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Mr Miller needs to dial down the orange/teal colourisation, though.
I own both of these, but I'm kinda envious of being able to watch BoB for the first time. As for The Pacific I'll hold off comments until after you've seen it :-)
I think BoB is on my personal top 5 as far as tv series go.I assume this was not your first time with BoB, but have you also seen The Pacific before?
And the redirect is back...
Rather nice, but I personally prefer the grey/black one (not the black/grey one ;-) )
Still getting redirect on PC. Edit: Works now.
Same here. Can't get on SF on the PC (posting this from phone).
I had actually considered dark brown shoe cream - not sure if it'll rub off though.Will depend on your specific needs (I don't know what's required for a Speedy), but I'm using a Bergeon 6767.
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