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I know :-) And it was on an army recruiting poster in the beginning of Spies Like Us as well.
Totally unrelated to lefty's post, I had to watch Spies Like Us (or re-watch - still can't remember if I ever caught it the first time around). Luckily it's on Netflix (here, anyway). Did any of you catch John Landis' 'See you next wednesday' calling card? I still remember him putting that line in his music video for MJ's Thriller too. Also, Steve Forrest's General Sline was totally channeling Sterling Hayden's General Ripper from Dr. Strangelove in this.
That Zatoichi Challenged scene was awesome.
What are these "prequels" you guys keep mentioning?
^ Snowpiercer? Me too. Some guilty pleasures from the dvd shelf (well, one of them from its aluminum attaché case box set): One of Moore's better Bonds. Heavy on the sexual innuendo, safari jacket and flared trousers. Barbara Back can't act, looks great. The amphibious Lotus is still cool, but the ending drags a bit with boring shootouts and explosions in the villains lair, with all his henchmen running around in matching red jump suits, dragging the overall enjoyment...
Good? One stupid light saber design aside, hopefully yes. As great as the OT? No, of course not.
Retro posters: [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
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