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Was expecting this to (at best) be like a Young Guns for the new millenium, but even with its good cast the characters never became very interesting. Not really worth the trip to the cinema.
Its take on time looping isn't as complex as Primer's, it's more of the Groundhog Day or Edge of Tomorrow sort.
If you like low'ish budget single location time loop sci-fi with a few twists along the way and a rather Commander Shepard from Mass Effect looking lead, you should like this.
My take: As often mentioned, TWAT is welcoming all watches of any price (but the lower priced ones may get more attention here). As for this thread, different people obviously have different opinions, but I like to see it as a place to turn to for watches that reasonably easy can be had for less than a grand. As such, the lucky flea market Patek find doesn't really fit in, but other vintage watches, used watches as well as brands with a higher list price which routinely...
From Firenze, the trusty travelling companion with Ponte Vecchio in the background.
^ Finally something that sounds like it may be worth upgrading my 4S for.
+ 1.020 = 50.175
That's a great looking longsword. Never heard about him before, but it looks like Maciej Kopciuch does good work.(Also, if you're looking for one of these, let me know. It's the authorised replica of Andúril, but the limited, numbered edition, so with real gold inlays and of course a real leather grip; includes original packaging, wooden mounting plaque, certificates, etc. I'm running out of orcs in my neighbourhood, so I'm considering letting this one go...)
Delightfully dark and original with some The Prisoner like surreal stuff in the last act.Tempting to start up a new run of Fallout 1 and go straight for Dogmeat... [[SPOILER]]
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