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A friend of mine has a Belstaff jacket in need of repair. Belstaff customer service is no help, as the warranty has run out. Do any of you have experience and recommendations for where to go for something like that, in Europe?
I think the current oak offering is white oak, yes. (They did make 150 as a special edition for the UK market in red oak some time ago.) I didn't expect there to be much difference, really, but thought it was worth it to see if you would advice against any of them. Thank you.
^ Why, is that a bad idea?The walnut is my favourite too. As for the looks, consider that the only real alternative is [[SPOILER]] and I think they start to look pretty good. Also very easy to stand them up against a wall, so they take up about the same space as a chair.
Haven't we all?
@SkinnyGoomba, looking at wooden exercise equipment, is there anything to be watchful of with regards to the type of wood used?Specifically a water rower [[SPOILER]] One model gives you a choice of ash, beech, cherry, oak or black walnut. Aesthetics aside (and I know which one I prefer), do you think there'll be a noticeable difference in the wood's performance over the lifetime of such a machine? I'm thinking about rot resistance, rigidity, prone to warping and the like...
Bloodline was great (much better than 3rd season of the US House of Cards, for instance). It may benefit from bingeing, as it's true that some episodes are a bit slow. Overall I think the story could've been told just as well (or better, tighter) over 10 episodes instead of 13, but it was definitely worth a watch. [[SPOILER]]
When I was in Saint Petersburg it was called Leningrad. Beluga was readily available (and I brought back a couple of tins - I believe they were about $7 apiece). Dinner was usually washed down down with a ½ bottle of vodka (Stoli or something similar) and a full bottle of champagne (pr person, mind - which including food came to less than $10, IIRC). Good times.
Apparently about 17.3 shots per month on average (compared to 3.8 in the US) .Cockney, pikey fun. 4/5Campy, undead fun. 4/5
The 'before' shot looks nice.
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