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These three are awesome:
Just finished this: I saw this at the premiere a quarter century ago, and even though I can't recall it, I must have seen it a few times after that, as I still remembered most of it. Pretty much perfect, and fun to spot Frankie Faison (the bartender from Banshee, who apparently also was in both Hannibal and Red Dragon) and Chris Isaak in small roles.
I don't play MMORPGs, but I really liked WarCraft II back in '95. Still, this just looks bad. Would be nice to see Duncan Jones getting back to some sci-fi. As for X-Men, I really liked the first two by Singer, but I haven't bothered to see the new one at the cinema. Same with Civil War. As for X-Men story lines, I liked The Dark Phoenix Saga and From The Ashes; never really read anything with Apocalypse.
As much as I like the works of Bowie's son, I see no reason to watch that.
Judging by that photo, I think it looks great.
As wrong as that link was, paradoxically it was also the intended one. And it's clearly
Looks like there's an anomaly there - you should look for artifacts.
The 16k DKK is the normal price for a Carl Hansen & Søn made CH22. The 10k is the price for the reissue (which is seems you can only order today - not just at that price, but at all). As you maybe can tell from the name, the CH22 was made as part of a joint collection (their first, from 1950) between Wegner and Carl Hansen & Søn.
I thought you might :-)I don't really care about the signature or the 'reissue-nes', but if it makes them offer up quality models like this in (attractive) wood sorts or treatments that haven't been available previously, that should be easy enough to ignore.
10k DKK (but only today; normal price is 16k DKK)
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