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Didn't really care for this one. Heston is covered in shoe polish, trying to pass for a Mexican and Welles wears a fake nose and lots of body padding (he also wears both a belt and suspenders, which I'm pretty sure means he's the baddie). Also has evil reefer smoking rock-a-billies. Very theatrical, and to me and it appeared much more dated than The Third Man (9 years older) or Double Indemnity (14 years older), to name a couple. Granted, there are some great cinematic...
Hard boiled crime flick from Don Siegel with a cool score by Lalo Schifrin. Has a scene where John Vernon talks about cows, that would've been right at home in a Tarantino movie. This was a boyhood favourite and it's still a great watch. 'You're an interesting man, Mr Varrick.' 'Go to sleep, Miss Fort.'
Hadn't heard or read anything about this beforehand, which made for a nice viewing as I had no idea where it was going to go. Even though there's very little dialogue and we know very little about our main characters, it succeeds in being extremely suspenseful with very (seemingly, but not really) simple means. Great texture to a lot of the shots and a nice electronic soundtrack by Tangerine Dream. Apparently it's Friedkin's favourite among his own movies, 'because it came...
Don't think I'd seen this stylish thriller from William Friedkin in about 30 years. Very 80's (with traces of Miami Vice / Michael Mann), complete with soundtrack by Wang Chun. William Petersen, Willem Dafoe and John Tuturro are all so young here. There's a certain plot point that's hard to forget, but it came much later than I remembered and it was maybe even more effectful this time around. Weirdly, when the big car chase on the freeway began, I had an instant...
'I don't trust this guy. Anyway, set up the ambush.' Delightful and breezy. 'This story is too predictable.' 'Predictable? Really? What happens in the end?'
^ Sounds like she might have enjoyed the bonfire in 1973, when a school board in North Dakota burned 32 copies of the book in the high school's coal burner.(The American Library Association has it listed as the 46th most banned or challenged book of the first decade of the 21st century and as recent as 2011 it was banned at Missouri State University. ) [[SPOILER]]
Not without problems, but not without merit either. Majestic landscapes and Natalie Wood is adorable. I believe that's a Bill Gold poster too.'We'll find 'em in the end - we'll find 'em! Just as sure as the turning of the earth.' [[SPOILER]]
^ There were one or two other colour variations, but I preferred that one.Also, when looking for posters for Deliverance, I found out they were done by Bill Gold, who's responsible for quite a few iconic posters: [[SPOILER]]
From Vonnegut's (still being banned) novel, with music by Glenn Gould. Despite its fragmented narrative it manages to stay both coherent and captivating. 'I have become unstuck in time.'
Had forgotten everything past the 'squeal' scene (except that final shot of the still lake), so was in for a nice, thrilling ride. Great performance by Jon Voight and fun to see Ronny Cox in quite a different role to the two I just saw him play in RoboCop and Beverly Hills Cop. (Also, some very beautiful and raw nature here, which reminded me of canoeing Whanganui River in New Zealand some years back. Fortunately, capsizing twice was the most dramatic thing to happen on...
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