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For those interested, here's the status of the Despecialized Editions: SW is at v2.5, TESB is at v2.0 and is RotJ is currently at v1.0. A workprint of RotJ v2.0 was recently released, but Harmy is planning to go directly to a v2.5 for the official release, which should be in the next week or two, followed by a v2.5 of TESB to bring them all up to the same version. And then a 1080p v3.0 for all three is next.
^ Nice. I wore one of my VdR shirts today as well, no pics though...
He already did in his Final Cut (and in the Director's Cut before that), plus he's stated as much in interviews and so on (I personally disagree with this, as the story's much more interesting with a human protagonist - Ford agrees. Actually, keeping it at least ambiguous is more interesting than spelling it out). I agree with otc that the best chance of this working would probably be to tell an unrelated story in the same setting (which is only 3 years away now...).
Not that I have high hopes, but I don't think it's a remake. Is it?
Well, far be it from me to disagree with the Duchess :-)
Brosnan better looking than Craig? Sure. Craig would always have been better cast as the villains buff henchman (would'be been a perfect Red Grant for instance, not that FRWL ever needs remaking). I know you're not saying that Brosnan was better looking than Sean in his prime. No one is
^ Incidentally, that's the best of the films too.I think I read my first Bond novel sometime in the late 70's or early 80's, but I never got around to reading all of them until I got this edition a couple of years ago. [[SPOILER]] - with the gloriously remastered DVDs - none are untouched ;-)Sean was obviously the best Bond. And while Craig may be the best actor to play Bond, he's also my least favourite actor to portray Bond, so this last batch of movies won't be taking...
And?Alternate posters for a couple of those: [[SPOILER]] and a few others: [[SPOILER]]
Looking for a release date for v. 2.0 of the the despecialized RotJ (feel free to leave a heads-up here when it's out), I stumbled across a couple of fan-edits. If Harmy's versions are the definitive way to view the original trilogy, then this must be the best way to view The Phantom Menace: Part One Part Two Nice nod to Airplane in the beginning ('The white zone is for immediate loading and unloading of passengers only. There is no stopping in the red zone...'). And...
And no stupid CGI additions to take you out of your nice nostalgic trip back to the late 70s Perfect timing too, as I've gotten requests from both my old mom and my GF to show them the Star Wars trilogy (though not at the same time, I'm planning...).
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