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I like Rutger Hauer and I really wanted to like Hobo With a Shotgun, but it was one of those very few films that only deserved a 1/5 rating, along with The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies and Desperately Seeking Susan.
I'll admit that some of the close up fighting/shooting was rather fresh - don't really think I've seen it done quite like this before. But as you say, largely forgettable (but then, so was Age of Ultron).
Expected more of this, hoping for it to be big, dumb fun. Sadly it was mostly just dumb. Like watching someone play Max Payne but with less story. Unrelated, I was surprised to see it was produced by Eva Longoria, didn't know she produced movies. 2/5
Black Mass sounds like a heavy metal band from Norway.
Not Japanese and not Internal Affairs (it was from Hong Kong and called Infernal Affairs in English).
Rather fed up with comic book movies lately (which for some reason gather huge amounts of hype and surprisingly high review scores, without there often being much there). Stayed away from reviews before this one, and kept the expectations down, and I think it payed off. Considering the large cast, it's rather impressive how Whedon jugles them all, and even more impressive how he balances the action with some pretty funny banter. I could've done with maybe a few dozen...
[[SPOILER]] Different code, so maybe Barrie? Let's see if someone knows...
From a quick search, it seems like the unlined 1492/1493/1494 are usually on the Leydon last, but can be made on the Barrie as well. I like mine either way but wonder what last they are on - is there any way to tell from the markings inside?
A friend of mine has a Belstaff jacket in need of repair. Belstaff customer service is no help, as the warranty has run out. Do any of you have experience and recommendations for where to go for something like that, in Europe?
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