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Rather cumbersome, too long and a bit schizophrenic, with its shifting focus on portraying an extremely bleak Soviet era Russia and the actual murder mystery, never really succeeding in combining the two to a greater whole. Strong cast, also in minor roles. Not great, but I liked it better than most reviews I've seen. Got banned in Russia by their culture ministry.
Some watch shop pics from Bruxelles, about a week ago: their windows: And from another shop: What I wore for the trip: Mk XV on a brown IWC Spitfire strap (by Camille Fournet, according to my AD).
A quick snap from the Magritte Museum in Bruxelles: Fuji X100 (first gen), SOOC.
From a recent trip to Florence. From Pusateri: Black unlined deerskin. Very similar to these, which I got in Naples some 6 years ago, and which I still use. From Luciano: Dark brown unlined calf. + Dark navy unlined calf (been using these for about a week now). A heads up for those of you looking for peccary: In at least half of the 4-5 shops we visited, they showed us carpincho instead. Madova was the worst offender, with the sales person 3 times denying that...
^ Game Set and Match looks interesting; I could watch that for Ian Holm alone. Cute. Not as good as Midnight in Paris but way better than To Rome with Love, which I believe were the last two of his that I've seen.
Well crafted blood less spy flick. It won't take a place among my favourite Spielberg films, but it still felt like time well spent in good company. Mel plays a character not unlike Martin Riggs from Lethal Weapon (suicidal Nam vet living in a trailer) in this pretty efficient, tight thriller. And as much as I like Tom Hardy, I couldn't help thinking throughout how much more I would've liked to see Mel as Max in the latest Mad Max movie.
Finally got around to seeing this. At last Leo got his Oscar, but there are a lot of his other roles I've liked him bettter in. My favourite part here was the extremely beautiful landscape shots.Should've turned this one off when I saw it was Eli Roth. It's not horror though, it's just horrible. But Ana de Armas was cute.Based on the tv-series Spooks, which I don't believe I've seen. It's slightly entertaining but mostly forgettable. Feels like a made-for-tv film.Penn...
I think I know the answer to this problem:124² - 174
That's why I skipped it at the cinema. I was still at bit curious though, to see if there was something worthwhile here. It turns out the bad reviews were pretty well deserved.
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