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Quote: Originally Posted by Asterix My neighbor has one in the same color. I think they're cool. At least it's not a Cayman or one of those BMW 'sport utility coupes'.
Quote: Originally Posted by bawlin I'm not. The Phantom looks as expensive as it costs, whereas the Maybach looks like it would fit in somewhere between the E-Class and S-Class. YES
Quote: Originally Posted by yerfdog Yeah but pharmacy school is grad school, the original question was what can you do without going to grad school. Not in Canada ( You can apply after 1 year of undergrad.
What about pharmacy? 4 years and more than $100,000 depending on where you go. What's more it's the only job where you can tell peope you work at Walmart and make more than their family income. Plus, while you're doing your undergrad in pharmacy, you can usually secure part-time as a pharm tech. I volunteer at the ER and it seems that despite their great salary and flexibility, nurses hate what they do and take it out on patients. Plus, faculties of health sciences are...
If you (had magic powers and) could see what a girl would look like when she's older, and it turns out she'd look really ugly (like uglier than most people when they age), would that affect the way you think about her in the present? Even if you would still do her, would it affect you subconsciously? Just wondering because my friend's grandma is gross as hell but I saw a picture of her and she was smoking. No I don't have pics.
Quote: Originally Posted by darkie_one I don't smoke, but I like kissing with smoking girls Wait until her face gets wrinkly.
Quote: Originally Posted by tagutcow Last NYE, I went to a house party of some people I barely know. When I walked into the kitchen, there was a huge 300-pound woman sucking on a lollipop shaped like a dildo. I mock-ironically backed slowly out of the room. I then when upstairs, where a guy leaned over the stairwell and nonchalantly started puking. I left soonafter. Can't I get to see a hot, lithe girl suck a dildo lollipop for once? Maybe...
Quote: Originally Posted by tagutcow Is this a serious question? Why would a woman spend an hour dolling herself up if not to get looked at? And why do so many guys feel like they'd need to apologize for looking at an attractive woman? How do you know they don't do it so that only the good looking guys look?
So do they still have them?
Why wouldn't you? This pretty much my fail-free outfit.
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