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^ I really enjoyed 8½ when I watched it a few years ago. The '76 sequel to the '73 original Westworld. Not as good, but has its moments. Yul Brunner is credited way too high, considering he's only in a (embarrassingly tacky) dream sequence. Where the first movie had a very basic premise (entertainment robots run amok), this one has a more complex and sinister story, making it an equally important inspiration for the tv-series. Also, there's more mention of the Delos...
As for the CGI changes to THX 1138, you can see them here (and get a sense of how it originally looked). Granted, some of them were very seamless (like some of the augmented backgrounds), while others were decidedly bad (the scorpion thingy). And then there were some that looked great, but obviously didn't belong (like the radioactive stuff melting through the robot being constructed). It would have been nice if Lucas had restrained himself to the first category.
Just back from: Didn't have particular high hopes, so they weren't crushed, but they weren't surpassed either. Some more, spoilered thoughts in the Star Wars thread.
Just back from this. Didn't have particular high hopes, so they weren't crushed, but they weren't surpassed either. [[SPOILER]]
And today: Funniest movie I've seen since Trading Places a few months ago. A great trip through history. Ian Holm is a pleasure as always. John Cleese is hilarious as Robin Hood. Sean Connery is the first Scottish King of Greece. David Warner is superb as Evil. And apparently The Supreme Being prefers a 3-piece suit in the drape cut. 'Cheer up, Kevin. Kings aren't the only ones with money, you know?' 'The money wasn't important to him.' 'He didn't have anything to...
Since Roger Deakins is behind the camera on the new Blade Runner, I wanted to see how he might manage dystopian sci-fi, so I saw this yesterday (on which he was director of photography). It wasn't as great looking as some of his other work. The film itself has a pretty cool idea at its base, where time is currency and where you'll die after turning 25 unless you can buy more time (which also can be stolen or given away). Has echoes of Logan' Run, The Island and similar...
^ filmstruck seems to be US only.Wasn't planning on seeing this, but a mention here from someone who saw it and didn't seem to hate it made me give it a shot. It was pretty much exactly how you would expect it to be... [[SPOILER]]
Had never seen this before. Effectively creates an unsettling, dystopian world with relatively simple means (this being Lucas, I guess I should've anticipated the jarring CGI retrofits). I especially liked the first ½ hour. 'Stay calm.'
The Coens tackle 50s Hollywood; breezy fun.
Entertaining enough for a single viewing, but nowhere near as good as Stone's best.
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