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Thanks for the help. I have decided that since I haven't seen her in a while, I will drop by on her birthday, with a letter forwarded to her department head and a box of chocolates.
Quote: Originally Posted by CHenry That vehicle is no more a soccer-mom transporter than is a Porsche. This statement does not help the guy. If you do not know why, you have never been to a suburb.
Hello; what is a good gift for a professor? I am no longer her student but she wrote me a reference letter which got me into two jobs and a research grant. Keep in mind that I am a broke undergraduate student and won't be able to afford a $25k pen or a vacation trip around Europe. I was thinking - A pen - Gift card for coffee shop - Chocolates - Donation in name of Keep the ideas coming. Thanks.
Why do you need an SUV? I might add it looks good.
Quote: Originally Posted by psyc1030 fake??then i guess luisviaroma was sellilng fake DH?and btw...they are not jeans...pants they are...cotton and polyurethane Then I suppose you have the receipt.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire I think we should add this smiley to the list of standard smileys.
Seems about right to me. That's what it was around for me. You get a warranty and all. The only thing I found was that the warranty guys give you attitude when you bring in a car from the U.S. This was at a Nissan dealership. From previous experience, a V.W. service will be even more of a hassle.
I fail to see how 1.4% is like 5%.
Quick-replying seller. I purchased tie 6 and 10. I am looking forward to seeing those ties.
Quote: Originally Posted by leftover_salmon Finally, why don't I pay PST? Why worry about it? You just don't. If you really want, you can ask the guy at the border if he will charge PST for you. As Fidel said, you won't get financing either. Quote: Originally Posted by FidelCashflow You say you'll save $10K by bringing it in, but talking to car dealers I've worked with, it generally costs around $4K end to end to bring...
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