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Agree on all points.
I just binged the 80 episodes of Star Trek TOS on Netflix.Might be time to dig out the dvd box of The Prisoner next.
This is bloody awful.
I actually agree with most of this. For most movies, even the ones I really like, there's a little something or other that I would've liked to see done differently - not so with Fargo; as you say it is pretty much a perfect film. I think my rating was based on it - in spite of how good it is - not being one of those personal favourites I feel like rewatching every few years. Still, it should probably have gotten a 5/5.
I feel similarly towards most overhyped movies. Especially all the superhero movies seem to get a free pass from critics, getting rave reviews for pretty much delivering the same CGI effects show again and again. Got tricked into Guardians, but it was just more of the same. Well apart from "If I had a blacklight, this place would look like a Jackson Pollock painting" - that was fun.Both Quantum and Skyfall were shitty movies. And as much as Craig may be the best actor to...
Inspired by the recent TV-series I took a trip back to Fargo. Well worth it. 4/5
The friend I watched it with didn't particularly care for it either. I liked it.
Bubbly 60's slapstick. Woody's first screenplay and fun to see how his movie persona is born nearly full-fledged. Witty script, but could have done without that go-cart scene at the end. 4/5 [[SPOILER]]
EFV, I have that same camera. For better white balance indoors, use the 'custom' setting (very easy to get to - press 'WB' on the dial and follow the instructions. Measure against a neutral background, like the white wall near where you shoot). I'm guessing this only has an effect on jpegs and not RAW, but the X100 is renowned for its jpeg quality (it's all I use).
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