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This may not be cutting edge enough for most here, but how about a Piet Hein superellipse table? I grew up around these and several in my family still have them (usually paired with some version of Arne Jacobsen's dining chairs) and it seems to work well in various contexts.Btw, if you are able to keep the Saarinen, I think the MDF Italia Flow that OtherMatt mentioned might go well with it.
Thanks for the recommendations, I'll check them out. Foo, as I understand it, you have a Saarinen table that's going to be replaced. Why?
I guess I was just interested to hear if you have any particular favourites, as I'm sure there are a lot I don't know about. Of course, it's hard to divorce recommendations from context...
Watched Donnie Brasco yesterday and noticed he had those dentist waiting room chairs Foo was looking at, in his apartment. Heisstillmatt, did you ever post any dining chair recommendations?
Not that it disproves dopey's theory that few people do this, but a friend of mine wears a DSSD as his only watch.
As a secret agent, my preferred way of blending in is dressing like I just came from Pitti Uomo.
4/5 3/5
From IWC? No, I don't believe so. Their Flieger Chronos also have this day/date format. Their non chronos only have the date.But many other watches use that layout sans chrono, like Tissot's Visodate and AFAIK all Seiko 5s. [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
If they moved the wheels on the 911 closer and closer, so they're no longer touching the ground, then yes.
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