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Hopefully origami Yoda can too.
I found a bunch of old photos. Spoilered, as the focus is more on the fits than on the shoes. [[SPOILER]]
It'll probably be cheaper to just make your own Chairbacca:
Unless maybe if you do like Ronald Reagan, Clint Eastwood, Bob Dylan or Vincent Vega and wear a bolo tie.
Stormtrooper dressing room from The Force Awakens
Maybe not. What I really meant was I'd rather see one of the two guys mentioned as the protagonist, which seems unlikely with Gosling attached. If it was Gyllenhaal or Rockwell as a slightly dishevelled Blade Runner retiring Gosling as a male Pris, that could actually work nicely.
So apparently Ryan Gosling confirmed he's going to be in Denis Villeneuve's Blade Runner sequel. I'd rather seen Jake Gyllenhaal (has already done great stuff with Villeneuve) or maybe Sam Rockwell (great in Moon). As for the director, Denis Villeneuve actually gives me higher hopes for this than if Ridley were directing it at this point...
^ Regardless of my thoughts about the last few Bond movies, I couldn't imagine not seeing them at the cinema...I guess I can see that, as I usually just write a sentence or two and may well leave out the more detailed reasons for whatever grade I've decided on, even though it often takes quite some contemplation to arrive at it. Oh, well.I totally remember seeing posters for this back in '81 and wanting to see it as it felt slightly Bond like. Don't even think I ever saw a...
I don't believe it's been mentioned in this thread, but that light saber design is really dumb.
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