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For that use (and if you can live without a zoom) I think I'd get a Ricoh GR. I don't have personal experience with it, but I like what I've read about and seen from it. (I have a Fuji X100 with the same sensor size, but the Ricoh is much more portable/pocketable - looks like it makes sharper images too). Or, for something more versatile, maybe the Panasonic LX100 that just got a Gold Award @ DP Review.
Bruce Campbell FTW Don't think I ever saw the remake so I just checked the trailer - it doesn't look like it has any of the great quirkiness of Raimi's E.D. movies.
^ I was wondering when you'd get around to some new wrist shots of that - very nice. I actually stopped by a Rolex AD today and tried that one on. While I think it looks great on your wrist, I found that it wore slightly smaller on me that I had hoped - definitely noticeably smaller than my sub. When asked, the AD didn't belive it was being discontinued even though it's gone from Rolex' site. Also went to another shop and got a new strap, will try to get a pic soon.
He was great in Joe too:
Nice 70's Pakula paranoia.
None of those two are 42mm (the Radiomir is 45, the Luminor is 44).
Wasn't planning on seeing this and I should've stuck to the plan. Scarlett worked pretty hard, but Morgan Freeman just looked bored. Shockingly has a 66% rating on RT. I liked Besson's first five films (Subway, The Big Blue, La Femme Nikita, Léon and The Fifth Element) but everything after that's been rather bad...
Dug out the dvd of this: Better than i remembered. While it didn't transport me to '71 as as successfully as Munich did to '72 or Argo did to '79, it's definitely one of Statham's best movies (apart from Collateral - don't even remeber him in that? - it's also his highest rated movie on RT). With a crazy story inspired by real events.
I like the idea of a 42mm Pammy, but the sub seconds placement on that 512 is bugging me - if they want to move it in towards the center, keep the 9 as on the 572, else move it out to the side to balance the 3, or better yet, just skip it.
New Posts  All Forums: