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In that case, congrats.
For many black faced watches (including this one), I feel that a white date wheel better balances the dial with the marker at 9, so I wouldn't change it.
[[SPOILER]] The Shogun is awesome and probably what I would get today if I hadn't got the one diver I need 25 years ago.I think I've mostly seen them with white, but do they come with a black date wheel now?
Just back from this Nice, breezy romp worth a few laughs.
A couple of days ago:Kubrick's (not very Kubrick'y) 1960 epic in the '91 restoration, which I'm not sure I'd seen before. Has Woody Strode (one of the three gunmen waiting for Charles Bronson at the start of Once Upon a Time in the West) in a small role. Peter Ustinov is great here and got an Oscar for it. Has a cleverly restored scene that was missing audio, so the 31 years older Tony Curtis was brought back to speak his lines, and Anthony Hopkins dubbed Laurence Olivier....
These three are awesome:
Just finished this: I saw this at the premiere a quarter century ago, and even though I can't recall it, I must have seen it a few times after that, as I still remembered most of it. Pretty much perfect, and fun to spot Frankie Faison (the bartender from Banshee, who apparently also was in both Hannibal and Red Dragon) and Chris Isaak in small roles.
I don't play MMORPGs, but I really liked WarCraft II back in '95. Still, this just looks bad. Would be nice to see Duncan Jones getting back to some sci-fi. As for X-Men, I really liked the first two by Singer, but I haven't bothered to see the new one at the cinema. Same with Civil War. As for X-Men story lines, I liked The Dark Phoenix Saga and From The Ashes; never really read anything with Apocalypse.
As much as I like the works of Bowie's son, I see no reason to watch that.
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