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MB&F Horological Machine No 4
Have you checked your pockets?
^ Thanks.Ah, ok. Thought they looked like [[SPOILER]]
Agreed. A perfectly fine fit, but navy socks would be better ;-) Are those C&J Brecons?
Thanks. I've always liked the texture and colour of that seemingly never ending supply of rare Russian deer. It'll probably last until the exact moment I decide to get some of it ;-)
I should probably get a job first. And Mt Gox should un-freeze my bit coins.I think that can that be said for a lot of Pannys bought 10 years ago ;-)
Ah, ok. Looked like denim in that pic, but cords are great too. Hard to put a name to that colour, but looks like a nice alternative to off white or very light grey.
Europrep, nice belt. From where, and if you don't mind, how much? Stitchy, nice jeans. Which, and what's the actual colour?
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