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The horses I grew up with were called things like Eldur and Snarfari.
Some beautiful scenery shot in Ultra Panavision, an obscene amount of extras in the battle scenes and some clever dialog (especially when the prime minister is involved) courtesy of the Oscar nominated screenplay. It's no Lawrence (though the leads have some character traits in common), but it was better than I expected. Incidentally, I couldn't help thinking all the way through how Richard Johnson (playing Col. John Stewart) - while maybe lacking the charisma of Sean -...
It's been a couple of weeks since I last put on Casablanca, and it was very enjoyable to once more be in the company of Bogey, Sydney Greenstreet and (especially) Peter Lorre, in this 75 year old re-make and early Noir classic.
^ I hope you skipped my take on it, (as there were some spoilers there) before seeing it, but it seems we largely agree. Also, weren't there only three Bourne books by Ludlum? They should probably have left it at that those three; there must be other good stories - original or not - worth filming. And speaking of Bond, I put on these two yesterday:
Tombstone rocks.And then there's of course this little thing, with its classic Drew Stuzan [[SPOILER]]
From Live and Let Die (Mr. Moore's first) with no watch movement inside and probably not as magically magnetic as they would have us believe;-)
Running - Tom Cruise
^ Yeah, those screws are bugging the hell out of me too. But on the other hand, it is made with a colour called Caviar Black, so you just know it's both expensive, exclusive and luxurious.
I've seen very few of the 200+ Tarzan movies, and my expectations for this kind of thing may be way off, but I would've liked a movie with a character like Tarzan to be much more pulpy. (Say like 1994's The Shadow with Alec Baldwin which I recently rewatched and which I think did the pulpy adventure thing rather well, in spite of its low review scores. Heck, even the two Tomb Raider films have more charm than this. And of course, the high point for pulpy adventure is...
Just came back earlier today from the birth island of Pythagoras. 25 years ago, my first foreign trip with this watch was also to the Aegean Sea and it's still the perfect watch for this kind of thing. Here on a pair of stingray patterned OB swim shorts, with either an Americano or a Dark 'N Stormy (I forgot which) within easy reach
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