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The Coens tackle 50s Hollywood; breezy fun.
Entertaining enough for a single viewing, but nowhere near as good as Stone's best.
Just back from the cinema and this (last chance, before Rogue One monopolizes all the bigger screens tomorrow):Liked it well enough. It's not my favourite from Villeneuve but it was better than the dumb Interstellar, though not as good looking. Actually, catching this on a big screen, I had hoped for more of a cinematic experience, but the 'Dirty Sci-fi' look that Villeneuve and cinematographer Bradford Young has created here is a bit too dull and flat for me (as...
Cool, low-key neo-noir with an unlikely Marlowe in the wrong decade and an un-John-Williams-like John Williams score. Also has Arnold Schwarzenegger with no shirt, no dialogue and a moustache.'It's okay with me.' [[SPOILER]]
A slightly abrupt ending aside, this was fun. And that transformation scene is still impressive (earning Rick Baker the first ever Oscar for Best Make Up). 'I'm certain that if there were a monster roaming around northern England, we'd seen it on the telly.'
These two yesterday too: Not much needs to be said about these. My favourite two Tarantino flicks.
I never considered watching this at the cinema, but I should have, as even watching it on a smaller screen was one of those rare Magical Movie experiences. If this is something you think you may like, it's highly recommended.
What is 's/s'?Over the summer I read Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (short read, recommended - especially if you're a Blade Runner fan) and Leviathan Wakes, which was ok, but I don't imagine I'll continue the series (not surprisingly, the SyFy series The Expanse is less satisfying than the book). Anyway, any recommendations for either something classic or some low brow sci-fi?
Based on James Oliver Curwood's book The Grizzly King from 1916, which was inspired by his own experiences. Impressive how well this works with nearly no dialogue and considering that the two leads can't have been the easiest to direct. Had forgotten about the trippy dreams and the shrooms hallucinations. 'Mmm, I like honey.' (Probably)
More Cold War shenanigans from the 60s: The reluctant spy Harry Palmer goes to Berlin. More grounded than director Guy Hamilton's 4 Bond movies and with an appropriately twisted plot. The score was slightly disappointing. 'Do you have the address?' 'Yes. And my Luger pistol, my cyanide pills and my inflatable Batman suit.'
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