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Network from '76? Since I haven't seen it I would choose that.I wouldn't say that it's a 'must see', but since it's rather long at 2½ hours and slightly slow going at times, it's the kind of movie I've found I see best at the cinema where nothing else is competing for attention. If you decide on seeing it, definitely stay clear of reviews and the like before you do.
Didn't like this as much as I had hoped from the trailer and considering it's Fincher. Still worth a trip to the cinema, IMO.
So it will (obviously) influence resale value and authorised service centers won't touch it (?) and had there been any time left on the warranty AP wouldn't honour that?
What are the consequences of this?
For those of you who like complications:
183 strap suggestions: While I like PAM's on a medium brown, distressed calf strap, like so: in your particular case I think I'd suggest to go the Cleav route, like so: Maybe without the contrast stitch, if you think it'll be too sporty for your uses. Personally, I don't particular care for cordovan straps.
As someone who really enjoyed Corbijn's last movie The American (another one that's been labeled as too slow for some), I've been looking forward to that.
My pleasure :-)And just to be accurate, I don't think it's a masterpiece or anything like that, but I do find I've enjoyed it the times I've seen it.
I don't find it neither boring, horribly paced or without story. I suspect the reason you feel this, is that the movie doesn't follow the basic dramatic construction with an identifiable protagonist, antagonists, etc - making it more of a challenge. While I love many films that play 'by the rules' I also enjoy something that (successfully) goes it's own way.Syriana can be demanding, as it almost frustratingly refuses to take you by the hand and make sure you know what's...
It's awesome but it definitely doesn't hold your hand.
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