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Just a quick recommendation for B&W C5 in-ear head phones. I'm sure there are other better reviewed head phones in the same price range (some reviewers think these are too bass heavy, though that hasn't been a problem for me), but the sound quality that's there and the added comfort and ease of use with the wire loop, makes me very satisfied with these. Would buy again (and probably will, if they ever break down - been using them for about 4 years now).
I watch lots of DVDs
(This scream, also an addition.)
I'd say giving the Sarlacc tentacles and a parrot beak, having Hayden Christensen as Vader's force ghost and showing the extra CGI planets in the victory montage is pretty damn egregious ;-)
^ Must have been one of the editions with all those unnecessary and grating changes and additions by Lucas? Never again - it's the Despecialized Editions only (at least until Disney offers up a quality, unaltered, cinematic cut).
I was merely commenting on the look, which I think is pretty good. Especially compared to Villeneuve's last, Arrival.Despite what Ridley has been trying to say with his various director's cuts, I've always preferred him as human. Ford did too. And in the novel he was as well.
As much as I would've liked to see somebody other than Gosling in this, it does look pretty good:
Neat little ghost story with Jamie Lee Curtis and her mom, Janet Leigh. 'Hey, the lights went out.'
Truffaut's first film in colour and his only English language one. Beautifully photographed by Nicolas Roeg (before he started directing). Accurately predicted (in '66) flat, wide screen TVs and smaller screens with in-ear headphones for watching in bed (it also features Minority Report like jet packs). I have a faint memory of this being slightly scary as a kid, now it was just a pleasure. 'Oh mommy, look: Firemen! There's going to be a fire.'
Not really sure why, but I gave this a chance, and It was spectacularly bad from the start. Like a train wreck it was hard to turn away from, but after ½ an hour or so, I had to give up. It had some nice scenery and locations, but almost too pretty, like an ad for an expensive perfume. And as great as Angelina looked, it quickly got weird how every extra in every scene gawked at her as she glided by. After the first 10 minutes I took a guess at what the twist would be...
New Posts  All Forums: