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I don't think it's been mentioned here before (and I don't know what a Todd Snyder is), but I think it looks pretty cool too. Especially nice that it isn't larger than 40mm and that they skipped the date.
I can see why you liked this (there are at least two reasons to do so, and they're spectacular). Also has space vampires and Patrick Stewart.'It'll be a lot less terrifying if you just come to me.'
Thanks for the recommendations, guys - I hadn't seen any of those. Too few movies have attempted death by tanning booth. 'Mom, he shot Santa.''
I'm running out of 80's sci-fi (well, probably not). Special Agent Dale Cooper and that guy from Flashdance hunts a body snatching alien with a weakness for Ferraris and loud 80's music, across LA - what a feeling! (This movie has Kyle MacLachlan playing a quirky FBI agent prior to Twin Peaks, who believes in aliens prior to The X-files.) If this is the kind of Thing you like, you might enjoy this. 'I wanna ask you, am I crazy, or does this just seem a little bizarre?'
^ Don't like those straps, but the watch is pretty cool.
Some 80's sci-fi: Missed this in the 80's but it turned up on a list of recommended sci-fi movies. The first film to rely on CGI for its space scenes. Pretty cute, almost Spielberg-lite (even has a John Williams-like score). 'Mom, I finally broke the Starfighter record!' 'Oh? That's nice, dear...' The kind of sci-fi where the space pilot is armed with a Walther PPK and (in case he drops that into a pool on an inhospitable planet) a spare bowie knife in the...
Just back from Doctor Strange, who has a pretty nice watch collection (among them a white dialed Daytona). But the one that plays a rather large role, is a JLC Master Ultra Thin Perpetual (which gets a solid case-back in the film). [[SPOILER]]
Most satisfying Marvel flick since the first Iron Man. Very good cast, though the script is a little cumbersome at times. Takes and expands (and twists and turns) some of the effects pioneered by Inception and has a very cool scene where time plays a factor in a way I don't believe I've seen before. Some stuff here that will definitely best be experienced in the cinema (I saw the 2D version). Also has a few genuinely good laughs, very deftly balanced with the...
That's nearly always solid advice. And speaking of:Skipped this until now since I didn't care for the last one in this batch of remakes, but the rather good reviews made me check it out. Starts out bleakly with the death of most humans, and considering that next years installment is titled War for the Planet of the Apes, it's no surprise where it ends. Actually, it mostly felt like just a stepping stone to that next planed sequel (which will be easy enough to skip,...
In the corporations run 70's styled future there are no wars or poverty, and all you have to give up is your personal freedom and live with a bit of orange everywhere. Better and more ambitious than I expected. 'Brutal game last night.' 'Oh, thank you.' Warning: I just watched the trailer for the 2002 remake and I'm pretty sure it gave me cancer.
New Posts  All Forums: