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On a more serious note, how do you like the matte clasp innards compared to the polished ones on the Datejust II?
I know, though I've only been there once, last time I was in your neck of the woods some 3 years ago.
Dover in Dark Oak on 606?
Nice suit. And that shop seems familar. Looks like there are still watch straps in the middle of the table there.
I've been re-visiting Twin Peaks on Netflix and had totally forgotten how great Manton was as Ben Horne.
Interesting, will have to re-watch.Something like this, particularly the panning, is being used to mask cuts in Birdman as well.Also, turns out it's no wonder that the 'no cut' technique employed reminded me of Gravity - I just looked it up, and they both had the same cinematographer, Emmanuel Lubezki.
Haven't seen that in years. Are you saying it was made as a single shot?
Well, if you can stretch the size a bit, there's [[SPOILER]]
Iñárritu employs some of the same trickery that allowed Cuarón to make (seemingly) very long takes in Gravity, to the next level, and has his movie impressively appear as one long, continuous shot. Great performances too. 4/5
Cute Carpenter. 4/5
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