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On one hand, 3 hours of WTF?, on the other hand, an economical way to watch 6 movies.
That Anachronorm shirt is indeed great.Fit aside, do you have any recommendations for vintage print summer shirts?
Cleav, are the Adelaide's the Westbourne? They look much better here than on C&J's site (which also doesn't seem to have them in dark brown).
Indeed. Sadly not mine, but I've posted that pic a few times over the years as I really like this model (1600). Baton markers, plain bezel, lug holes and brushed Oyster bracelet: Just perfect.
Sadly not always :-( Admittedly I do catch myself watching a good deal of dreg, though I'm getting better at turning it off when it dawns on me. Just finished this: Seems to be a rather faithful adaptation, but uneven with some slightly kitchy (and not very efficient) attempts at horror. As always, nice to see Colin Firth. I think I'll blame this recent bout of mediocrity on the local Netflix library ;-)
Hit up a couple of movies on Netflix at a friend's: First this: Unbelievably bad. Should have hit up RT first (11%). Needed a classic to cleanse the palate, so this followed: To my surprise I could remember most of the dialogue, even though it's been 20+ years since I last saw it. Still fun.
Really? I never warmed to it. Sadly means I'll have to admire the Speedy from afar. And the Reversos I like...
Assuming it's just the leather parts, couldn't this be remedied with some brown polish?
No idea, stole the pic from the net :-)Here's another nice one:A 1600, a 116200 and a 16200.
Actually (and I know this is the wrong thread to admit this) but I've found that manual wind isn't for me, so I wouldn't really want it (just sold my PAM too). I still love this one, though: For the experts, where these ever made with a white dial or was it always silver?
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