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^ If I didn't already have one of these, I'd jump at the opportunity to get one in this condition. Out of curiosity, how much is it and what about it makes you want to pass it on? edit: Thanks for the PM.
Both, I guess? There's a leather inner sole all the way to the toe, but there's also a more padded piece at the heel on top of that, that only stretches half way to the toe.
For a size 8½ UK: A = 16 cm B = 12½ cm
Finally, just back from the cinema and this: Expected it to be mediocre but it was worse. Excessive explosions, CGI pyrotechnics and the leveling of whole city blocks are some of the worst parts of this new batch of super hero movies, and Snyder's are the most boring of the bunch (and I rather liked his Watchmen adaptation). Stays clear of a minimum rating as Ben Afleck's Batman is pretty good (so are his suit and his Bat Cave), and it's kinda cute how he drives a...
I really enjoy Spielberg's films, especially those early ones from the mid 70's and 80's when he already was this extremely talented and very playful director making some of the best movies of their genres. Rewatching this was nearly a 5/5 experience (like my recent revisit to Amity Island in Jaws was), except for some cartoonishly manic behaviour by Richard Dreyfuss' character near the middle, which dragged the movie down a little, so 4/5.
Rewatched this little known trilogy over the last month or so: Brilliant first introduction to Lucas' fantastic universe. The above poster by Tom Jung is my favourite of the series (which now count four movies, IIRC). 4/5 The rare sequel that improves on nearly everything. 5/5 As much as I loved this in the cinema in 1983, watching it with the others it's clearly a step back. Still good though. 3/5 Watched these in Harmy's latest Despecialized Editions (thanks...
Ish that the phone? I schould probably answer. Right after I finisch thish vodka...
^ Of the 3 seasons I've seen, the first was definitely the best. Better still was the original BBC House of Cards and To Play the King miniseries from the early 90's, that inspired the Netflix series. Francis Urquhart (the British Frank Underwood) talked to the viewer too and was chillingly diabolic, making his US counterpart look like a cuddly teddy bear.
I suspected as much :-) Final recommendation: The Tao of Physics.
If you haven't already, I think you'll enjoy reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. It's about quality.
New Posts  All Forums: