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Apart from knowing I had seen this ages ago, I remembered nothing about it. Low-key, 60's spy flick with nice atmosphere and John Barry score. 'At the end of our conversation, he ordered them to kill me.' 'And did they?'
Good, I could use a horse blanket.
^ That looks interesting, thanks.
^ Back to the Future is brilliant. I saw Gattaca recently as well. Speaking of sci-fi, one of the best newer ones I've seen was Moon. The best thing to be said about this, is that at times it's like seeing a Frank Frazetta illustration come to live. Other than that, you're just given plenty of violence but no reason to care.
Thanks. The Alien Quadrilogy box as well as the Blade Runner box with the 5 different versions are probably some of my most worn discs - I recently saw Arq and The Island too. I remember very little of Dark City though, so that goes on the list.
Have read about it, seen some clips, but not the whole thing.Always on the lookout for good sci-fi - anything to recommend?Based on Michael Crichton's Eaters of the Dead novel - which in turn was based on the real life account of Arab diplomat Ibn Fadlan's encounter with Norsemen in 922 AD, mixed with the Beowulf poem.Here John McTiernan doesn't reach the Nakatomi'an heights of Die Hard, the campy brilliance of Predator nor the icy depths of Hunt for Red October, but I...
Is it still called a bezel if it's not a separate part to the watch case? Anyway, looking at mine everything except the ca 1 mm horizontal ring right next to the crystal, is brushed. Here's the best pic I could find on-line to hopefully illustrate it:I don't know how that polished bit affects scratch removal.I agree. I've posted this pic before, but this is my favourite Speedy/strap combo:Though that's not to say that I wouldn't experiment with other combos if I had one.
The first, more intimate half of this (as well as the 4 movies he made prior) gives me high hopes for Besson's upcoming adaptation of the great Valérian et Laureline comics. The more hysterical second half (as well as later output like Lucy) helps with keeping those expectations down. 'Multi Pass'
The point was that you need to shelve your "that monkey is so fake" mentality to enjoy this. And then you can.
Viewed through too critical, modern glasses this one was full of plot holes and characters behaving unlikely (and the blond F/X assistant really should've gotten a Razzie for this, which I believe were around back then). But then the film ends with 'Curtain Call credits', where the major players are seen candidly looking into the camera, whether their character was alive or not at the end, while Imagination's Just An Illusion plays, reminding us that everything we just...
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