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^ That poster makes it look a good deal more action-packed than I remember it - maybe it's time to dig out the dvd and give it a watch. And speaking of, what do you guys think are the best (older, pulpy) movies with evil nazis? For me, Where Eagles Dare, The Guns of Navarone and Raiders of the Lost Ark comes to mind...
Delightfully weird, though with a rather slow second half. Funny how it seems that over 20 years passes, yet the film remains firmly in the 70's. Soundtrack is trippy, nearly all compositions are frame-worthy and Bowie is appropriately alien. 'What do you do? For a living, I mean?' 'Oh, I'm just visiting.'
'Something funny happened on the way to Mars.' This made quite the impact when I watched it as a kid in the 70's (though in my memory, those helicopters were black), so I was glad to see it hold up so well. Still efficiently suspenseful and with one greatly written dialogue after the other, it's one of the most satisfying movies I've seen in a while. It goes well with Pakula's 'Paranoia Trilogy'. 'I can't believe we spent 4 billion dollars to put crazy people into...
Didn't find this as bad as the reviews indicate. It's obviously nowhere near as good as the first two, but if you can ignore the silly time jumping story-line, it's at times actually a pretty fun remix of those first two films. Also had better effects than expected and J.K. Simmons is hilarious in his sadly too small role. Not something I'll ever see again, but I'm not sorry I did (I'm also not sorry that it seemingly won't turn out to be the first of a trilogy, due to...
Cosy afternoon flick with impressive cast, even though I much prefer David Suchet's Poirot. Interestingly, Anthony Perkins appeared to still have mommy issues. Kenneth Branagh is doing a remake for next year (with himself as Poirot), that strangely doesn't have Benedict Cumberbatch in the cast and which seem largely unnecessary. Actual quote from this one: "He did it. The butler did it!"
^ But which one? Hugin or Munin?
Rather cumbersome, too long and a bit schizophrenic, with its shifting focus on portraying an extremely bleak Soviet era Russia and the actual murder mystery, never really succeeding in combining the two to a greater whole. Strong cast, also in minor roles. Not great, but I liked it better than most reviews I've seen. Got banned in Russia by their culture ministry.
Some watch shop pics from Bruxelles, about a week ago: their windows: And from another shop: What I wore for the trip: Mk XV on a brown IWC Spitfire strap (by Camille Fournet, according to my AD).
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