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Rutger Hauer is underrated. Plus, he's seen things you people wouldn't believe...
Yeah, I really need to see Unforgiven again too. Btw, saw a trailer for a new western starring Clint's son the other day...
And you had me looking up the opening shot to Touch of Evil - quite a tense one-shot! And Leone + Morricone = Win.
Oh, I didn't mean to imply that you implied that... And yes, that scene truly is spectacular.
I've seen all of them (and have pretty fond memories of the first Young Guns), but could probably do with rewatching them all. Would like to check out Silverado again too. Speaking of westerns, my favourite one is Once Upon a Time in the West - one of the few movies I could watch pretty much any time and whose opening scene is my go-to for checking new audio/video setups...
The only one of those I own and rewatch on occasion, is Tombstone.
After getting reminded of it here, I was glad to find the 4 episode version being on tv yesterday (for 5 hours straight, just interrupted by credits), giving me a chance to see it again with my family 33 years after we did so the last time. (AFAIK this cut is identical to the 5 hour movie cut; I've never seen the 3 hour version.) Luckily I didn't really recall any scenes beyond the first act. Great writing, great characters, great drama.I just finished Moby Dick while...
6767 here as well. I'm not particularly interested in Lange (for myself), but that 35mm Saxonia looks pretty much perfect.
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