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It's an acquired taste, for sure.
Nice. [[SPOILER]]
Always interesting to hear your take on fonts and design elements, Belli.And while I really like the new RO Jumbo - and I think it does a lot of things right - it's one of the reasons I prefer the original:That 7 (And I'm probably in the minority, but I also much prefer the white date wheel.)Do you know which font(s?) are used on the Mk XV? [[SPOILER]]
As I haven't sorted the photos from this trip, I'll just cheat and use some from the last: [[SPOILER]] This, though, was taken last week in Sardinia. The trusty sub from '91:
Thanks for posting that. For whatever reasons, I've always lived my life 'news free', so this was an interesting read. (Of course, I have to consider if my liking the article is merely me showing 'confirmation bias', as mentioned in No 5.)Just came back from a week in Italy where I left my phone in the room - and only once went on wi-fi to check if I had any messages - and it wasn't a particular conscious choice (instead I finally managed to finish Moby Dick).To keep...
I still remember watching Zappa when it came out in '83. As a pre-teen it had quite an impact.
I got three VdR shirts from a local shop, shortly after starting this thread, and I've been very pleased with them. They are the softer, unlined type - good for more casual fits, like what I was wearing here. How did you find out they are made by Borrelli?
IWC already made digital pocket watches in the mid 1880s (with the 'Pallweber' movements).Like this:
I explained a long time ago that I'm not trying to approach any kind of 'objective' criticism with my ratings, they are only a reflection of my own enjoyment at the time of watching.
Naive young Texan tries to find his fortune in New York. Things doesn't goes as planned but he makes an unlikely friend. Quite psychedelic at times with great work by the two leads. 3/5
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