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I was hoping you'd said you didn't like the Inge, so I could post this. Oh, well - shame to waste it. Would probably fill the role of a OneWatch better than a vintage Rollie, though it might be too sporty to sit beside the Speedy (for some, I just have two sports watches now and no need for something dressier).
Of those two, I'd choose thisInge 3227or thisSeries 1600, I believe;-)Like Dino, I don't think IWC make anything now that they didn't do better at an earlier time, and (unlike most, I think) I feel the same way about Rolex. If it has to be a current production model, I think I would look at the Explorer, but even here I'd rather go for the older 36mm model. Your Speedy on the other hand, is one of few current models I've seriously considered.
Me too. And great soundtrack.
Thanks a lot, that's very helpful
Thanks. [[SPOILER]]
Now we're getting somewhere.
No, they're going to be indoor only.
Thank you.
Guys, plant recommendations plz.
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