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Goddammit. I liked that Omega kept the 3570.50.00 largely unchanged and hadn't cranked the price too ridiculously, as it's the only Speedy I've considered to get down the road. There went that idea. On the other hand, this kind of thing coupled with IWC's admitted marketing strategy and the recent obnoxiousness from Bremont makes it easy to save a buck.
You're welcome :-) dcg, I too think that second one is great. As for you water effects, are they as silky as you had planned? It may be because you very often see long(er) exposure shots with moving water, but I think I might either prefer them with frozen-in-movement water or much more silky (like in Szeph el raton's post above) - I guess that would mean cranking the ND filters...
Makes me so glad to see those slim, curved and pierced lugs on that sub that I don't even mind that it's gold ;-)
'Nearly back to back' may have been the wrong expression. I believe it was something like one a day, so more like over the course of a week. I still rewatch different versions, but now it's usually a choice between the Final Cut and the 1982 International Cut with the voice over, as it's the one I grew up on and I don't hate the voice over like Ford and Scott do.
Stitchy, if you liked the first 7 Harry Potter movies you should probably check the last one as well ;-) Saw these two over the last couple of days: Pretty good. Had a similar mood and tempo as Anton Corbijn's The American with Clooney. Got a nice 70's vibe from this one by Werner Herzog (who made a great baddie in Jack Reacher).
Did you lose a bet?
Sure, why not ;-)
The primary reasons are that Ian McKellen got fed up with playing against a green screen - which he had to do much more on The Hobbit than on LotR - and that he (speculating) already while filming knew how mediocre they'd turn out. Enough to age anybody. As for him looking younger in LotR, who knows how valar age?
No matter what they do with the 3rd, it's too late to save this train wreck.
Those who've seen Snowpiercer might enjoy this: http://www.theverge.com/2014/7/17/5912341/japan-luxury-cruise-train
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