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^ I don't believe I've seen The Hidden since 1987, so I'm not sure how it would hold up today, but from what I do remember it was some nice body snatching fun.
nvm, was answered above
I'll readily admit to having simple tastes A quick cheat sheet to recognising a 36 vs a 39mm Explorer:If the (too) short hands on the 39mm don't give it away (the minute hand doesn't reach the minute markers on the 39mm), check the applied 3-6-9 numerals. On the 36mm they are painted white (no lume) on top, on the 39mm there is no paint, just the polished metal.I also believe the 36 had a glossy dial, where the 39 is matte.But the easiest way, is probably to look at the...
Normally I would agree that a croc is too dressy for a tool watch (I very rarely used the one that came with my Luminor), but for some reason it's still my preferred look for the Speedy. Not really sure why...Apropos something entirely different, is anybody looking for an [[SPOILER]]
I'm not particularly attracted to chronos, but if I should ever get one, the (plexi) Speedy would be my first choice. As for straps, I think it looks best like so: - though this looks pretty good too:
Will do, when I get the chance.It looks like the third has gotten even worse reviews than the second, and that one was one of the worst films I've seen in recent years. Actually, as much as I like Liam N, I found the first Taken highly overrated, but lately I've been thinking about giving it a second chance.(I'll probably be in the minority on this, but I was much better entertained by Tom C's Jack Reacher...)
^ I would like to check out A Walk Among The Tombstones, but after seeing Taken 2 (1/5) I must admit that I have no desire to see the 3rd. Very sweet, but didn't grab me as much as I had hoped. 3/5 Really like this. 4/5
Surely you can't be serious?Slightly related, it's fun to see Duchovny as a FBI agent in drag in Twin Peaks, a couple of years before The X-files.
Cool cops and robbers yarn. Not as awesome as Le Samouraï (5/5), but still worth a look. Having Catherine Deneuve dress up as a nurse is just plain sadistic. 4/5
Those look great, Cleav!
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