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Fairly entertaining if a bit generic. Shame that this reboot sees Ryan forced into the Ethan Hunt/Jason Bourne action mold, compared to the more interesting, action averse Ryan from Clancy's novels and the previous movies. Costner was a nice addition, though.
This was beautiful.
From IWC's newsletter today: Luckily limited to a 1000.
The arrival of the monolith 15 minutes in is straightforward?
Indeed; it's very nice to rewatch now and again. I kinda want to see it on shrooms one time, but maybe not... I recently learned that Kubrick, even while in production/shooting, was working on different alien concepts to be shown at the end. Probably for the best that none of them satisfied him
Jacket cut aside, I too like the fabrics/colour combo here. While a knit might've been better, I don't mind the tie.But the white PS in a TV fold is too severe for such a casual fit, IMHO.
Wow, what a disaster.
Eric Glennie, is that you?
That's what the smiley was for :-)But the various techniques mentioned in the Roberts/Montoya fight are from historic sword masters (Bonetti, Capo Ferro, Thibault, Agrippa).
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