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And mobsters in 70's Cleveland, yes.
Experts say that prices indeed have increased that much. What happened next you wouldn't believe.
Of course neither Copenhagen or any of those Norwegian films are available on Netflix in Scandinavia...
Hadn't seen this early Bigelow film in 25 years and didn't recall much of it, besides Ron Silver's slimy (American) psycho. Wished Netflix had Point Break instead. 2/5 [[SPOILER]]
Random thoughts: Pretty good cast of tough guys. Fat Kilmer makes you long for Tombstone era Kilmer. Don't think I've really liked Stevenson in anything as much as I did in Rome (TV). The clips from actual newscasts are jarring and starts appearing strangely late. Good to see the Irish descendants drinking Bushmills (and not Scotch) along with their Jack. Has Walken in a surprise role as Walken. Being based on real events makes it slightly more interesting, but in the...
Well, that particular scale doesn't go below 1/5, otherwise I can't have a '3/5' present the average experience ;-)Monuments Men definitely wasn't great, but I had tempered my expectations from the bad reviews, so my own experience wasn't as let down as yours seem to be. I do agree though, that with that cast, the historical setting, etc, it had the potential for something better.***Was expecting this to fall in that broad, average '3/5' group. Fairly entertaining as it...
I'm not sure you can call it 'wrong' when it's been in use on watches for over 200 years.Here on a Longines from 1867: [[SPOILER]] As mentioned above, probably due to better balance. This way you get four markers using I's, four using V's and four using X's.
Good to hear it's not being overshadowed by its larger siblings :-)
Thank you. For someone dividing his time beteween a Sub and a Mk XV (and who got rid of a Luminor but could see the place for a Radiomir), I find your choices oddly reassuring How much do you like that PAM 62?
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