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Some spectacular naval scenes but the characters never really grapped me. 3/5
Stone double feature: As bad - or maybe a little worse - than I recall from the cinema some 10 years ago. 1/5 As good as I recall from seeing it nearly 30 years ago. Great cast. 4/5
Slightly different spin on the vampire mythos. Beautifully shot with a bit too hysterical final act. 3/5
Surreal limodrive through NYC. Rather theatrical dialogue. Being stuck in a limo for most of the run time doesn't lend itself well to Cronenberg's usual cinematic flourishes. Picks up near the end. 3/5
oops, wrong thread
Thanks - will check it out next time I'm in the area (so to speak).
You should offer to help them carry it inside.
Two storylines intertwine - one in a Terry Gilliam'ish parallel unverse, the other in something resembling real life. A bit of a mess, but commendable for its ambition. One character's inner monologue is overly and badly clich├ęd - not sure if intentional or not. 3/5
New Posts  All Forums: