dressspace.com/en/man/clo...t-id=4260.html This is so fucking cool and I want it my life right now Arghargjaraedlkfsd I think this one might be for women, though. I am not sure.
I ordered this in XS. For some reason I missed when the hillside madras was on sale. Those damn sale madras's weren't on the normal shirts page and you had to google them to find them. I also managed to get a 15% student discount on a sale item from a Canadian address from the online store. I broke so many rules I feel naughty. Now I wait to see how badly I get raped for duties and taxes, since I chose Canada Post instead of UPS.
Quote: Originally Posted by fujface What happened to that Stevie guy selling the J Crew shirts. He get banned? Is this sig worthy?
They're your balls... you only have two so do what you want with them.
Wow on #3
I test drove a 2010 RDX the other day. Wasn't too impressed. Turbo lag was very noticeable - didn't find it as 'sporty' as the Acura is supposed to be. There is a pad on the right side of the driver's side that hits your knee and makes you put the seat back farther than you need to. The center console, while big, opens weirdly so that the passenger can't get at it. The navigation system is very hard to use and has too many buttons. Just not enough zip in it to justify...
Quote: Originally Posted by scribbles Banned. That's a shame. Even if he had a puppet, he's more reasonable than most sellers here. Oh well.
where is staver?
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