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I'm sure imageshack lets you upload and just resizes your photos for you
A calorie is purely a measure of energy and does not have another dimension such as a 'good-bad' axis.
I don't get it, can someone explain why people cross out the tags with a black marker?
Do you skip work to look for these discounts or is this your actual job?
Quote: Originally Posted by musicguy Kenneth Cole Armani Exchange Ed Hardy Hugo Boss Gap LMAO
I'm sorry, what is the tagged size of the white jeans and the blue banana republic cardigan?
I'm looking for an AUTHENTIC lacoste polo in black. Sizes 3 or 4 would be awesome. Under $45 is what I'm shooting for too.
What's with the mad face icon?
Would take the maserati
Why are you so big? Otherwise I might have bought those great looking shirts.
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