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I feel like this is the perfect opportunity for me to take a photo of my new shoes.
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Time for a classic: Before Cameron turned to stories about Pocahontas and iffy cruise ships, he made some great sci-fi actioners. I can't remember the last time I saw this and it had a few forgotten but nice details in store. Like the great opening credits with appropriate 80's soundtrack and how it's almost equal parts horror and action movie. Also, I'm not sure I've noticed before that the Terminator's first victim is Bill Paxton, which makes it a hat-trick for him,...
Vicky Cristina Barcelona was pretty good and Midnight in Paris was better, but this was very weak Woody. 2/5
Not an entry as I'm not going to be wearing it this week, but here's a combo I like: [[SPOILER]]
Just like Only God Forgives (1/5) made me glad I'd visited Thailand before I saw it, I'm glad I made it to Napoli before I watched this, as both movies do their best to make you want to go somewhere else. While it feels impressively authentic it's also just as bleak as I had expected. A good movie and worth a watch, but not one I'll be looking to revisit any time soon. 3/5
It's one of very few current production IWCs that I don't dislike, though I would probably look for a Inge 3227 in good condition instead.As for the comment above, I strongly prefer solid casebacks for these kinds of watches.
Agreed all around, especially aboutThe Mist being quite good (4/5).Speaking of King adaptations, I re-watched this the other day:"Here's Johnny!" 5/5
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