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Speaking of 80's action movie bravado, this seemed like the thing to put on: John McTiernan really had a spectacular hat-trick in the late 80's with this from '87, Die Hard ('88) and The Hunt for Red October ('90). Almost every line from this one is quotable and with very well made creature effects and no bad CGI to date it, it still holds up really well. Great score too. 4/5
Hmm, I guess 'holding up' can mean different things... I don't doubt that for a younger viewer (maybe especially one looking for an action fix), Aliens will be more satisfying. I've seen both recently, and Aliens just felt more dated to me, I think mostly due to the 80's action movie bravado, whereas Alien seemed nearly timeless and still fresh (to me) with it's spectacular set designs, lighting, mood, acting and score. To me it's pretty much a perfect movie. I still love...
Well, as a Bard (albeit an evil one) I would totally expect you to recognise good vs bad storytelling ;-)
In recent days: Re-visiting this Oscar winner from '71, after some 30+ years. Great work by Friedkin and Hackman, but somehow it wasn't as glorious as I had hoped/expected/remembered. 3/5 Rather long at 3 hours, but you're in great company all the way, so 4/5 Rewatching this (the extended version) was a bittersweet experience. Sweet, as it's a near perfect adaptation, with very few things I would have liked to see differently - the best of the trilogy, IMO....
Blade Runner is one of my favourite movies (though I only own 5 of the versions). It sounds like you saw one of the '82 cinematic releases which had a rather tacky happy end slapped on (using left over outdoor scenes shot by Kubrick for The Shining). The unicorn didn't show up until 10 years after in the so called Director's Cut, spelling out Ridley's take on whether Deckard is a replicant or not (until then, this was left ambiguous). Bad move, IMO. Also, the earlier...
^ If I didn't already have one of these, I'd jump at the opportunity to get one in this condition. Out of curiosity, how much is it and what about it makes you want to pass it on? edit: Thanks for the PM.
Both, I guess? There's a leather inner sole all the way to the toe, but there's also a more padded piece at the heel on top of that, that only stretches half way to the toe.
For a size 8½ UK: A = 16 cm B = 12½ cm
Finally, just back from the cinema and this: Expected it to be mediocre but it was worse. Excessive explosions, CGI pyrotechnics and the leveling of whole city blocks are some of the worst parts of this new batch of super hero movies, and Snyder's are the most boring of the bunch (and I rather liked his Watchmen adaptation). Stays clear of a minimum rating as Ben Afleck's Batman is pretty good (so are his suit and his Bat Cave), and it's kinda cute how he drives a...
I really enjoy Spielberg's films, especially those early ones from the mid 70's and 80's when he already was this extremely talented and very playful director making some of the best movies of their genres. Rewatching this was nearly a 5/5 experience (like my recent revisit to Amity Island in Jaws was), except for some cartoonishly manic behaviour by Richard Dreyfuss' character near the middle, which dragged the movie down a little, so 4/5.
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