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I hope you're not suggesting a sports bra.
^ Along with Where Eagles Dare. ***
^ Saw the first episode. It had a couple of laughs but was mostly cringeworthy. Most shows benefit from some investment, but I'm not gonna stick around this one to find out.
I don't dislike the first as much as the second of those. As I'm sure I'm missing stuff on both of them, what are your critiques?
Thanks. Without knowing which brands to look for, I combed through a few pages of shirts on yoox, but nothing stood out. Also tried to find some Anachronorm in Europe without any luck (seemed like End had had some but they don't right now).
On one hand, 3 hours of WTF?, on the other hand, an economical way to watch 6 movies.
That Anachronorm shirt is indeed great.Fit aside, do you have any recommendations for vintage print summer shirts?
Cleav, are the Adelaide's the Westbourne? They look much better here than on C&J's site (which also doesn't seem to have them in dark brown).
Indeed. Sadly not mine, but I've posted that pic a few times over the years as I really like this model (1600). Baton markers, plain bezel, lug holes and brushed Oyster bracelet: Just perfect.
Sadly not always :-( Admittedly I do catch myself watching a good deal of dreg, though I'm getting better at turning it off when it dawns on me. Just finished this: Seems to be a rather faithful adaptation, but uneven with some slightly kitchy (and not very efficient) attempts at horror. As always, nice to see Colin Firth. I think I'll blame this recent bout of mediocrity on the local Netflix library ;-)
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