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Just finished this. Liked it. As for reviews, I try to make a point of not reading any for stuff that I know I would like to see, as they too often give too much away (just like a lot of trailers seem to think it's their mission to tell the whole story of a movie).
Agreed. Great performance by Sam Rockwell and great mood, soundtrack, production design, etc on a rather limited budget. Now I wanna check out Source Code, also by Duncan Jones (who I just learned is the son of David Bowie).
I wouldn't say mine is Mint, but it has been worn rather sparingly. I do have all papers and all three boxes. Comes with an extra OP rubber strap (besides the usual rubber + gator). DLJr, PM me with what you're looking for.
bkotsko, I too am curious about what you can get for your 176 on your side of the pond. bespoken pa, swing by Copenhagen and I'll let you have my 177 for $5.5k :-)
Not sure how it'll fare on repeat viewings, but it was nice to see something playing totally by it's own rules for a change.***This today:
Very nice, same vintage as mine (early May '91).In that time, I think I've serviced mine 3 times.
Finally got around to this one: Was wonderfully quirky.
I like that first one. What is it?
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