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I'm not particularly fond of DC era Bond, but I am looking forward to a certain SF specific surprise in this next one.
Look closer.
I haven't, so I'm only judging how I think they work as movies, not how good adaptations they are. But I have watched the movies with someone who have read the books more than once, and she enjoyed the the US version too (though I don't doubt that the Swedish one is closer to the feel of the books).
It definitely is.And I'm glad you said trilogy, as I've heard that some think there are actually four Indy films, which there of course isn't.
I've read that the DC is less ambiguous and I'm not sure I'll prefer that, but I still want to check it out. Mostly for the sake of completeness, I guess.
It is. And Duncan Jones' other movie Moon is brilliant. (He's finishing World of WarCraft now.)Disagree. The US version is very good, with great mood. As for the Swedish/Danish versions, only the first is good. The two sequels suffer either from the change in director or the fact that they were cheaper productions for TV that only got cinema releases due to the success of the first.I agree (but then I like For Your Eyes Only too). My favourites are probably You Only Live...
I've never seen the original, but I would love to see the '78 version with Donald Sutherland again.
So, where do we turn off the floating toolbar?
I'm sure the rum helped, but I'd even stretch that to a 2/5 (but then, for my own use, I try to avoid turning my 1-5 scale into an actual 1-10 scale by using ½ points). As I recall, one of its biggest problems was that it was overly dark in many scenes, to the point where it was actual hard to tell what was going on. And it made the same mistake as Alien 3, Alien: Resurrection and I guess Prometheus, of having the Aliens adapt characteristics from the host creatures they...
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