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Love Actually is very nice for that sort of movie (well, as long as you don't start thinking too much about it), but it's no Die Hard
^ You must not have seen Who's That Girl?It's like a re-boot without the hard re-set. Sort of a soft re-boot for a new generation...***I agree with javyn that Django was awful, but it seems like I liked Fury Road more than him. javyn did you see it in a cinema? It's the sort of movie where that really makes a huge difference, IMO. (And Deadwood is awesome - I need to break out the dvd box of that again soon. The Thing too.)
Also popular amongst these guys: (not sure if they're known on your side of the pond...)
^ Nice. Also, Olafur Eliasson's Riverbed installation @ Louisiana last year was great (clicky, for those so inclined).
That's a very nice photo, MoK.
By number of fringes on his coats, obviously.
Did he just call Max von Sydow a British actor??Apart from that, I pretty much agree...
Rutger Hauer is underrated. Plus, he's seen things you people wouldn't believe...
Yeah, I really need to see Unforgiven again too. Btw, saw a trailer for a new western starring Clint's son the other day...
And you had me looking up the opening shot to Touch of Evil - quite a tense one-shot! And Leone + Morricone = Win.
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