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Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Yeah, but an RR goes for 100k, an RRS 75k and the budget in the OP is 50k. Didn't know we were only talking about new.
If $40k is all you have, I would recommend strongly against the Audi Q5. Maintenance for those things is bad and reliability is worse. It's not very capable off-road and doesn't look all that great, so I don't understand why you would want one. The Range Rover would be a no-go (as cool as they are) for similar reasons - not known for their longevity. I am downloading the Consumer Reports 2008 for cars and will keep you posted on what those guys have to say. I will also be...
Does anyone have a pair they are willing to flip for $100?
Then the more reason to sell on SF.
Just buy a Range Rover if you want a 'cool' SUV. It doesn't try to be hip like the FX. The reason I picked the Lexus 4Runneresque vehicle was because it will last forever and will look good 10 years from now.
Quote: Originally Posted by J'aimelescravates Congrats Why?
Quote: Originally Posted by Althis they've pretty much stopped selling soda at my school, it's only available at a couple vending machines which are out of order half the time. now they just sell gatorade, water, and arizona ice tea So your carbonated sugary drinks are replaced by non-carbonated sugary drinks. I didn't know CO2 was so poisonous? Thinly-veiled global warming cover-up? Al Gore would seem to think so.
My underwear is backwards and inside out.
Civ4 but I don't play games during the school year so I don't know if I missed anything.
Quote: The stunning interior is made even more beautiful by quality and craftmanship that rivals pricey luxury cars. If your friends are confusing your Chevy Malibu with a Mercedes S-Class then only you will know that you paid $20,000 for this $40,000 car. -Motortrend
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