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It's awesome but it definitely doesn't hold your hand.
Re-re-watched this:
Why isn't the Grand Tapisserie put on straight?
This looks great:Looking for pics, I came across oysterquartz.net. Interestingly, Rolex had a perpetual calendar Oysterquartz with a silent movement in the works at one time, and made about a dozen of the prototype before cancelling it.
As I've mentioned, I think this is the best of the current offerings from Rolex (or recent, as it seems they may have discontinued it already?). It's nicer than the similar blue dialed, Explorer style Air-King which has (or had, as it seems to be gone from the site as well) chunkier batons and polished 3-6-9. It's also better than the 39mm Explorer, again due to not having polished numbers and having better balanced hands.Now, is it better than a 36mm Explorer? I guess...
I rather like that Patek.
No. Buy what you want for you and worry less about what other people wear or what they might be thinking about what you wear.
I don't really mind any similarity in pattern between the tie and coat here, and while I think it looks great, it seems to me that both items are both so fuzzy and textured that they might benefit from some textural difference, like the tie being smoother maybe.Of course, it might just be the photo that gives that expression, but from your description they do seem alike? (I know you say one is rough and one is soft, but they both sound matte and textured...)Anyway, that...
Wtf Rolex? It was your best current model
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