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I explained a long time ago that I'm not trying to approach any kind of 'objective' criticism with my ratings, they are only a reflection of my own enjoyment at the time of watching.
Naive young Texan tries to find his fortune in New York. Things doesn't goes as planned but he makes an unlikely friend. Quite psychedelic at times with great work by the two leads. 3/5
Let's not forget the classics, like The China Syndrome Or Basic Instinct
One of the main reasons I go back so often. And I love the park around it and the sea view. Regardless of what's on show, I always think the place is worth a visit.***Speaking of ukiyo-e:japanese artist brings ukiyo-e woodblock prints to life through animated gifs
I take the trip to Louisiana once every two months or so. Unhappy IKEA thoughts aside, how did you like it?
The bottom print on that page is great.
Haven't read through the thread as I want to stay as spoiler free as possible, so I don't know if this has been posted:Commemorative poster for the D23 Expo and not the official poster, and yes, it's by Drew Struzan. [[SPOILER]]
A quick search turns up PAM 98 and 141, both steel and 42mm with date. There may be others...
You should ask @zippyh if he's gotten tired of his ;-)
40mm with date:PAM 62 in white gold and PAM 103 in rose gold.
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