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Entertaining, great cast and good to see Bryan Singer return. And just like it was nice to get a trip to the 60's in First Class, it's fun to get a tour of the 70's here (a slight change from the 80's of the original comic, but supposedly the next movie Apocalypse will take place there). Yet it somehow managed to be slightly disappointing to me - too high expectations I guess Quicksilver was fun.
I request this too, with my sub of 23+ years.
Not that grooveshark lets me access that from my location, but I totally remember ILC from the early teens. Masterful 80's video, too ;-)As an alternative, here's [[SPOILER]]
Oldboy re-make takes care of that
Speaking of PH lamps, to mark the of 120th anniversary of his birth, for the rest of this month (only) it's possible to put in an order for this limited edition: Copper & glass, about $1.6K.
Are you looking for a more elaborate description than the one on Urban Dicktionary?
This was once asked at a gathering of Hollywood directors. At first the crowd was silent, but then one man stood up, proclaiming: "I'm Alan Smithee". An uneasy silence followed, but then another stood up: "I'm Allan Smithee". Then another, and then another, and then another, and then another...
Fairly entertaining if a bit generic. Shame that this reboot sees Ryan forced into the Ethan Hunt/Jason Bourne action mold, compared to the more interesting, action averse Ryan from Clancy's novels and the previous movies. Costner was a nice addition, though.
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