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Parts of the story and characters may feel lacking, but visually it was definitely the wildest ride I've personally had at the cinema.
I usually try to avoid 3D, but I can agree with two of those. Gravity definitely deserves to be seen in 3D on a big screen. I had to look up that last one; it wasn't what I expected, but the 3D was very well done. Didn't care much for Avatar (3D or no), but it had some great use of neon colours: [[SPOILER]] Scorsese's Hugo was pretty good in 3D and Prometheus was better in 3D than 2D (even with the stupid story, I caught it in both 3 and 2D in the cinema to compare ).
The very cool poster for Cannes 2014 was just unveiled:
Big +1. Same goes for IWC for me.
Why would that be comical? It's not that it's so cheap here that there's no market for stolen furniture...
Not saying it was great, just that I expected worse. What really was crap though, was this one:How something that bad could attract Aaron Eckhart, Bill Nighy & Miranda Otto is baffling. Even Jai Courtney and the voice of Miranda from ME 2&3 deserved better. A well earned RT rating of 4%.Spanish poster was ok, though: [[SPOILER]]
I predict these will see some wear on the comming March 17ths.
Not as awesome as the original, but I found it better than what I'd expected from the reviews. A rather faithful remake of Oldeuboi, even though it failed to use it's live octopus to similar effect.Sharlto Copley is such a chameleon: Great in District 9, only redeeming feature in Elysium, and here he's channeling Roger Rees as the Sheriff of Rottingham in Men in Tights [[SPOILER]]
For me it's the other way around (and why I think I'll never own a Speedy (it would have to be a 3570.50)).Yes, I'll hand in my TWAT card on the way out ...
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