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^ You should totally do a US/UK buddy movie with MoK, set in the 70's.
Much agree.
The solution? Ref 166.0324. 20 mm lug spacing and no fauxtina.
^ Looks like The Sicilian is up to one of his classic drinking games again.
Also, in that last one it was pretty inspired casting to have Anthony Hopkins as the young and John Gielgud as the older Xavier. Plus: Jane Seymor as Shadowcat
While the remakes of all of these were pretty good, let's not forget the originals:
Many thanks, Dino.
My pleasure, C. And thanks for the thumbs and kind words everybody.
Thanks. Since the 'anniversary' has been coming up (it'll be 25 years since I got it tomorrow), I've been thinking a bit about how satisfied I've always been with this purchase - to the extent that I'm even a bit surprised over how well I actually chose all those years ago.Now, looking over the post, I realise I left out quite a bit about the particulars I like about the 14060 model - like how I prefer this design with the slimmer lugs and smaller markings over how the...
They're obviously easy to spot and they attract thieves, who apparently might even try to just rip them from your wrist, with whatever damage that may cause to the wearer or the watch. The guy I talked to at Rubinacci comfirmed what we'd heard in the streets, that wearing a Rolex in the open was ill-conceived.
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