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That was my first thought too (apart from the clumsy reveal at the end), but a quick googling shows that Star Destroyers apparently can hover in atmosphere: But hey, this is Fantasy, not Sci-Fi so (on reflection) I'm cool with it.
Wow, scary stuff.
What the hell is a Vadar?
Having the benefit of not having read anything about this before watching, made especially the first half satisfyingly unpredictable. Also, very cool how it didn't rely on or resort to flash backs to establish the back story or build an emotional connection. Nice, tight revenge thriller.
Congrats on the Drake's cardi. I suspect you'll be very happy with it; I have the same colour and it's one on my favourite clothing items.
What are those 'interesting current models' from IWC some of you are referring to? Admittedly, I primarily base my attraction to a watch on how much its aesthetics appeal to me, so it might just be a case of different tastes, but giving the current line-up a quick glance I only saw two that was remotely interesting, and one was way too large and both of them were done better years ago.
Just back fromWent into this with pretty low expectations (even though I really like the first three), and I was actually expecting to be able to sum up my experiences with a 'Meh' or maybe a comment on how it was worth a trip to the cinema, but that I couldn't see it taking up place on the DVD shelf, besides the previous ones. I did had hopes though, that it would be a least a 3/5.But sadly, not only is this the worst Bourne movie by far (and that includes Legacy), it's...
Try to avoid doing a full quote of a long post just for a one line reply. Use the spoiler if you feel the content needs to be included, address the poster by name or just click the 'like' button. Thanks.
Agreed. That last one is on my desktop right now - it's like poetry. Is it known whether it's a straight up photo (with whatever post processing), or if it's a composite of the individual elements?
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