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Good luck with the 'on holds'
Quote: Originally Posted by bt61184 Who's ready to shit????? +1 It is so tempting to shit on this guy's thread. Then again, the best way to let the sellers know that their prices are too high is to simply let their thread fall to the bottom. Sellers bumping their own threads to let people know that it's a hot deal, that sales or moving 'fast' or in reply to a comment about measurements...
Just letting you know they are damaged "One temple holder (thing by nose) bent and 1 of the things by the ear bent the hinge from accident" . Seller refunded money before shipping so no qualms about it. Just in case he forgot to indicate it...
Do you still have the weasel vest and/or the $3500 muscle shirt? From actual eBay listing: "People will wonder who you are...are you a celebrity?"
Is it made of real panther?
That's why you ship USPS. I got a $450 fee for someone who shipped turntables to Canada via UPS. If you refuse at the door to accept, and ask to get the customs cleared yourself - you can go the customs office (mine was near the airport) and clear it. Then you return the forms to UPS's office and they are obligated to give you the package. It came down to $65, but it took a whole day.
Quote: Originally Posted by mc25 Get real, $79.99 shipping to canada? I'm curious about this too. Just in case, I clicked on the report to eBay button for excessive shipping. I don't know how $9.99 to US goes to $79.99 for Canada.
I'm working on: BSc. Honours in Biomedical Science, Minor in Mathematics uOttawa - in French Immersion
Since I figured there are many professionals her at styleforum, anyone who uses Genuine MS Office, can you send me "Chronological resume (Minimalist design)" template? Save as .doc please. You can find it under New Document -> Resumes and CVs -> Basic Resumes -> Chronological resume (Minimalist design) Or you can download at Make sure not to mix it up with Chronological resume (Minimalist theme). Didn't feel...
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