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You have sold several things on SF. Did you list prices on those ones? Just curious because I might be interested.
No. It was $249 retail. Now it is $229 retail. But it's gone now, so it doesn't matter.
These look pretty 'tight'
I thought Lacoste only came in numbers for sizes...
Were they really $160.00 at Gilt?
Great seller is eckblk. Fast, responsive, great product and reasonable in price negotiations.
On eBay... one bid already at $124.99.
Where's the poll option "Yes, and I liked it"?
A new, opened Apple TV with box. Purchased one year ago (Jan 22, 2008) from Apple Canada. Never used, as I don't have a TV in my summer residence (and I can't test it for you because I don't have a TV). Comes as is with box, remote, power cable, manual, all in original wrapping. This is not a refurbished unit, so please don't compare the price to one. Retails for $229.00 USD. $old Shipped to Canada/US. PM for international. On eBay Yes, this is the one that can be...
Check your PM. I am moving to another address than the one listed on paypal since the school term is done. Please ship to that address.
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