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Where's the poll option "Yes, and I liked it"?
A new, opened Apple TV with box. Purchased one year ago (Jan 22, 2008) from Apple Canada. Never used, as I don't have a TV in my summer residence (and I can't test it for you because I don't have a TV). Comes as is with box, remote, power cable, manual, all in original wrapping. This is not a refurbished unit, so please don't compare the price to one. Retails for $229.00 USD. $old Shipped to Canada/US. PM for international. On eBay Yes, this is the one that can be...
Check your PM. I am moving to another address than the one listed on paypal since the school term is done. Please ship to that address.
Purchased the Oliver People's Airmans
So what happened? If you really want to follow the rules you would sell it to the first guy who pm'ed and mark it as sold.
Geely Excellence somehow doesn`t sound as right as Rolls-Royce
What do you mean by failed?
I think to post here you need to post a price. Or at least a list of real items.
I'm getting a flat (for the first time) next year. It's a 1 bedroom and gonna be my place for the next 4 years - but it isn't furnished. My question is: where do you go to get ideas for decorating the place? I don't want it to scream family/commitment - more like single guy. I have a minimalist fetish and get mildly distressed when things look crowded because I always lose my lecture notes. Any help appreciated.
Get rid of the fender flares. Looks like a mazda rx8
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