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Ah, I think that's their yearly catalogue (I don't know if they also make a less substantial paper back edition). I have the 2003/2004 one; as catalogues go, they're very nice.
They gave you this one?If so, that would be great - IIRC it was a somewhat limited print. And it's a pretty cool book; my AD gave me one when I bought my Mk XV.
I re-watched it (for the 4th time I think) earlier this year. But unlike many Firefly fans I'm not particularly sad that it got cancelled when it did. Would I've liked a another season? Sure, but I'd rather have fewer, higher quality episodes (makes it less of a time investment to re-visit), than a prolonged series that might slip into mediocrity and/or one that keeps teasing mysteries without ever getting to their reveals, in an effort to keep viewers around (like so many...
They separate the wheat from the chaff?
Thank you, I actually just stumbled across one of those. Do you know if it only came with a black dial, or did they offer it with a blue as well?
So, if anyone of you have one of these collecting dust in a drawer, please let me know: (26mm, Ref 179174) Or if you know where to pick one up at a good price (would probably have to be from somewhere in Europe)... Alternatively, how far back do you have to go to find a lady's Nautilus in steel (or maybe white gold - quartz is fine), smaller than 30mm? What references to search for?
Well, not the part about it being a visual pleasure to watch ;-) But yes, pretty much. For instance, I think the script is great. The starting dialogue for instance (between Holden and Leon) has one of my favourite things in writing - when people are talking past each other. Here, one is nervously asking questions, the other ignoring them and instead giving blunt directions, which very economically tells a lot about each of the characters and the specific situation...
I agree with the part about the soundtrack.
I agree, First Blood is very good (I should find a copy). Over the top obviously, but compared to the cheesy Rambo sequels that followed, it's story about how a Vietnam veteran is received when returning home is almost poignant.
Speaking of 80's action movie bravado, this seemed like the thing to put on: John McTiernan really had a spectacular hat-trick in the late 80's with this from '87, Die Hard ('88) and The Hunt for Red October ('90). Almost every line from this one is quotable and with very well made creature effects and no bad CGI to date it, it still holds up really well. Great score too. 4/5
New Posts  All Forums: