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Agreed all around, especially aboutThe Mist being quite good (4/5).Speaking of King adaptations, I re-watched this the other day:"Here's Johnny!" 5/5
That Altiplano Double Jeu is brilliant for when you don't want people to know what other time zone you're tracking.
Each time I see it, I debate whether or not I should track down the 2 disk Limited Edition or 3 disk Special Edition, that both feature a cut of the movie with the scenes in chronological order. While it obviously won't have the same impact as the theatrical cut, it might be interesting to check out.
Thanks for the recommendation, I'll check it out :-)
You probably talked to the owner, as I think he's pretty much the only one there. He sold my Panerai for me when it was time to let it go.Which one is that?
^ That's pretty funky. Was the shop Franz Jaeger & Me or another one? Which sandwich shop were you looking for?
Didn't know who had directed this until the opening credits started and nearly turned it off when I saw it was Refn, as I don't care much for his latest (US) movies. (I do remember though, when his first movie Pusher came out in Denmark in '96 - very cool flick that also had Mads Mikkelsen's first feature role.) Anyway, gave Bronson a chance and it was pretty good. Less violent than could be expected considering the director and the subject matter. Impressive work by Tom...
I like Rutger Hauer and I really wanted to like Hobo With a Shotgun, but it was one of those very few films that only deserved a 1/5 rating, along with The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies and Desperately Seeking Susan.
I'll admit that some of the close up fighting/shooting was rather fresh - don't really think I've seen it done quite like this before. But as you say, largely forgettable (but then, so was Age of Ultron).
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