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For some reason my local cinema was showing this 33 year old movie: I liked it. 5/5
My last bike to get stolen was a nice Pashley Roadster I replaced it with a Raleigh, which sadly isn't up to its former made in Nottingham standard, but it had the aesthetics I wanted.
Since talking about BR yesterday, I've been listening to the soundtrack, so it was already playing as I saw your post The 2007 Blade Runner Trilogy 3 CD release is great, with the final disc having additional music by Vangelis inspired by BR, but I also like the '82 single disk release that has the soundtrack reinterptreted by The New American Orchestra (so not played by Vangelis as heard in the film - that wasn't available until '94).
I don't think he really changed his mind. When they shot it, it was the biggest area of contention between him and Ford, so he pretty much always felt that way. It's more that, as he got increasing control over future incarnations, he was able to solidify his vision at the cost of (the more interesting) ambiguity.
In the book Deckard wasn't a replicant: "The purpose of this story as I saw it was that in his job of hunting and killing these replicants, Deckard becomes progressively dehumanized. At the same time, the replicants are being perceived as becoming more human. Finally, Deckard must question what he is doing, and really what is the essential difference between him and them? And, to take it one step further, who is he if there is no real difference?" - Philip K. Dick One...
That sounds odd, as Ridley Scott insists that Deckard isn't human. Source?
There are a few ambiguous hints during the movie that he may be a replicant, like that one scene where his eyes has the same reflection as Roy's, Rachel's and the artificial owl's, but the damning evidence in the '92 Director's Cut and in the '07 Final Cut, is the unicorn dream sequence (when Gaff leaves a unicorn origami at the end, he shows that he knows about Deckard's dreams, thus they must be implanted like Rachel's). As mentioned, I dislike removing the ambiguity...
That would've been... unfortunate.
In my neck of the woods, yes. I think it was just added today. Unless you mean The Hunt for Red October. That should be in your dvd collection.
Weak. Pretty much 2/5 from the beginning, but the ending sunk it to 1/5. Rewatch The Hunt for Red October instead.
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