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Great seller! Upgraded me to expedited shipping and gave me a deal on a package of three items. He has some other stuff that he hasn't listed here, so ask him about it.
Inquired about the stone BR pants
Hate to be an ass but why so heavy with the screen+blur filter? I'd really like to know what the true colours are and it's hard to tell if it's lighter because of some bloom effect.
When I played water polo they made me but otherwise no, it grows back too fast.
Quote: Originally Posted by marc237 You can pick up at my office in the fashion area of NYC. Does one have to dig one's own grave before getting stabbed? What do you do with the bodies? How do you deal with people who bring their friends to this alley of yours? So many questions!
In all honesty, if it's that cheap why won't you just go out and buy it yourself at Nordstrom Rack? If people think that it's a good deal, they'll buy it. If not, he'll either drop the price or keep it for himself. That's usually how these things work...
Alright so it worked - it was freezing, didn't help with the cold but certainly looked good. Got a couple of good looks at the movie theater and at the entrance to the pub. Thanks guys, will do it more often but only when its cold (which is like every day here)
350Z Coupe Black (I see people driving these in the winter, WHY??!?!?)
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley the way I see if, if you're popping it because it's part of your style or you're cold, that's fine. But if you're doing it to try to be "cool," trust me, you'll be more of a DB than anything. It's a fine line. With some people, you know they are trying to hard, others don't come across that way. Just don't fall into the first camp and you'll be fine. What is wrong with trying to look cool? Isn't that...
You guys seem split on the polls. I don't know who to trust, the wisemen who post in the thread or the wisemen who vote only.
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