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^ Yes, the first one is SARB033. It also comes with a white dial, as SARB035, but not without a date.Random pic of a SARB035 on a strap:But bland is good ;-)IME it's surprisingly hard to find these kinds of simple, well executed, classic designs in watches these days.It's not my cup of tea, but maybe the SARB065 'Cocktail Time' is more up your alley?Thank you. And it's good to hear they're working out for you, Mr Largo.Btw, seiyajapan.com seems to be down for maintenance...
Thanks Belli. And nice OQ NS, with two great dials.
I first saw it yesterday, when reading up on Type 20/XX models. If the Breguet Type XX you and Mimo talk about is the new one with the polished bezel, then I have to say I prefer the more utilitarian look of the Dodane (and I don't get the Breguet's 30 minute counter - seems unnescessarily hard to read with only having markings every second minute and no numerals). Though if that second screw in the Dodane's lug doesn't do anything (which I guess it doesn't), then that...
The beard + roll neck make it more Rising Sun than Bond, though Bahamas + DB5 sounds pretty good
Maybe PP should partner up with Zenith and just put the movement in a crystal case (though it does come with its own share of engraving), like so: [[SPOILER]]
The least quirky Cohen flick I can remember (apart from the John Goodman bit) and probably my least favourite of theirs. Nice mood though. 3/5 (Maybe add 1 if you're into folk music.)
Hey, that's from Cobra.
IIRC Frilly already had a look at that, but it didn't quite measure up. Something about not having enough complications or some such...
I think this is very nice (would put it on a leather strap):Or for something sportier:Or if I was looking for a diver:
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