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And apparently all the shops inside are going to be from the famous Vuic Louitton chain.
A moral FBI agent gets caught up in an immoral war and starts smoking again. Nice cinematography and soundtrack, some clever lines and some well executed scenes with a great sense of dread and suspense. The first half or so felt like a 4/5 movie, but after that it took a dive with one dragging scene that turned downright implausible, and another that looked like someone playing Splinter Cell. Nice poster. 3/5 overall.
^ Hmm, @Keith T I wonder why that last quote in your sig (originally from NonServiam, I believe) is attributed to me. Not that I disagree or anything, but I really can't take credit for it :-)
Well, that was pretty awesome.
Charming comedy from the director of the best Bourne movie, written by and starring Iron Man's chauffeur. Also starring that dude from the second season of True Detective and that guy from Band of Brothers that like Vat 69. 4/5
^ I plan on seeing Sicario, but don't really know anything about it (and I'll will be staying away from reviews until I have...).
Remedying that I'd never actually seen this (aka The Celebration) in its entirety. Never really been a fan of the Dogme films, but I found I liked this better than expected. 4/5
What prequels? Are you saying there's a fourth Indiana Jones movie, too??That said, this trailer didn't do as much for me as the last teaser, which actually did have me looking rather forward to this.On the other hand, I guess lowering my expectations won't hurt, as there's no chance I'm *not* going to see this...
Wasn't initially planning on seeing this, since I've been disappointed by nearly everything Scott's done this millennium. On the other hand, some of my favourite films are by him and mostly for their cinematic qualities, so I know that even though the movie might disappoint, I'm sure I'd get the most out of it on a big screen, so I ended up giving it a shot.Went in with low expectations, which it sadly, totally lived up to. From the trailer I felt like I already knew the...
How so? Didn't it have subtitles? Btw, considering the movie's subject matter, that's a poorly chosen pic for this poster; especially in conjunction with the title.Nolan's first movie. Made on a $6.000 budget. Also has a character named Cobb. Worth a watch. 3/5
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