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He can't be that well off, considering he couldn't afford to replace his coat when he wore out the elbows.
Thank you. That last is particularly tasty.
These look great. Are there any full pics of them/source?
You're welcome :-)
Not gonna be in a suit this week, so not an entry: (Details, a few more pics and some thoughts on dressing down a suit are here.)
While it's a pleasure to see Ian Holm in a rare leading role, I didn't find much else going for this. 2/5
^ Agreed - I don't care much about cars either, but that one was rather nice.'Cos Frank's best accessory actually was neither of those. [[SPOILER]]
Very nice, EFV. Now ditch the PS and swap the jeans for charcoal pants (no cuffs) for the full Bullitt :-) Colt Diamondback and Mustang GT-390 optional.
Spend the weekend in a cabin with a limited DVD selection: Sally Field, Kiefer Sutherland and Ed Harris directed by John Schlesinger - how bad could it be? As it turns out; exceedingly. One of those times where it would've paid off to check Rotten Tomatoes before pressing play. A mean-spirited turd of a film. 1/5 Pretty good, but would've liked to rewatch the original instead. 3/5
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