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Liked this better than I expected. 4/5
Obviously not a movie (though arguably more cinematic than most movies), but had a chance to show this to someone who hadn't seen it. Still pretty much flawless - suspect it'll always be on my list of top three or so TV series. Fun to see quite a few guys who was largely unknown at the time of shooting, like Jimmy Fallon, Simon Pegg, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender and Tom Hardy. Also, I just learned that HBO is developing a third WWII miniseries with Spielberg and...
List your wish list and I'll choose for you. No charge.
That doesn't look like a link to the 311.
You can still get the same watch but to justify a major price hike Omega is now only offering it with a bigger box and some extras. Fine enough as an option I guess, but it has replaced the pretty good deal the 3570 used to be.
I always applauded Omega for keeping the Speedy Pro 3570.50.00 in their line-up along side all their other interpretations, as (like Dino) it's the only one I would consider, and I very much liked the idea that when and if I got around to it, it would be there. So naturally they went and fucked that up
Is that a 1016? The best Explorer, IMHO.
I guess I should thank Rolex for putting those accent colours on the dial, otherwise they would have been hard to resist - perfectly balanced dials, great size, brushed bracelet and so on...
+1. Even in winter and after dark, it's rather nice to grap a cold, local beer in one of the outside thermal baths, like this one: [[SPOILER]] Oh, and find an old bar and get an Absinthe. You might even try it served the Neue Bohemian way, where you (in contrast to the classic French way and frowned upon by some traditionalists) light the Absinthe soaked sugar cube on the Absinthe spoon on fire, before you douse it with water.
Kjærholm designed the PK24 in '65. Here's another Danish design, this one by Preben Fabricius and Jørgen Kastholm, designed in '68.
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