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Not really sure who Drew is going for there. Maybe someone else have an idea...
From a time before midichlorination, some random SW art: [[SPOILER]]
'Cos they're beyond stupid and because The Force is cheapened by a pseudo scientific explanation.
The lens flare is a nice, probably-not-so-inside, joke.
Quite a steal at $26,400.
^ I wear my Sub through the metal detectors without any problems. On my last trip though, my Alden chukkas triggered the detector. The second time it happened I vaguely recalled something about there being a steel shank in the sole
Don't think I'd actually seen this before, if so I don't remember it. Some occasional fine visuals, but nothing really improved on the 16 years older prequel (which I re-watched earlier this year - 5/5). Some bad exposition and a few scenes rang false. Had the uplifting message that it'll take the discovery of alien life for us to stop making war on each other. 3/5
Don't worry about matching your leather straps for daily wear.There can be.Not with this one.
I believe that was a Watchco 'NOS' Seamaster 300? And I agree, it looked great.Definitely the 620, as I don't like the sub second placement on the 512 - too far from the dial edge. And not because it might signal a small movement in a larger case, but because I think it balances poorly with the '3' on the other side of the dial. And while this is probably heresy, I much prefer automatic watches (never really warmed to winding my 177), so I'd be willing to live with the...
I need to see La Haine. Mathieu Kassovitz might have gotten something good out of Babylon A.D. if Fox hadn't forced Vin Diesel on him (instead of Cassel) and generally messed up the production. Both his Les Rivières Pourpres and L'Ordre et la Morale were rather entertaining.
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