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I was asked in the movie thread why I gave the last Hobbit movie a personal rating of 1/5, and since I took the time to write out a reply, I'll post it here as well, for all of you to disagree with:
Warning: Long - please scroll by if this subject bores you. Thanks....First off, I have a very precious(!) relationship with the book, as some of my earliest memories are of my mom reading it out to my sister and me, making what felt like very long train rides from Denmark to Sweden into a magical journey. I love the story and have re-read it several times, last time about a year ago, after the 2nd Hobbit movie, to remind me that the it was as great as I remembered and not...
^ Someone's getting creative at Edward Green's marketing department.
Mission accomplished:
Introducing Kaplan's VUHA (Very Unfair and Highly Arbitrary) review system. Ratings go from 1 to 5, with 3 being a broad, average rating, embracing both those slightly above and those slightly below average. To warrant a 2 or a 4 (or a rare 1 or 5), the experience has to be notably better or worse than average - to me. Here goes, applied to some recently watched films: Started out better than I had expected from reviews, but in the end it failed to engage as much as...
^ I think that his 'Die Hard on a Boat' Under Siege is his best one. And after that, maybe his first one (?) Above the Law with Sharon Stone.
Speaking of Tourneau, I was reading up on reviews of B&W's Panorama soundbar (soon to sit under my old but venerable Pioneer Kuro plasma ), when I came across this intro, which I thought some of you might enjoy:
Yeah, Sean is great in this; lots of quotable lines. [[SPOILER]]
Had forgotten how great Morricone's soundtrack is for this, but it's evident already from the opening credits. [[SPOILER]]
Some of the JDM Seikos are really great. I'm still a little miffed that I didn't learn about the Blue Spark (SCVS013) until a few months after it had been discontinued. Hopefully they'll make an updated version one day.
New Posts  All Forums: