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Warning: Fuddy duddy opinions, take with much salt:1: Don't like the 39mm Explorer. The hands look anemic and the blinged up 3-6-9 doesn't suit it. I don't mind the size increase and it could have been great. If 36mm wasn't out, the previous one (or a 1016) would've been great choices. As would the 36mm OP with the blue Explorer-like dial that RFX45 just got, being maybe my favourite current production Rolex.2: Also don't like this. Too much stuff going on - quirky seconds...
I do like that pic
1600, IIRC.
Over the last few days, just your basic mix of classics:
I was in a similar situation with my 177, so I recently let it go. My last shot of it:But I managed to sell it for about 150% of what I paid for it new, so it was totally worth it to try it out for a handful of years.So a blue strap for the Tank? Looking forward to the photos as I'm sure I would've gone with plain old dark brown.As for CF straps, I got one for my Mk XV:It has a brilliant little lever thing to activate the springbar, making it a breeze to swap, but that...
#2.Without a shadow of a doubt.
Yup, here too.Back on its native buffalo strap, after flirting with some coloured NATOs over the summer. Apologies for crappy phone shot.
I guess the short answer is that the market can bear those prices. But comparing our prices with those in the US makes it near impossible to swallow what they ask here.
Just to put things in perspective, a Vitra produced one (with palisander) costs $12.640 on this side of the pond.
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