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Please do this, every time you start it:Also, not a bad idea of what to wear.
Also different bezel and dial, looks like...
I see. Then I guess the 176 initially had a painted dial as well.
There may be movement differences, but I don't know anything about that. Apart from the differences you mention, the 55 had painted numerals and indices (AKA 'sausage dial'), which I don't believe the 176 ever had. I do think there were some other models that initially came with sausage dials but were later changed to sandwich dials, while still using the same reference number. edit: Looking here http://paneristi.com/reference/sortable_database/index.html it seems like...
Agreed all around. I had a PAM 177 (preferred the ti as the steel was too blingy with its big reflective surfaces IRL, for this kind of tool watch, IMO). Sold it as it was larger than what I prefer, so even though I still like the design, I'll be content with appreciating it from afar. Lately, I've come to like the Radiomir case more than the Luminor, and (unlike the Luminor) I like it in reduced sizes as well. My perfect PAM would be a steel 40mm Radiomir with a base...
Good call.Which? The Radiomir 1940s? If so, I'm personally not a fan, preferring the classic Radiomir case with the wire lugs.
I love Alien. It's the best of the series and one of a handful of movies I always enjoy re-watching. 5/5 to me.***Recently re-visited this:Another 5/5. [[SPOILER]]
In her own words, from the documentary on the DVD:You know, the Marnie character... is totally against all men; she screams if one of them comes near her. I don't care how much of a man hater you are, how negatively you feel about men, you take one look at Sean Connery and I mean... Oh, come on Hitch, how am I going to do this part? Hitchcock's reply?It's called acting, my dear.
It's fun to see the interview where Tippi Hedren describes her reaction when she heard Sean Connery was playing the man that she's supposed to be unattracted too.
New Posts  All Forums: