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Great stuff, zippyh. Definitely some of IWC's best designs and models there, before pretty much all of them took a turn for the worse. With that many (models and brands) to choose from, do you find you get to wear them all, or are there notable favourites, like maybe a particular model from each brand?
This is a fun game - I'll play too (and by the same rules):Of the Rollies, I'd have to be the Pepsi and the Explorer. And if I didn't have a (no-date) Sub already, the Seadweller.Of the PAMs I've learned from experience that the 44+ mm ones won't get a lot of wrist time, but as I still have a slight Panny itch, I'd love the first Radiomir in the second row. That's the PAM 62, no? While I would've prefered a base dial (no seconds, no date) there's not a lot of choice in the...
For some reason I was expecting more from this. 2/5 Fun fairy tale. 4/5 Too enamored with showing off the hardware of USS Nimitz. Sheen and Douglas pull the rating up to 'average'. 3/5 Still not easy to walk out on in 30 seconds flat. 5/5 Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles. 5/5
At least it has surround sound.
Incidentally, from today's End newsletter, here's an awesome, lighter version in all linen: http://www.endclothing.co.uk/catalog/product/view/id/255000/s/nigel-cabourn-classic-cameraman-jacket-nc-s15-ow-5-bkny/category/112/
A quote from 3 weeks ago, when I started using this rating scale:Apologies if that didn't get my point across entirely. To clarify:These ratings are a personal exercise mostly for my own benefit - I enjoy giving some thoughts to how good my own experience of any given movie is. I'm not trying to be 'objective' (in as much as you can be with these kinds of things). Were I reviewing for a newspaper or similar, I would go about it differently (and there are plenty of places...
I'll take Wednesday and Friday. Thnx.
^ One of the earlier versions (don't know if they still make it) with navy Mackintosh fabric and grey Harris herringbone tweed was great.
Wide range in quality over the last few days: Impossibly stupid. 1/5 Solid. Liked it better than its companion piece Flags of Our Fathers. 3/5 Brilliant. 5/5
^ I don't believe I've seen The Hidden since 1987, so I'm not sure how it would hold up today, but from what I do remember it was some nice body snatching fun.
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