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I think I've seen 'em around that price, especially if you're willing to get one without the bracelet.
A used IWC Mark XV.
... if you're crawling barefoot through airducts in Nakatomi Tower.
From the dvd shelf, over the weekend: A boyhood favourite. The Hunt for Red October is my preferred Jack Ryan movie, but this one is still efficiently entertaining.
I haven't checked the podcast, but that sounds like it could be the 'Different Kinds of Silence' interview film, that you can also watch right here: http://channel.louisiana.dk/video/peter-zumthor-different-kinds-silence
I think Rolex lists it as a lady's model too(?). And IIRC, the dink had it reviewed by a woman as well. I wonder if something like this might have an impact on discounts and/or used prices... Personally it wouldn't bother me one bit if Rolex or their ADs called it a lady's model.
Heh. I kinda did, actually. I both prefer watches without dates and Rolexes sans the cyclops, but the size thing was what I felt like commenting on, as it's a relatively new realisation on my part (that I would prefer a 36 over a 39mm OP).
Much agree. I recently tried on both the new 39 and 36mm OP (the same model as mimo's, which is great even though I would have personally liked to see it without the double batons). Having a 40mm Sub and a 38mm Mk XV, I was expecting to prefer the 39mm model and to find the 36 too small. But the 39 wore bigger than my Sub (due to the larger dial) - too big. And the 36 was just perfect - even compared to my two slightly larger watches.It really is a handsome size for this...
Pierce and Olga were watchable enough, but the movie was dumb and ugly.
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