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As presented in the photos that's probably my favourite shade for wooden floors. What don't you like about about it and what would you rather have?
Nice floors, lefty. White walls?
Somehow managed to stay clear of this over the years. During the first half or so, I kept thinking 'I thought this was supposed to be grittier' - I didn't think that by the end. 4/5 Also, I should probably rethink my financing of that next trip to Istanbul...
For me a big part of it was getting one with the right support. The one I had from IKEA was too soft.
The best money I've ever spend on furniture was for a Hästens frame bed. Infinitely better than the one from IKEA it replaced. There are other fabic options than their white/blue standard - I ordered mine in a solid dark grey.You'll probably prefer how the third slide appears on Hästens Danish site here, compared to the English/American one linked above
^ I think many watches could gain from losing the date, but in this case I think it's pretty nicely integrated.Glad to be of assistance
If not being shiny is the main concern, it's hard to beat a brushed SS oyster bracelet, like tifosi mentions.But if you're serious about the Ti bracelet, I would look for an IWC Aquatimer 3536 Titanium (from when IWC made watches worth considering )Quick pic from the net:Or - a good deal cheaper at about $1K - this Seiko, also in titanium:
There were two fake Submariners in that post, which have now been removed. Both had bezels that looked off and 'white gold' surrounds on the dial that was too high, almost like on a nipple dial. One, as mentioned, also had the off set pearl (not just photo angle), while the other had a crown guard with wrong lines and very obviously fake hands. Lets see how long the rest of them remain posted...
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