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When flagging those, do you go with 'spam' or 'offensive'?
We may have talked about this before, but I have the The FK 150 sideboard in smoked oak and like it a lot. Well matched real wood veneer on all surfaces and nice details, like the sliding doors only being attached at the top, so no unsightly and dust gathering grooves in the bottom panel.
I had my eye on the Caravaggio at one point (and think I've posted it here as a recommendation a long time ago), but in the end it was too shiny for what I wanted (I know it now comes in matte versions as well). It's pretty much already got classic status here. Cecilie Manz also designs for B&O.As for older stuff finding it's way into production again, have you seen the stuff designed by Fabricius & Kastholm? Some good stuff there, IMO.
Thanks, will check them out.
Any particular examples you're thinking of?
@no frills, from a cursory glance at that watch-together that ROO looks like an IWC Aquatimer 2000.@Belligero, font discussion is super nerdy. I love it.And since we're geeking out: [[SPOILER]]
Had some nice, long one-shot sequences, though. IIRC.
I meant removing the triangle you see of the building, set back from the wall where the angel is. Not cropping, but photoshopping it out, so the angel's wall get the same amount of black on each side, giving it more of a monumental, symmetric feel. I've never done photo manipulation like so, only using cropping, colour and contrast controls on my simple snaps, but I know lot of great photos are tinkered with like this, so maybe it's something worth trying. If it's film, I...
Sorry, but we don't really understand baseball on this side of the pond Dane Cook aside, I also liked Mr. Brooks. And maybe JFK, though I don't really remember it.
And Silverado, The Untouchables, No Way Out, Dances with Wolves, A Perfect World, Thirteen Days and The Postman. Ok, just kidding about that last one.
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