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That looks nice. Give it a black dial and RFX should get that.
I hated Taken 2 so much. That trailer is already much better.
j/k - in seriousness I appreciate you challenging established dogma and I'm enjoying the discussion for and against.
I'm not really into that kind of dress watch, so take with a grain of salt, but I don't find that design particular successful. In the rendering it looks like the crown could break off at the slightest contact (might not be an issue IRL). But more importantly, in the wrist shot, I find the design to be incohesive: It looks like it wants to be a dress watch (case material, time-only, exotic strap), but the size of the case, the minute track (I prefer the one in the...
Gotcha. I though you might have have been missing some sports related features in your watch. Personally I don't, and I run and hike wearing mine, though not when they're on a leather strap. [[SPOILER]]
Apparently this dude wrote about the Philosopher's stone some 16 centurys ago, in the oldest known books on alchemy.For something more recent, Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist is a nice little read.
Great shots and incredible scenery.
Very nice. Especially that first one is spectacular - where was it taken?
More bendgate, with chat transcript from Apple support: https://imgur.com/gallery/CSSfH
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