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Looks like a decent spot for confessions. Assuming of course, that the cupboard comes with a catholic priest pre-installed.
Well, this is awesome! Got the despecialized Star Wars, tried to use the chrome extension with chromecast and VLC as explained here, but didn't get any sound. Was rather cumbersome to use too. Then tried with the Videostream as suggested by JR above and it works great. And this version looks fantastic - just seeing the old Fox and Lucas Film logos at the start, not having the 'Episode IV A NEW HOPE' as part of the opening crawl, etc
^ I have none of those, using Chromecast as my only means of streaming to the TV. HBO Nordic, Netflix and DVDs are the only thing my TV is used for. No live broadcasts and so far no downloaded content, but until Disney (are you listening?) offer the original versions on disk, I'll try to make this work...
Shockwave flash is still crashing on SF all the bloody time, as in every couple of minutes, making the site rather cumbersome to navigate. Also, I got an email from SF noting me of a new private message and my PC warned me that it was a 'suspected phishing message'. No such warnings from my normal subscription update mails or from from other SF notification mails.
Thank you, I'll try those out and see how it goes.No real hurry, just looking forward to seeing them as I remember them from the cinema way back. Downloading the first one now - many thanks!
Last time I watched my DVD set of the 'Specialized' versions I vowed to never watch those again, as all the little changes were just too distracting (like those annoyingly unnecessary additions to Mos Eisley), so I'd been meaning to get around to figuring out how to get the despecialized versions, and this seems like the perfect time for that. JR, which software do you use to play over your Chromecast? otc, how large are the files? (And PM sent.)
I see. Thanks.
^ Haven't really done any research on that, but is it actually done in one shot, or is it done in the 'seemingly one shot' Iñárritu way? Was expecting this to be bad; it was worse. A full ½ hour passes before anything remotely dramatic happens. Instead, the movie focuses on looking like a glamour comercial for (tacky) sunglasses, and tries to be funny but isn't. Only thing worth looking at here is Margot Robbie. 1/5
New Posts  All Forums: