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You made me check mine. After clicking something I maybe shouldn't, I got it too. If only it had been War.
TV2? No, I didn't see it. Was it the interviewer suggesting that?
I had a black digital Casio in the 80's. No calculator though.
I haven't watched that in 30+ years, but I remember it leaving quite an impression on me as a kid.
2 inches for cuffs is where it's at. [[SPOILER]]
NATO straps, like those above, have a double layer under the watch and are somewhat bulky, though some might be of a thinner weave and be less so. RAF style straps are a plain, single strip of material and are less bulky, but (IME) harder to find. Of the two, I prefer the RAF style.
New straps for the waning days of summer. Olive green Navy Coyote brown
Looks like the perfect place for the yearly SPECTRE getaway.
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