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Motortrend is the worst place to get info. Good for news, but not much else. They seem to avoid bashing MB, Lincoln and Chevy. 6 versus 8 - paid for by Ford Rising To The Top: 2010 Chevrolet Malibu - paid for by Chevy (just listening to this bitch yabber on about how good the new Malibu is wants to make me throw up) 2005 Car of the Year - Chrysler 300 2004 Car of the Year - Toyota Prius 2002 Car of the Year - Ford Thunderbird 2000 Car of the Year - Lincoln LS If...
I would def get this if I needed a home media player. Good deal, at least in Canada.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jodum5 Good idea. It is in fact a TV show. Read a book for accuracy. FTFY. Sorry, Sicko counts as a documentary.
Also not to mention that a gazillion Chinese in Canada who emigrated after having fought Japanese (and Communists).
If this counts http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Hong_Kong
Received my ties in excellent condition and fast shipping. Very reasonable seller.
ghsv81 had sold me a couple of great ties at great prices. Highly recommended. I believe he still has more ties on sale. http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=169977
Nice cars but I hope that Audi SUV wasn't seriously part of the show.
Quote: Originally Posted by EMY In the 50k range, the only SUV I'd get is the Lexus GX. Beat me to it. Very practical, drives OK, not girly and will last forever.
Quote: Originally Posted by Guccio Gucci Dear doctorj, I'm "Guccio Gucci" from Italy. I would like to know if you still have the Gucci Deer Belt and also if you still want to sell it. I would be happy to receive early an answer. Thank you very much for your kindness. Best Regards Guccio Gucci LOL. Sell it to him, what can go wrong?
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