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How ever big a role someone you don't want to identify with played in bringing Panerai to its current state, I personally have no problem ignoring that and appreciating the watches for the parts I do like, like much of the design and parts of the history. YMM of course V.
Nice Geophysics. Is the dial white or silver?
I didn't click your spoiler as the movie doesn't open here until the 23rd, so (however spoiler free your comment may have been) I applaud you for spoilering it, as I hope to see this knowing as little as possible. Thank you.
Thanks for the correction, Dino. I admit I just skimmed the listing and saw the CPCP name mentioned in there, but now I see this one was described as preceeding those.As for the size of the classical ones wearing too small for most today, I have to agree - even as someone who prefers smaller watches (or more accurately: Not too large ones). Some 23+ years ago I briefly had one of these:- but only for a few months, as it did wear too small for me. Still, looking at that...
Foo, have you considered a second hand CPCP Tank? Maybe it's worth checking if this one is still available? At that price there should be enough to give it a full spa treatment and a nice new strap. Speaking of, are you only considering green and blue for that?
This today:
I vote Radiomir over Luminor and Reverso over Tank. I had a PAM 177 with the 'standard' Luminor case and eventually felt it wore too big and sold it. A friend has a 'Fiddy' case Luminor, and even at the same 44mm it felt a good deal chunkier than mine - I can only imagine how big the 47mm of the 372 would be. While I would've preferred it without a seconds hand, I would be looking for a PAM 337 as I like the reduced 42mm size for a Radiomir (and have come to appreciate...
The double space after a period, that you both like, but that some really don't :-)As for that first link, definitely nothing wrong with being over 40 (well, apart from three day hangovers).
Of the adaptations of The Millennium series, I think both the first of the originals and Fincher's version are great. Originally, only the first Swedish/Danish one were supposed to have a cinema release, but due to its box office success the final two got shown in cinemas as well. I don't know if it's the change in directors or the cheaper made for TV production, but they're definitely inferior to the first one - still worth a watch to finish the story, though. Hopefully...
@ Dino&mimo: Admit it, you guys are having a secret wager on which one of you can get Belligero to break down and post something along these lines:
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