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There are a few ambiguous hints during the movie that he may be a replicant, like that one scene where his eyes has the same reflection as Roy's, Rachel's and the artificial owl's, but the damning evidence in the '92 Director's Cut and in the '07 Final Cut, is the unicorn dream sequence (when Gaff leaves a unicorn origami at the end, he shows that he knows about Deckard's dreams, thus they must be implanted like Rachel's). As mentioned, I dislike removing the ambiguity...
That would've been... unfortunate.
In my neck of the woods, yes. I think it was just added today. Unless you mean The Hunt for Red October. That should be in your dvd collection.
Weak. Pretty much 2/5 from the beginning, but the ending sunk it to 1/5. Rewatch The Hunt for Red October instead.
I grew up with the voice-over one, and as much as both Ford and Scott dislike that, I used to prefer it for the Marlowe'ish noir mood it brings - but I've come to appreciate the versions without voice-over just as much. [[SPOILER]]I haven't read much about it, but reading the above gives me a bad feeling. While I guess it could be possible to tell a new, interesting story in the Blade Runner universe, I don't really dare to put much faith in Ridley Scott. While he's made...
Considering that you haven't seeked it out until now, I'm guessing it's probably not up your usual alley? Either way, I don't know how it will affect a first time viewer, but I hope you'll like it. I've watched five of its different incarnations over the last thirty years or so and it remains in my personal Top 5 - I love nearly every shot of it. And I'm planning to catch The Final Cut when it starts showing at my favourite cinema later this week.
Enjoyed this bleak fairy tale more than I expected. 3/5 (And seeing both Sol Star and Jack McCall again makes me want to return to Deadwood.)
You look like your teleporter have dumped you in the wrong location. [[SPOILER]]
^ Very nice, but Mr Hadfield seems to be wearing his watch awfully loose - maybe it's a zero-g thing... [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: