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A pleasure watching (and hearing!) John Hurt and Richard Burton in this.
Very charming slapstick.
Well, it's not like you were way, way off.
Maybe not as engaging as you could've hoped for, but a lot of beautiful scenery in this one.
That actually doesn't sound that expensive when you consider that a basic service on a RO is about $1700 (at least here it is). As for the price of the crystal, I paid about $200 to have the one on my Sub replaced some 20+ years ago.But the high service cost for an RO is definitely something to be mindful of.
Hadn't seen this in a while. Basically High Noon in space, but it's a rather nice '79 Alien like space. With the costumes and set designs it looks like it could take place in the same universe and at the same time that Nostromo made that fateful landing on LV-426. It even has a rather similar opening credit with the title fading in like in Alien, complete with a Jerry Goldsmith soundtrack.
It premiered here in Denmark today (my little brothers caught the galla premiere this sunday).I love the book. Had it first read out to me as a kid some 35+ years ago and I still re-read it on occasion (and for the first time in English this year). I'm not in the least impressed that they squeezed a trilogy out of it though.
The Borgias was great (especially the Micheletto Corella character played by Sean Harris).Canal+'s Borgia that ran nearly simultaneously, telling the same story, was pretty good too IIRC.
I'm sure it was beautiful, but I've already forgotten about it. Sorry.
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