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Quote: Originally Posted by Rye GB I was hoping that at the end... after a long pause... when it's quiet... the crash test dummy head falls off and hits the floor.
this is embarrassing... if I was from Toronto!
Great seller maosvimh Good price on a brand new J. Crew peacoat. Excellent condition. Prompt shipping. He also was kind enough to mark the item as a gift so that when UPS showed up, there were no customs fees to pay. Would do business with again any day. EDIT: Whoa! Why was he banned?
Thought this was a different kind of thread. Some sort of meet up. Moving on...
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one lol choose: a) live in a country where people are reasonably happy, and have accessible health care, and pay out the nose for cars b) live in a country where people do not want to be happy, do not want accessible health care, and pay peanuts for cars that are already dumped on the market at slashed prices new I live in a form of 'a' (except people aren't happy) Except in certain country A you...
Quote: Originally Posted by amstokesdb9 Lancias aren't even sold in the US. That Thesis is incredibly ugly too Shhh... it sounds exotic and no one else will have it so SF approves. Doesn't matter if it's poorly made by Italian communists.
Like I said, the OP is just internet tough talking. There is nobody in the world who cross-shops a big damn Bentley sedan with a Mercedes military off-road oriented SUV, a Ferrari FR roadster and a Lincoln Town Car. WTF? Typical styleforum BS.
Quote: Originally Posted by teapartystyle A more "Straight" car that is similar to the TT is this one. Girls secretly love it! TT isn't RWD you twat.
If I was to request to a new seller around here specifically NOT to use UPS to ship to me in Canada as to avoid ridiculous 'customs handling fees', and he did so anyways, would you want to go on a shooting spree?
Does Anyone Have A J Crew Peacoat For Me?
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