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Gerry Nelson, that's some solid(!) stuff. Great shoes too.Are you thinking of this one?@edmorel started that one, but sadly quickly left it. I did try to keep it alive for a while, but it never really took off.
Nice and clean. Seems very Sinn 656 inspired.Of the ones I know of, this is my favourite:- a near perfect, classic design. Had it been a few mm smaller I would seriously consider it.
Actually, giving this some more thought and my comment 'I can't imagine anyone really thinking it looks out of place with a suit', I guess I actually *can* imagine someone thinking that - in a hypothetical, highly conservative environment, but I don't know if such exist (to that degree).It also just struck me, that when I do wear a suit, I often dress it down, so for me a sportier watch works just fine for that.
Not at all, but then I only wear a jacket or a suit if I want to, not because I have to, so I happily pair that stuff with my (sporty) watches. Not that I wouldn't like a 'real' dress watch (like a Reverso) to switch it up from time to time.I agree with RogerP that it's very clean and understated (especially on a leather strap) and I can't imagine anyone really thinking it looks out of place with a suit.
For an alternative along those lines, I rather like this one:
Warning: Fuddy duddy opinions, take with much salt:1: Don't like the 39mm Explorer. The hands look anemic and the blinged up 3-6-9 doesn't suit it. I don't mind the size increase and it could have been great. If 36mm wasn't out, the previous one (or a 1016) would've been great choices. As would the 36mm OP with the blue Explorer-like dial that RFX45 just got, being maybe my favourite current production Rolex.2: Also don't like this. Too much stuff going on - quirky seconds...
I do like that pic
1600, IIRC.
Over the last few days, just your basic mix of classics:
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