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Hello I want a shirt similar to,default,pd.html?omnpp=recently%20viewed I have the pink one. I need a blue one. This must be the slim fit. Shipping to Canada.
I am confused how come there are no Bally sneakers in this thread? I didn't even know Bally made sneakers I think these might be fakes.
To be honest, it doesn't look as bad once you get to the bottom posts which are not as peppered with ads. The posts then begin to fill up the whole width of the page, and are more readable. Still, the ample white space makes it hard to browse.
1. Right column is too thick/distracting 2. I can't seem to concentrate on what I'm reading, and I find it harder to find out who is posting 3. Doesn't work on iPhone properly Seems less catered to people wanting to view / contribute content. EDIT: Took me forever to find out how to edit my post. Also my avatar is definitely not mine.
Hello; I am looking for a red chambray like in XS Thanks
Can someone, when you have the time, please delete AND They contain my personal e-mail, and I would like to (1) not have this forum come up as the first thing you get when you Google my e-mail and (2) minimize the amount of spam I get. If you want to leave it as a 'warning' to potential sellers about how bad I am (despite the fact that the guy who posted...
Quote: Originally Posted by JOA Selling a very lightly used Filson 258 for anyone interested. $200 shipped to CONUS. PM me for more info. Is this still available? What color is it?
Quote: Originally Posted by WBaker /\\ How big is the text book? Id say theyre pretty low on the douche scale as far as bags go. They're ultimately designed to be workwear bags. Showing up on your first day with a super expensive initial embossed leather bag would closer to the douchy category. IMO. Hello; It is about 3" thick. Is it best to get the 257 then?
Hi all. Is the 256 large enough to carry a medical textbook and a netbook? Or should I be getting a 257? Will I look douchey (abnormally so) in first year med with either of these bags?
Hi are any of the J. crew chinos still for sale? I sent you a PM...
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