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Looking for this At reasonable price. OR something similar.
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one let's be honest here and say that no more guys who like the fudge than who do not drive any of these cars in more frequency than any other car on the road; in the S2000's case, it does not discriminate based on sexuality when it comes to owning its drivers with lift throttle oversteer. What the fuck are you talking about? You defs gay.
Original poaster is full of shit
Quote: Originally Posted by burningbright I'd strongly recommend getting an image of his driver's license and then using his photo as your avatar. This is the SF equivalent of putting a decapitated head on a pike outside the city walls to serve as a warning to other law-breakers out there. That and I have personally discovered that finding the seller's mother on Facebook and then threatening said seller with a letter to their mother about their son's...
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one almost every gay guy car: convertible Umm S2000
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one ghey cars: TT SLK (AMG does not help its case any, sadly) Miata New Beetle, +100pts if Cabriolet Mini Cooper, especially if heavily optioned and accessorized Scion tC, borderline ghey Peugeot 207CC, very gay BMW 1-series Cabriolet Jeep Wrangler for macho brokeback mountain ghey/overcompensating closeted ghey Lifted trucks, same Any FWD 'sport compact' with neon lights add more? You are...
I am in desperate need of this right now. EDIT: Should also mention that I would like a knit tie.
What the fuck happened to all the luxury sport crossover SUVs with all chrome wheels that seem to be popular here? I'll get it started: this is my stylish ride. I use it to go to my invite-only private club where none of those unsophisticated under-24.5-year-olds can damage my reputation. Buick/Lincoln/Cadillac must be on the rise because Motortrend said so. This is my Mercedes R-Class for the weekend at the yacht club where I sample my Brooks Brothers Purple Label...
Quote: Originally Posted by whnay. Just bought a new m3, picking it up today. Finally, something nice out of all this crap luxo-sport-SUVs and luxo-rebadged Golfs in this thread. Sorry, I had to get it out of my system. The motorcycle is also cool. The mini is cool too. The stringray was neat. Everything else was gay. Not surprising given that more than 13% of styleforumers are flaming.
You will have better luck on eBay. You might also want to create a new username on SF and have your current account deleted, such is the mark of shame.
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