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That list above reminded me that I had never gotten around to seeing this: The most expensive movie of its time it was also the highest grossing in its release year - and it still lost money. Opulent sets and lavish costumes (Cleopatra wears 65 different outfits) and as many as 7000 extras in some scenes. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton (who hooked up on this production) are both spectacular (and she looked great and he drinks in almost every scene). Even with all...
I think that Hawkinge looks great, and as mentioned above, IWC didn't create that design (it was made to specifications from the British Air Ministry - for more on this, there are a couple of links in this old post). And personally, I'm not against homages, as long as they don't cross over to actual fakes, using fake brand names. For instance, if I didn't have an old Rolex Sub (14060) I would seriously consider this one. I know it's too close of an homage for some, but...
Looks like you have a good teacher there. Actually, Highlander and Braveheart were both big inspirations for me to do the 100 miles trek of The West Highland Way in Scotland, with a climb of the British Isles' highest mountain Ben Nevis at the end (which at about 1350 meters isn't that high - though still more than 1000 meters higher than anything in my country).
That's very cool :-) And I hope you're keeping up your battle skills for when you may be called upon
More well crafted and historically inspired epic'nes. I especially enjoyed Patrick McGoohan's Edward Longshanks this time around (nearly unrecognizable as he was, due to one of cinema's best fake noses). 'Freedom!'
I just read about the movie (and the score) and saw mention of The Gael. I understood it as the Clannad song to be different from that - though it may be using elements from it? (And apparently the Clannad piece in the theatrical version was cut from the first Director's Cut, but not the second, final one.)
Mann leaves the city for this very well crafted 1757 epic. With the amount of running Daniel Day does, I'm surprised Tom Cruise hasn't remade this yet. And that song by Clannad reminded me that I still need to locate a set of that awesome 80's tv-series Robin of Sherwood. 'I will find you!'
IIRC Argo looked really well too. Don't know how they did that one, but Munich wasn't graded digitally, it was done chemically. And I'm definitely not against giving a movie a distinctive look via colour grading, it's just when the teal/orange takes over that it starts bugging me. As for Rush, this was way more prevalent in some scenes than in others (they deliberately graded the races differently to give them a unique feel), but for the most part it was rather bad....
No, I meant DVD. And that particular colour coding in Rush is almost as bad as in a Transformers flick and was horribly distracting throughout. Also (from growing up in the 70s) the saturated orange and teal here are definitely *not* colours synonymous with that time (and it doesn't resemblance anything in real life, past or present). For a good example of how to colour code a movie to get a 'vintage, authentic feel', see Spielberg's Munich.
I really enjoyed Rush too (and if it wasn't for that awful teal/orange colour coding I would've gotten it on DVD as well).
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