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The friend I watched it with didn't particularly care for it either. I liked it.
Bubbly 60's slapstick. Woody's first screenplay and fun to see how his movie persona is born nearly full-fledged. Witty script, but could have done without that go-cart scene at the end. 4/5 [[SPOILER]]
EFV, I have that same camera. For better white balance indoors, use the 'custom' setting (very easy to get to - press 'WB' on the dial and follow the instructions. Measure against a neutral background, like the white wall near where you shoot). I'm guessing this only has an effect on jpegs and not RAW, but the X100 is renowned for its jpeg quality (it's all I use).
Clooney's debut as a director. Rather entertaining; good to see Rugter Hauer. 3/5 Where Clooney in Confessions seemed eager to try a bunch of directorial tricks and wanted to play with all the colours in the crayon box, here his directing seems more focused (and he skips the colours for black and white). Great mood; David Strathairn was brilliant. 4/5
He can't be that well off, considering he couldn't afford to replace his coat when he wore out the elbows.
Thank you. That last is particularly tasty.
These look great. Are there any full pics of them/source?
You're welcome :-)
Not gonna be in a suit this week, so not an entry: (Details, a few more pics and some thoughts on dressing down a suit are here.)
While it's a pleasure to see Ian Holm in a rare leading role, I didn't find much else going for this. 2/5
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