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Hi are these still available>
Thinking about buying season tickets for the Jets. Anyone know the approximate cost of mid-level seats? Keep in mind Winnipeg is a super cheap city. Reasonable to split a pair of 2 seats with 4 people? Thing is, I don't know if I'll be coming back to Winnipeg since I applied to meds all over Canada. Kind of hoping I get rejected everywhere except Manitoba...
Quote: Originally Posted by cmd06 '93 Land Cruiser (80 series), stock pic I"m just curious - is this a very reliable car? I've always heard legends but I want the truth from a real owner.
I'm going to go against the grain here and say it doesn't look all too bad, especially when you see the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kr9nPRzVeuk What worries me is the AWD. (This is coming from someone who likes the new VW Passat, so beware)
Quote: Originally Posted by JasonCali Well, I'm a grad student at the moment, but thanks, I guess. Most grad students I know are piss poor... must have been really smart (rich parents) to get your school to give you such a big stipend
Quote: Originally Posted by JasonCali I'd love to. I'll take pics tomorrow. I want your job, whatever it is. (but not necessarily the Bentley)
Quote: Originally Posted by JasonCali 2010 Bentley Flying Spur Sport here in London. Back home in LA, I own a '08 DB9 Volante, a '10 G55 AMG, and a '10 v12 760li. Baller. Any pics?
Quote: Originally Posted by rebel222 WTF? Who varies from size 7.5 to 9? Let's just say that I'm willing to live dangerously if the price is cheap enough. Anyways I found someone who sold me a pair of something else.
Hello; I would like to purchase a set of new or used Allen Edmonds Park Avenues in size 8.0, 8.5 or 9.0 D. 7.5 may work, but preferably in those sizes mentioned above. Paypal preferred Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by brown eyes 60 years ago when Japan started importing cars into the United States, they were considered pieces of sh*t. 20 years ago when Korea started importing cars into the United States, they were considered pieces of sh*t. Look at them now. Give the Chinese a few years, they'll catch up. The same goes for the Indians. Chinese won't ever get where the Koreans and Japs are because the government is too...
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