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Some of those guys look a little short for Stormtroopers...
Meanwhile, 50 years ago, Kirk is not amused that all his diplomatic work for interspecies relationships has went unnoticed.
Nice. Tongariro?
^ Is that the Deck Parka?
Probably not what you're looking for as it doesn't have a bezel, but suggesting it anyway, as it - alongside the Speedy Pro - is my favourite chrono. The discontinued IWC 3706:The doppel chrono ref. 3713 is neat too.
The Modern Adventures Of Han And Ben More here.
Basic stuff Navy Smedley wool/cashmere knit, white Sunspel cotton shirt, navy Sunspel moleskin pants, black Roshes Op Art by Victor Vasarely Apologies for crappy phone pics.
^ New cybernetic upgrade?
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