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Can a movie have the power to alter your perception of both the past and the future? Well, this one can: Not only will it make every movie you see after it seem like masterpieces in comparison, but all the crappy movie you remember will seem less bad as well. Highly recommended! Though I expect Mr Sorbo would have this reaction to it (apologies for potato quality): (Btw, 'Disappointed' wasn't in his script as something to be spoken out, merely a guide for how he was...
I haven't seen either, but I would go with Nightcrawler.I don't think that visuals normally can cary a film on their own, though in the case of Gravity they almost did. Interstellar is beatifully made, but Gravity was just something else.
Welcome to the Cheaney FS029 club :-)
Techwear, cashmere gloves and Sub for the rainy autumn.
I'm not really sure actually. I didn't come to this with particular high expectations but it didn't blow me away, like say seeing Inception or Gravity for the first time did. But it definitely has some cool bits and while rather long at about 3 hours I was never bored.
It is a rather nice design. Not sure how big it is, as it's a custom job for the movie, but it did look larger than 38mm.
What the astronaut and his daughter is wearing this season:
This today
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