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Though there have been too many stupid decisions to really save it, hopefully someone can make a nice 2½ hour edit of all 3 Hobbit movies to make it somewhat watchable.
I was planning to skip this one, as I don't think that most of these comic book adaptations make for particularly good movies - with a few noticeable exceptions - but the great reviews drew me in. I think it was entertaining enough, but I had expected more from those reviews. It actually made me think about if it's just me getting too old for this sort of thing, or if the movies of this type were better when I was a kid. I mean, I happily rewatch old Star Wars and Indy...
You're very welcome.By 'bonkers', do you mean over the top, insane fight choreography, impressively athletic stunts and ambitious camera work?
I for one wish that Rolex was lazier with their design. Like, much, much lazier.
And just came back from this: I realise the poster is large and it's not an official one either. Posting it, as I miss this kind of hand painted poster art (obviously Drew Struzan inspired), as opposed to the generic, cheap and fast photo collages that seem to have taken over. Credit for this one goes to Blake Armstrong.
2x high octane over the last couple of days:
Mr Miller needs to dial down the orange/teal colourisation, though.
I own both of these, but I'm kinda envious of being able to watch BoB for the first time. As for The Pacific I'll hold off comments until after you've seen it :-)
I think BoB is on my personal top 5 as far as tv series go.I assume this was not your first time with BoB, but have you also seen The Pacific before?
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