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Re-watched these yesterday: Jan Guillou's very entertaining trilogy about a Swedish Knight Templar, made into a pretty decent 2-movie adaptation. At the time of production it was the most expensive Scandinavian production, IIRC. 4/5 3/5 For the English DVD release, they were combined into a single cut, which I haven't seen. Edit: It's also on Netflix (here, at least) as a 6 episode mini series.
Speaking of IWC, from their latest newsletter: The flying minute tourbillon is a mechanical tour de force that attracts admiring glances from watch connoisseurs and The elegance of the Portuguese Tourbillon Hand-Wound "Metropolitan Boutique Edition" perfectly complements life aboard a luxury yacht
Been revisiting Twin Peaks for the last week or so
As someone who loves his Mark XV and dislikes much about current IWC, I agree with him on a lot of points, but I wished he didn't call out the Ingenieur as the turning point. First off, the Ingenieur line is from 1955, so he should have mentioned he was talking about the 2005 're-boot'. Second, I (and I believe many other IWC 'purists') think that the 3227 is a great watch.Otherwise, good stuff :-)
For @patrickBOOTH's avatar folder: [[SPOILER]]
I was asked in the movie thread why I gave the last Hobbit movie a personal rating of 1/5, and since I took the time to write out a reply, I'll post it here as well, for all of you to disagree with:
Warning: Long - please scroll by if this subject bores you. Thanks....First off, I have a very precious(!) relationship with the book, as some of my earliest memories are of my mom reading it out to my sister and me, making what felt like very long train rides from Denmark to Sweden into a magical journey. I love the story and have re-read it several times, last time about a year ago, after the 2nd Hobbit movie, to remind me that the it was as great as I remembered and not...
^ Someone's getting creative at Edward Green's marketing department.
Mission accomplished:
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