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Same here. Can't get on SF on the PC (posting this from phone).
I had actually considered dark brown shoe cream - not sure if it'll rub off though.Will depend on your specific needs (I don't know what's required for a Speedy), but I'm using a Bergeon 6767.
I actually agree - the Timefactor's grey does look a bit too silvery, which has held me back from getting it so far. And back when I first was looking for the Phoenix straps, for some reason I only found US sources so this is perfect, thanks for the link!
^ Nice. Strap looks darker than the one I've been planning to pick up from Timefactors. Actually, looking at their site just now, I see they'll be phasing in some new straps with chunkier hardware. Prefering the old type it looks like it's time to order...
When I've been talking to local ADs, they usually just show me non-IWC branded options, but I will check with them to see if they can get that strap (if anyone stumbles upon it, I'm all ears). As for a custom strap from TWB it looks like you can put in whatever lug and buckle width you may like. From my old research I never came across anyone mentioning the Mk XV being offered with an alligator strap. Kind of funny how they then offered the Mk XVI with a tang buckle...
The only other place those strap reference numbers show up on-line, is on an official looking chart from 2002. I doubt you could still get hold of many of these straps, but if anyone knows different I'd love to hear about it.As for squeezing a 20mm strap, I'm sure it can be done. I do it often with a NATO (or RAF) strap, and while fitting it is easy enough, there is some visual overhang (which I don't really mind with a canvas or nylon strap).Btw, here's another note on...
I thought the black buffalo was the only strap option for the Mark XV (it was in my 2003/4 catalogue). Where to get those other ones?
Gaz, nice to see you back, hope you stick around.Congrats on the acquisition Wes and I'm glad to hear I was helpful in making up your mind. If you like yours as much as I like mine, it's gonna be a keeper :-) [[SPOILER]] Btw, I recently got a brown Camille Fournet strap for mine, but I think it's a bit too light and I like yours better. Do you know where it's from?
I think TWWB is the only movie where I've been 100% confident that I was looking at an Oscar for best lead performance as I watched it. I'm guessing I was not alone in this.
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