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They're obviously easy to spot and they attract thieves, who apparently might even try to just rip them from your wrist, with whatever damage that may cause to the wearer or the watch. The guy I talked to at Rubinacci comfirmed what we'd heard in the streets, that wearing a Rolex in the open was ill-conceived.
Ode to 14060orThe First 25 Years [[SPOILER]] tl;dr: Some time ago I bought a Sub. I still like it.
^ Saw High Rise a few days ago, and I pretty much agree; it was quite a mess. 2/5 Pretty nice poster though (for a photographic collage):
Thanks for the recommendation Keith, I'll take a look at it (and I'll take a look at the Slim d'Hermès as well).
I saw some ok'ish models from Tissot today and I'll be checking out Longines as well. If anyone have particular models they like, please share - all inspiration is welcome.
Thanks. The Linea Silver B&M on that page looks pretty good. And the Orion looks very nice.
Alongside Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, True Romance is my favourite Tarantino work.
Thanks for your thoughts, mimo. I'll look into those brands (and if anyone has specific models in mind they like, please share). For ease of use, I think quartz actually will be preferable, especially to hand-wound.
I'll not be the one doing the buying, I'm just 'consulting' for two different ladies (hence the big spread in budget), and since I haven't really researched ladies watches all that much, I'm looking for recommendations here as I'm sure there must be stuff out there (at both price points) that I'm not aware of. Since most of what I've found (especially at the lower end) is disappointing aesthetically, I'm hoping for some better looking suggestions. At the higher end it's...
Thanks. She did have a smaller Tank which I believe was both gold plated and quartz (not sure if it was a 'Must'), which got stolen at a break in. Might be interested in something like it again.
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