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Did you mean deflated? I don't like the Porto Chrono for other reasons (prefer the Porto Auto), but while it *is* rather large (and known to wear larger due to the slim bezel), it's smaller than the original Portos.The current 3714 is 40.9mm vs the 43mm of the first Porto from '39 and the 42mm of the 5441, introduced in '93.Anyway, here's a nice one from '42:
Did you see the clip with Prince Charles using Urquhart's famous line? I suspect he's seen the series, but I'm also guessing he's using the line unconsciously.Anyway, finished The Final Cut tonight (last part of the UK House of Cards trilogy) - great stuff with a lot of great lines."It pays to be completely impossible from time to time; throw a bit of stick about, show them who's who and what's what - just for madness, eh?"
^ That film almost demands repeat viewings. The second time around it was much more enjoyable to me.
You got the photoshopped version.The original, that Putin doesn't want you to see, is here: [[SPOILER]]
Finished the 4 episodes of the UK House of Cards yesterday and the '93 follow-up To Play the King today, leaving The Final Cut for tomorrow. As much as I enjoyed the first two seasons of the US version, this one was much more interesting to me. And while Spacey's Underwood is great, Richardson's Urquhart is brilliant, not to mention much more diabolic.Check this clip with Prince Charles, around 00:12.
Nice, clean design. Are the hands and indices gold or silver coloured?
I did see some of that while it ran here in Denmark. Can't say I remember much of it.
Just finished it too. I agree, it was very underwhelming.Planning to check out the original UK version from 1990 next.
Original RoboCop is 5/5. Remake is 1/5.
Still one of the best Bond movies and probably my favourite out of all 23. 5/5Also, the French poster for this is my personal favourite from the series: [[SPOILER]]
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