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Stone double feature: As bad - or maybe a little worse - than I recall from the cinema some 10 years ago. 1/5 As good as I recall from seeing it nearly 30 years ago. Great cast. 4/5
Slightly different spin on the vampire mythos. Beautifully shot with a bit too hysterical final act. 3/5
Surreal limodrive through NYC. Rather theatrical dialogue. Being stuck in a limo for most of the run time doesn't lend itself well to Cronenberg's usual cinematic flourishes. Picks up near the end. 3/5
oops, wrong thread
Thanks - will check it out next time I'm in the area (so to speak).
You should offer to help them carry it inside.
Two storylines intertwine - one in a Terry Gilliam'ish parallel unverse, the other in something resembling real life. A bit of a mess, but commendable for its ambition. One character's inner monologue is overly and badly clich├ęd - not sure if intentional or not. 3/5
Agree that Three Days of the Condor is pretty much perfect.
Did you mean deflated? I don't like the Porto Chrono for other reasons (prefer the Porto Auto), but while it *is* rather large (and known to wear larger due to the slim bezel), it's smaller than the original Portos.The current 3714 is 40.9mm vs the 43mm of the first Porto from '39 and the 42mm of the 5441, introduced in '93.Anyway, here's a nice one from '42:
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