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If $40k is all you have, I would recommend strongly against the Audi Q5. Maintenance for those things is bad and reliability is worse. It's not very capable off-road and doesn't look all that great, so I don't understand why you would want one. The Range Rover would be a no-go (as cool as they are) for similar reasons - not known for their longevity. I am downloading the Consumer Reports 2008 for cars and will keep you posted on what those guys have to say. I will also be...
Does anyone have a pair they are willing to flip for $100?
Then the more reason to sell on SF.
Just buy a Range Rover if you want a 'cool' SUV. It doesn't try to be hip like the FX. The reason I picked the Lexus 4Runneresque vehicle was because it will last forever and will look good 10 years from now.
Quote: Originally Posted by J'aimelescravates Congrats Why?
Quote: Originally Posted by Althis they've pretty much stopped selling soda at my school, it's only available at a couple vending machines which are out of order half the time. now they just sell gatorade, water, and arizona ice tea So your carbonated sugary drinks are replaced by non-carbonated sugary drinks. I didn't know CO2 was so poisonous? Thinly-veiled global warming cover-up? Al Gore would seem to think so.
My underwear is backwards and inside out.
Civ4 but I don't play games during the school year so I don't know if I missed anything.
Quote: The stunning interior is made even more beautiful by quality and craftmanship that rivals pricey luxury cars. If your friends are confusing your Chevy Malibu with a Mercedes S-Class then only you will know that you paid $20,000 for this $40,000 car. -Motortrend
Motortrend is the worst place to get info. Good for news, but not much else. They seem to avoid bashing MB, Lincoln and Chevy. 6 versus 8 - paid for by Ford Rising To The Top: 2010 Chevrolet Malibu - paid for by Chevy (just listening to this bitch yabber on about how good the new Malibu is wants to make me throw up) 2005 Car of the Year - Chrysler 300 2004 Car of the Year - Toyota Prius 2002 Car of the Year - Ford Thunderbird 2000 Car of the Year - Lincoln LS If...
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