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If it isn't french, I think there's a good chance it's pure cotton ;-)
The 337 definitely comes close to what I have in mind, had it come with a base dial (no seconds). And, as blasphemous and un-historically correct as it may be, I would prefer an automatic movement. Mostly I just find it strange that they don't offer a base Radiomir.
Stitchy, the Pam 210 is a great choice, one of the few I would consider should I ever pick up another Pammy. I think the Radiomir lends itself perfectly to a base dial, but (without checking) they don't have something like this anymore, do they? (Actually, I think my perfect Panerai would be a reduced Radiomir (42mm), steel with solid caseback, brown base dial and a slightly curved crystal (plexi or sapphire).)On straps for the MUT, I'll second both Dino (I don't like...
Been too long since I last saw it; they just don't make 'em like this anymore.
^ *** I think SvB's espadrilles are fine with that fit.
Connery's reaction when he heard that a knit tie in a 4ih wasn't appropriate for a spread collar: [[SPOILER]]
Enjoy :-) Actually, checking the trailers after watching the movie, it was fun to see a few scenes not in the final cut. Not a rare occurrence, but especially trailer #1 had several bits that didn't make it.
I did, though for some reason the advertising material had me expecting something bubblier, maybe not Ocean's 11 style heist movie, but certainly something lighter and funnier. Checking the trailers out again I'm not sure why I had that impression...
Dino, thanks for elaborating.***So, let's say you need a wall clock, you like the design of IWC's Mark XV and you wanna spend about $100 - what to do? [[SPOILER]]
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