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No, they're going to be indoor only.
Thank you.
Guys, plant recommendations plz.
I was thinking an olive tree, but before I start looking around I was hoping for some inspiration. Are there any particular ones you like?
I think I need a plant in my living room. I'm envisioning something about 1½ meters in height, so a large plant or a small tree. I haven't started looking yet, but I assume some of you have given this some thought and have experiences with what's good. So, any recommendations on what to get or not to get?
nvm, forgot to refresh the page
The Mark XII was 36mm, the Mark XV (recently featured ITT) was 38mm, and while not particularly flat I've never had an issue with mine fitting under a shirt cuff. The Mark XVI was 39mm and the Mark XVII is 41mm. The height of these is pretty similar, going from 10.4 to 11mm.
Hopefully Disney will release something similar.
Nice collection. As I'm covered on the sub front, it should please you that I'll only be requiring the Pepsi and the Explorer. TIA.
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