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^ His first movie, I really like it. One of few films I've bothered to watch all the way through with the director's commentary track. Interesting to hear how he managed to to get the (beautiful) shots on his limited budget.
But no harmonica?Btw, casting good guy Fonda as the baddie was just inspired (and took a lot of convincing).And Leone initially wanted Clint Eastwood, Lee van Cleef and Eli Wallach as the three killers waiting for Bronson in the opening sequence. Would've been quite the shocker to see them killed off in the first 15 minutes! (Eastwood opted to get his first US lead roles instead.)
Exactly. I mean, w̠̖̙h̞̪̪̗̘̠a̰̭̲̘̙̰t̫̩ ̖̬̰co͕̠̹̟̜͉uld ̖̜͙͈̦̱g̖͉̩͙̰͕o̗͉̩ w̻̹r̗͎̣o̘̖͓̩͚ng͉̥͚?̘̗͕ ̝
I can't speak for Jesus, but yes
Well, all of my ratings are based on personal preference ;-) As for Once Upon a Time in the West, I rate that a good deal higher than Good/Bad/Ugly. One of the films I can put on and just watch for the cinematic awesomeness of it. Interesting that Leone - working with Bernardo Bertolucci and Dario Argento amongst others - with Once Upon a Time set out to make the definite western and (at least to me) pretty much succeeded
Well, I'm sure there are *some* that'll disagree, like the ones that put up the $130 million budget for the Robocop remake ;-)I was expecting worse from the reviews, and while it wasn't great, the subject matter was compelling enough to hold my interest through the uneven bits.I can stretch it to a 9/10, but there needs to be a gap up to the perfection of Alien.
10/10 8/10 1/10 5/10
Bizarre, dystopian choo choo ride with nice cast.
For the Heat fans, if you haven't already, you might like to check out Mann's first go at the script, this TV film made 6 years prior:
Hypothetically, if someone, say an affiliated vendor, kept quoting picture posts without spoilers, just to add a "Beautiful!" or a "Nice colours!" (what the 'thumb' button is for, really), without adding any content and presumably just to plaster every page of a thread with links to what they are selling, at what point does it become spam? And when flagging it, should you choose 'Spam' or 'Offensive'? Thanks.
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