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At the beginning of Coherence I was a bit annoyed by the extreme close ups and the shaky cam (I imagine seeing this in a cinema would have made that extra bad), but as the story unfolded I found it less grating. Agreed that for what it was, it was rather well done, even though it didn't totally live up to the expectations I'd gotten from the trailer from about a year ago.Reading about Coherence did lead me to Primer, so that's next.
I've sadly never gotten around to seeing that, but I know it had an awesome poster: [[SPOILER]] ***Fun little indie thought experiment, where the passing of a nearby comet (maybe) opens doors to a parallel universe (or more), and how it's experienced by a dinner party of eight friends. 3/5
I used to have that on VHS (along with A Better Tomorrow and The Killer).That scene where Chow Yun Fat and Tony Leung clear first one level of the hospital, then have some dialogue in the elevator, exit and take out one more floor of baddies, all in one take
This deserves a large poster.First off, I was worried that this would've been totally ruined by a over-reliance on teal/orange color-grading like at least one of the the trailers might indicate. Thankfully that wasn't the case (there's still a lot of color-grading going on, but it isn't teal and orange all the time like in some recent movies).Hardy is unfortunately not as good a Max as Gibson was. He tries to be mad, but he lacks Gibson's crazy eyes. But still, what a...
Dug out the dvd of this (which reminds me I should probably pick up Eastern Promises too). My favourite of the three Cronenberg/Mortensen films. 5/5 And rather looking forward to Fury Road tomorrow.
Big +1.And The China Syndrome from '79 (which he also produced, just like he did One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest).And while Ridley Scott's '89 Black Rain didn't get the best reviews, I rather like that too.***Had a chance to show this to my gf who hadn't seen it and didn't know anything about it. Was pleased to see her suspect who Keyser Söze was around the same time I did, in the cinema those 20 years ago. Probably Singer's best film. 4/5
Who doesn't think highly of Michael Douglas?
I feel like this is the perfect opportunity for me to take a photo of my new shoes.
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