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I like the design of Beobachtungs-uhren, but putting B-Uhr style hands on a watch and calling it 'Mark (anything)' is sad. IWC should've kept the classic Mark XII and XV design as an offering along their Big Pilots (and offered smaller B-Uhren if they felt the need). Anyway, just IMHO, and I'm glad I got what was probably the last Mk XV they made.
*AlanAgreed all around.
While he does have a couple of sensible points, refuting this kind of stupid click bait "article" is really picking the low hanging fruit. Yes, that kind of "journalism" is bloody awful, but it's also pretty easily avoided (I hadn't heard about this one and wouldn't have clicked it if I had. And now I was tricked into reading all of it through this piece. Goddammit.). Anyway, Dopey (and the turk earlier) are right: any short commings in the dramatic narrative can't be...
John McTiernan really had a hat-trick in the late 80's with Predator, Die Hard and The Hunt for Red October. And while I liked his Die Hard with a Vengeance less than Die Hard 2, I rather enjoyed The 13th Warrior (as one of few, it seems). Incidentally he also made that brilliant Hamlet adaptation above.
Plus he made the best Mission Impossible. And of course this: Shame they don't show the rest of the scene: "You got him?" "Yeah, I got him"
It's good to see that people still keep some perspective and grant these serious issues all the attention they warrant.
So, this sci-fi classic just turned up on Netflix: Thinking back, the only thing I've ever really liked from the Wachowskis was the first Matrix. That coupled with a glance at the reviews for this one, gave me very low expectations, which it actually surpased (barely). It's really a quite glorious mess: Rather spectacular images, extremely poor dialogue, some pretty great creature and ship design (even though it's all over the place: bits looking like The 5th Element,...
While I do agree with a couple of Orr's points, I'm not letting it stand in the way of my enjoyment of the movie, which I do find a very enjoyable watch.
This money-grubbing soul less approach to story telling is just saddening. Focus on telling *one* good story at the time and then take it from there. (Sadly prevailing in tv land too with the 'let's milk this show for as long as we can, making up - mostly redundant - stuff as we go...)
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