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While I do agree with a couple of Orr's points, I'm not letting it stand in the way of my enjoyment of the movie, which I do find a very enjoyable watch.
This money-grubbing soul less approach to story telling is just saddening. Focus on telling *one* good story at the time and then take it from there. (Sadly prevailing in tv land too with the 'let's milk this show for as long as we can, making up - mostly redundant - stuff as we go...)
Love Actually is very nice for that sort of movie (well, as long as you don't start thinking too much about it), but it's no Die Hard
^ You must not have seen Who's That Girl?It's like a re-boot without the hard re-set. Sort of a soft re-boot for a new generation...***I agree with javyn that Django was awful, but it seems like I liked Fury Road more than him. javyn did you see it in a cinema? It's the sort of movie where that really makes a huge difference, IMO. (And Deadwood is awesome - I need to break out the dvd box of that again soon. The Thing too.)
Also popular amongst these guys: (not sure if they're known on your side of the pond...)
^ Nice. Also, Olafur Eliasson's Riverbed installation @ Louisiana last year was great (clicky, for those so inclined).
That's a very nice photo, MoK.
By number of fringes on his coats, obviously.
Did he just call Max von Sydow a British actor??Apart from that, I pretty much agree...
Rutger Hauer is underrated. Plus, he's seen things you people wouldn't believe...
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