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So, where do we turn off the floating toolbar?
I'm sure the rum helped, but I'd even stretch that to a 2/5 (but then, for my own use, I try to avoid turning my 1-5 scale into an actual 1-10 scale by using ½ points). As I recall, one of its biggest problems was that it was overly dark in many scenes, to the point where it was actual hard to tell what was going on. And it made the same mistake as Alien 3, Alien: Resurrection and I guess Prometheus, of having the Aliens adapt characteristics from the host creatures they...
Cheap and horrible?
The Counselor was a screenplay by CM, no book AFAIK? I've only read The Road. I liked it and thought the movie was a rather good adaptation.
This is perfect.
Me neither. Music is a big part of a movie experience for me, so when I after a while realized there were none in this, it just started to annoy me. But it was obviously a very considered decision and I should probably give it another chance.Of the Cormac McCarthy movies I still like it better than The Counselor, but a good deal less than The Road.
I would love to catch Angel Heart again. I've only seen it once, in the cinema in 1987. I liked it quite a bit and IIRC there were some nice, atmospheric scenes, like in that alley in NY with the fire escapes where they seem to shoot a lot of movies?Also, my habbit of waiting to read reviews till after I've seen a movie started with Angel Heart, as an incredibly savvy reviewer managed to spoil this one with a single line. [[SPOILER]]
Dug out the dvd of this: Great and appropriately operatic take on the King Arthur myth. Has young Helen Mirren, Gabriel Byrne, Liam Neeson, Patrick Stewart and blink-and-you'll-miss-him Ciarán Hinds. 4/5
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