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Quote: Originally Posted by West24 i like how you deleted your post i replied to, realising how stupid you sounded! nah, man. i'm just done talking about this stuff with cats on a fashion forum, or any forum for that matter. happy training guys!
wow. you are really fucking annoying.
Quote: Originally Posted by m@T apples. oranges. end of story. what m@t said.
bump for styleforum ground fighters.
I got a brand new white Fuji Gi, size A2 for sale. Fits more like an A1.5. I'm selling it because it is a tad too small for me and I haven't even rolled in it yet. Paid $80 total for it from Hatashita Sports. Selling for $60 + shipping. Comes with sew-on patches. Send me a PM if you are interested!
^^^ yeah, i thought that was ironic. trained at chris haueter's house today for a semi-private lesson. finally felt first hand the slow crushing death of his pressure game. that guy is really fucking good. he had two of his purple belts there who were good too. all in all great day, but i'm sore as hell.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nantucket Red Change that to a small minority of Japanese people. The terminally style-impaired, brand whores and fashion disasters make up the majority. true, true... i generally don't like to spend time outside of tokyo, unless it's in a beach or bar in okinawa.
that's crazy, he's like a living legend, many consider him to be the most knowledgable martial artist out there (whether that's true or not who knows). he was bruce lee's best and most trusted student--the heir apparent to the legacy of jeet kune do. and he taught PE at your middle school. crazy. i wonder when he decided to be a fulltime martial arts legend?
is anyone else seriously pissed off that RJ is not on the list? whoever made this poll can suck a fat dick.
yeah, my reading sucks but i still get a lot out of japanese magazines cuz the photos are awesome. japanese magazines put american magazines to shame, unfortunately.
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