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Quote: Originally Posted by nathan Some Canadian Brutalism: Some more Canadian brutalism. All over campus. http://farm1.static.flickr.com/146/4...c652d5.jpg?v=0
Did it for two years. One year later, and you can't notice. There's no hole at all, maybe a depression. The elastic cartilage (connective tissue) heals slower than the squamous cells so it may take a while before it returns to normal.
Can I get a bigger picture? The pinstripes don't look as faint as described. A fit pick would be nice also.
Umm can you repost pics of the RLPL?
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing That's pretty much what our library looks like, except more concrete and less open spaces.
I believe its on his eBay listing which I believe ended already.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauby Wow, this one's still going. I say the OP should just pay it forward. Grab some other guy's wife's ass and see what he does to you. Actually, grab an assortment of wife asses. Take note of what each guy does to you and make generalizations from there. That way you'll know if you handled it correctly. +10
Quote: Originally Posted by bcx Compared to the Chinese food I've tried around North America, Toronto's pretty high up there. Ever been to King Noodle? Also, I don't mind Cantonese food but you have to agree that Moo Shu pork is pretty good from up north is pretty good.
Does anyone have any pictures of beautiful universities that they'd like to share? I'm at UOttawa and this brutalism/concrete slab thing is getting on my nerves.
Hey I was looking to purchase a lighter blue button down shirt. Size 15/32-33 or so. Even 14.5 would do. I would prefer marks such as RLPL, RLBL, BoO, Boss, Burberry but if the quality is good the brand doesn't matter. Of course for a reasonable price. PM me and we'll arrange a deal.
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