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Considering that you haven't seeked it out until now, I'm guessing it's probably not up your usual alley? Either way, I don't know how it will affect a first time viewer, but I hope you'll like it. I've watched five of its different incarnations over the last thirty years or so and it remains in my personal Top 5 - I love nearly every shot of it. And I'm planning to catch The Final Cut when it starts showing at my favourite cinema later this week.
Enjoyed this bleak fairy tale more than I expected. 3/5 (And seeing both Sol Star and Jack McCall again makes me want to return to Deadwood.)
You look like your teleporter have dumped you in the wrong location. [[SPOILER]]
^ Very nice, but Mr Hadfield seems to be wearing his watch awfully loose - maybe it's a zero-g thing... [[SPOILER]]
Yeah, stick around PG :-)
Maybe consider a Mackintosh?
Since you're asking, I guess it can be safe to assume that you could do without the GMT function (I know I could). Of those two I would definitely keep the sub, as it's my favourite Rolex sports model (well, its previous incarnations, but still). The only GMTs I really like are the Pepsies.
Some 90's sci-fi: Not horrible but not particularly compelling either. 3/5 Worse than I remembered, wish Netflix had The Abyss instead. 2/5
I have the Absolute Watchmen hardcover and agree that the adaptation was quite good. *** About the Point Break remake trailer above, it seems like they tried to find someone as wooden as Keanu for the role of agent Utah, but without any of his charisma. And speaking of trailers, here are a few new'ish ones: The kind of trailer where you wonder if the movie will have any surprises in store, or if you just watched the whole thing. Cute last line, though: "They say the...
Batman was pretty much the only superhero comic I read (sometime in the 80's) - not the monthly kind, the single story, graphic novel kind. And I'm also pretty baffled by how well critiqued all these superhero movies are. The one I've seen that I think works the best, was the first Iron Man (maybe never haven seen an Iron Man comic helped). I like The Matrix (well, the first) quite a lot, but I don't know if it's based on a comic. Even if it is, it probably shouldn't be...
New Posts  All Forums: