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Probably my favourite (not that it's saying a lot) film by Zack Snyder. Some obnoxious teal/orange colour coding aside, I always thought it was a pretty good adaptation of the (brilliant) comic. Don't even hate the changes they made to the ending. 4/5 (Incidentally, looking for a poster I came across some great Watchmen portrait photography here.) Jay's first go at Star Trek with the characters from The Original Series. Ridiculous amounts of lens flare aside (and...
I have the Submariner in 40 (I'm about a 41'' chest and an M in most knits, like John Smedley) and the fit is pretty good. I might have gotten away with sizing down to a 38, but for this kind of bulky knit you're not really aiming for a super streamlined fit anyway. Note that they (at least the Submariner) are pretty long. So much so, that I sometimes fold up the lower rib edge, just like with the rib cuffs.Quality is great, can't imagine that I'll ever wear it out.
^ And Eddie Redmayne (who was great in JA) deserves to be on this list even less.
Has shock wave flash been crashing consistently on SF (for the last day or so) for anybody else?
Please bear with them, it'll pass.
For some reason I thought the smaller 'son' version of that set was using a non in-house movement, probably the same as in the similarly sized Mk XVI, though I'll admit it isn't something I've paid a lot of attention too...
I like the design of Beobachtungs-uhren, but putting B-Uhr style hands on a watch and calling it 'Mark (anything)' is sad. IWC should've kept the classic Mark XII and XV design as an offering along their Big Pilots (and offered smaller B-Uhren if they felt the need). Anyway, just IMHO, and I'm glad I got what was probably the last Mk XV they made.
*AlanAgreed all around.
While he does have a couple of sensible points, refuting this kind of stupid click bait "article" is really picking the low hanging fruit. Yes, that kind of "journalism" is bloody awful, but it's also pretty easily avoided (I hadn't heard about this one and wouldn't have clicked it if I had. And now I was tricked into reading all of it through this piece. Goddammit.). Anyway, Dopey (and the turk earlier) are right: any short commings in the dramatic narrative can't be...
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