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The arrival of the monolith 15 minutes in is straightforward?
Indeed; it's very nice to rewatch now and again. I kinda want to see it on shrooms one time, but maybe not... I recently learned that Kubrick, even while in production/shooting, was working on different alien concepts to be shown at the end. Probably for the best that none of them satisfied him
Jacket cut aside, I too like the fabrics/colour combo here. While a knit might've been better, I don't mind the tie.But the white PS in a TV fold is too severe for such a casual fit, IMHO.
Wow, what a disaster.
Eric Glennie, is that you?
That's what the smiley was for :-)But the various techniques mentioned in the Roberts/Montoya fight are from historic sword masters (Bonetti, Capo Ferro, Thibault, Agrippa).
Along with Rob Roy.And The Princess Bride ;-)
^ His first movie, I really like it. One of few films I've bothered to watch all the way through with the director's commentary track. Interesting to hear how he managed to to get the (beautiful) shots on his limited budget.
But no harmonica?Btw, casting good guy Fonda as the baddie was just inspired (and took a lot of convincing).And Leone initially wanted Clint Eastwood, Lee van Cleef and Eli Wallach as the three killers waiting for Bronson in the opening sequence. Would've been quite the shocker to see them killed off in the first 15 minutes! (Eastwood opted to get his first US lead roles instead.)
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