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This deserves a large poster.First off, I was worried that this would've been totally ruined by a over-reliance on teal/orange color-grading like at least one of the the trailers might indicate. Thankfully that wasn't the case (there's still a lot of color-grading going on, but it isn't teal and orange all the time like in some recent movies).Hardy is unfortunately not as good a Max as Gibson was. He tries to be mad, but he lacks Gibson's crazy eyes. But still, what a...
Dug out the dvd of this (which reminds me I should probably pick up Eastern Promises too). My favourite of the three Cronenberg/Mortensen films. 5/5 And rather looking forward to Fury Road tomorrow.
Big +1.And The China Syndrome from '79 (which he also produced, just like he did One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest).And while Ridley Scott's '89 Black Rain didn't get the best reviews, I rather like that too.***Had a chance to show this to my gf who hadn't seen it and didn't know anything about it. Was pleased to see her suspect who Keyser Söze was around the same time I did, in the cinema those 20 years ago. Probably Singer's best film. 4/5
Who doesn't think highly of Michael Douglas?
I feel like this is the perfect opportunity for me to take a photo of my new shoes.
1, 1, 1, 2
Time for a classic: Before Cameron turned to stories about Pocahontas and iffy cruise ships, he made some great sci-fi actioners. I can't remember the last time I saw this and it had a few forgotten but nice details in store. Like the great opening credits with appropriate 80's soundtrack and how it's almost equal parts horror and action movie. Also, I'm not sure I've noticed before that the Terminator's first victim is Bill Paxton, which makes it a hat-trick for him,...
Vicky Cristina Barcelona was pretty good and Midnight in Paris was better, but this was very weak Woody. 2/5
Not an entry as I'm not going to be wearing it this week, but here's a combo I like: [[SPOILER]]
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