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Some 90's sci-fi: Not horrible but not particularly compelling either. 3/5 Worse than I remembered, wish Netflix had The Abyss instead. 2/5
I have the Absolute Watchmen hardcover and agree that the adaptation was quite good. *** About the Point Break remake trailer above, it seems like they tried to find someone as wooden as Keanu for the role of agent Utah, but without any of his charisma. And speaking of trailers, here are a few new'ish ones: The kind of trailer where you wonder if the movie will have any surprises in store, or if you just watched the whole thing. Cute last line, though: "They say the...
Batman was pretty much the only superhero comic I read (sometime in the 80's) - not the monthly kind, the single story, graphic novel kind. And I'm also pretty baffled by how well critiqued all these superhero movies are. The one I've seen that I think works the best, was the first Iron Man (maybe never haven seen an Iron Man comic helped). I like The Matrix (well, the first) quite a lot, but I don't know if it's based on a comic. Even if it is, it probably shouldn't be...
Sorry, I haven't looked into that, just got it in my IWC newsletter today. IWC's page for it is here, though I don't think they list the price.
That Hulk critic dude needs to lay off the caps lock key. As for Argo, I found it highly entertaining on my first viewing at the cinema and only slightly less so on a recent dvd viewing. Unrelated, I did however recently watch a film that nicely fits seeldogers 'dull and pretentious' critique: The Dark Knight. I didn't care for it in the cinema (I did like Batman Begins though), and here 7 years later I still think it's dumb.
Blue dialed Inge, anyone? As new offerings from IWC goes, this one looks pretty good. And at a manageable 40mm too. I don't care for the case back, but at least it's solid.
The Town was good too (so maybe Ben needs to direct Ben...).***This week in unnecessary remakes:"I believe that - like me - these guys are extreme athletes!"
I may have gotten it wrong, but AFAIK denim differs from chambray in how it's woven, so if you check the back of the fabric and it has diagonal lines it's denim whereas chambray with its plain weave would be identical on both sides...
^ You're welcome. *** Delightfully weird with a nice performance by Gyllenhaal and quite a WTF?!? ending. Benefits from diving into some interpretations. 4/5
I don't disagree. If I remember my experience of it correctly, comming out of the cinema in '95 I'm pretty sure I would've rated it 5/5. Watching it again now didn't have quite the same impact. Benicio del Toro is still hilarious though.Yeah, that part is a bit hard to watch. But like you say, it was big in the 90's: [[SPOILER]] ***Not the easiest film to follow (I didn't understand much of what anyone said for the first 15 minutes - not that I think you were supposed to,...
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