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Quite different from the Roadside Picnic novel, which it's (loosely) based on. The slow pace, glacial camera movements and the long takes (averaging over one minute per) all very economically help build a unique world and create a special tension. Solaris (1972) will be next, as I've only seen the 2002 remake of that.
Missed this at the cinema, so it was nice to see it show up on Netflix. Was every bit as tense and creepy as expected.
I need to find 'The Spy Who Came in from the Cold'. Over the last week or so: The last two are personal favourites, but all were worth a rewatch.
^ I ran into Mads Mikkelsen a couple of months ago and had a brief chat with him. Among other things, I asked if he could tell me anything about his character in Rogue One, and while he said it was a secret, he also let some interesting info slip. Since he also said 'But now that I've told you, I'm gonna have to kill you', I should probably refrain from going into further details ;-) Of course, until seeing the film I've no way of knowing whether it was totally true or...
5441? At about 5mm smaller, that would have been a very nice watch indeed.
Found the new front page photo for SF: Should obviously be clickable, so that one side leads to S&D, the other to CM.
I believe @Mr. Moo has a GR (I). I too have a X100 (the first one) and have been considering a GR (I or II) for some time. I have been happy with a wider lens in the past, so that's not holding me back. What is though, is what seems to be a consensus from a few reviews, that the colour of the Fuji's jpegs should rank as some of the best SOOC, while the Ricoh's should benefit more from shooting RAW, which I so far haven't bothered with. I do routinely keep an eye out for...
Well, the XV is ;-) It's been a while since I looked at prices, so I may be way off...
I think I've seen 'em around that price, especially if you're willing to get one without the bracelet.
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