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These might be too casual for what you're going for, but here I'm wearing a cardigan with a t-shirt (grey, IIRC) and a scarf, and in the other pic, with a chambray shirt. And I'm wearing my grey Drakes cardi over a t-shirt (with navy moleskin pants) as I write this.
Made in 1991 but set all the way in the nearly ozone depleted future of 1995 (there's even a poster for Die Hardest V). It's as corny as an 80s action movie - complete with Sven Ole Thorsen as a henchman - but despite the charisma of the two leads, it doesn't have the charm that the best of those flicks had. (In the opening scene Mickey Rourke passes a sign to White Sands, which was another 90s Rourke movie I considered putting on.) 'There are two ways to ease that...
^ This was a very satisfying first watch for me; even compared to the other new-to-me movies I've seen over the last year, I'd put it in a top 10 as well. Also, I thought that it used its low budget (about $1.5 million) to great effect - never does it seem like they aren't succeeding with what they set out to do, or like a bigger budget would have improved it. And I enjoyed the little nod to Sam Raimi's special camera work, most likely inspired by Joel Coen's work as an...
I don't recall his leaving as him being banned (though he may have been) - more as him leaving over disappointment/disagreement over the forum's direction (details are fuzzy, though).
Thoughts on the Cerium SL (hood less) lightweight down jacket?
IIRC, the only time I saw people walking out on a movie, was while watching Cronenberg's The Fly in 1986. Good times.What did you think of Blood Simple?
According to some sources (and apparently himself as well), this is the 'truest' Peckinham film. The brilliant title aside, it failed to engage me as much as I had hoped and I definitely prefer some of his other, older movies. *** Wickedly effective first thriller from the Coens - a pleasure.
(edit: I just looked it up - it's beautiful but too large for this sort of ting)
^ Are you counting down your Top 100? *** Enjoyed this. Foster and especially Bridges were both good (as can be expected), but Chris Pine was great (his best work yet). Nicely shot and scored too. 'I never met anybody who got away with anything, ever.' 'Then why the hell did you agree to do it?' 'Cause you asked, little brother.'
Ben Affleck plays a guy who can fight and shoot like John Wick and look into your tax returns like John Nash. He also does his best not to show any emotions, which is as interesting to look at as it sounds. A stupid script and sloppy editing round out this bad Bourne wannabe.
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