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He was great in Joe too:
Nice 70's Pakula paranoia.
None of those two are 42mm (the Radiomir is 45, the Luminor is 44).
Wasn't planning on seeing this and I should've stuck to the plan. Scarlett worked pretty hard, but Morgan Freeman just looked bored. Shockingly has a 66% rating on RT. I liked Besson's first five films (Subway, The Big Blue, La Femme Nikita, Léon and The Fifth Element) but everything after that's been rather bad...
Dug out the dvd of this: Better than i remembered. While it didn't transport me to '71 as as successfully as Munich did to '72 or Argo did to '79, it's definitely one of Statham's best movies (apart from Collateral - don't even remeber him in that? - it's also his highest rated movie on RT). With a crazy story inspired by real events.
I like the idea of a 42mm Pammy, but the sub seconds placement on that 512 is bugging me - if they want to move it in towards the center, keep the 9 as on the 572, else move it out to the side to balance the 3, or better yet, just skip it.
Some nice Blade Runner inspired visuals in the beginning, but ultimately too derivative and uneven.
Funky 70's vigilante flick.
Not photographic, but...
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