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As an alternative to the french (double) cuff, you could consider a single cuff. [[SPOILER]]
Back when I was shopping for my Panerai I heard the same advice, that one of the 'reduced' models might lead to regret (as well as potentially being harder to resell). And while I had no problems wearing the 44mm 177, after a handful of years I sold it as I realised that I prefered my smaller sized watches. Now the only PAMs I'm really interested in, are the 40mm Radiomirs, but then I do think that the Radiomir design translates better to a smaller case than the...
Perfect channeling of Richard Dreyfuss cirka 1975."You're gonna need a bigger boat."
Agreed. Ridley's first three movies really were his best. The DVD commentary track gives some interesting insights into how he accomplished the often magnificent shots on a very small budget.
As preposterous as the whole thing is, it's still an entertaining fantasy. Really like Michael Douglas in this. 4/5 In one of cinema's greatest mysteries, Jimmy Stewart would rather look at his neighbours than at Grace Kelly. 4/5 Still frighteningly efficient. 5/5
I don't like to match my shoes too closely with my belts, especially as the shoes get lighter in colour - it's too considered. (Less so with black + black or dark brown + dark brown, IMO.)I actually wore those sand Alden chukkas today, and paired them with a dark brown suede belt (a Corneliani, I think), as I felt the darker belt worked better with my navy linen pants, than a belt of lighter colour would have.At other times I pair them with either an off white or a navy...
I'm not particularly fond of DC era Bond, but I am looking forward to a certain SF specific surprise in this next one.
Look closer.
I haven't, so I'm only judging how I think they work as movies, not how good adaptations they are. But I have watched the movies with someone who have read the books more than once, and she enjoyed the the US version too (though I don't doubt that the Swedish one is closer to the feel of the books).
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