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5441? At about 5mm smaller, that would have been a very nice watch indeed.
Found the new front page photo for SF: Should obviously be clickable, so that one side leads to S&D, the other to CM.
I believe @Mr. Moo has a GR (I). I too have a X100 (the first one) and have been considering a GR (I or II) for some time. I have been happy with a wider lens in the past, so that's not holding me back. What is though, is what seems to be a consensus from a few reviews, that the colour of the Fuji's jpegs should rank as some of the best SOOC, while the Ricoh's should benefit more from shooting RAW, which I so far haven't bothered with. I do routinely keep an eye out for...
Well, the XV is ;-) It's been a while since I looked at prices, so I may be way off...
I think I've seen 'em around that price, especially if you're willing to get one without the bracelet.
A used IWC Mark XV.
... if you're crawling barefoot through airducts in Nakatomi Tower.
From the dvd shelf, over the weekend: A boyhood favourite. The Hunt for Red October is my preferred Jack Ryan movie, but this one is still efficiently entertaining.
I haven't checked the podcast, but that sounds like it could be the 'Different Kinds of Silence' interview film, that you can also watch right here: http://channel.louisiana.dk/video/peter-zumthor-different-kinds-silence
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