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^ It really is. I actually think it's my favorite model of the current Rolex line up - great choice RFX45. One more pic (from the net), just because:
I think it was suggested up-thread as well, but have you considered the Reverso Classique?As someone also highly drawn to the design of the Tribute to 1931 models but finding them too large - especially for this type of watch - I think the Classique would be the best bet. Clean dial, nice proportions and a solid case back. At 38.5mm for a rectangular watch, I can't imagine wanting it to be larger.Actually, looking at it now again, it seems like the perfect dress watch...
No, you're not alone in that. But then I've never been attracted to any of the modern Milgauss'es. Too gimicky for me. [[SPOILER]] This one, from 1970, looks great though:
None of those look better than the Speedy, IMHO.
You made me check mine. After clicking something I maybe shouldn't, I got it too. If only it had been War.
TV2? No, I didn't see it. Was it the interviewer suggesting that?
I had a black digital Casio in the 80's. No calculator though.
I haven't watched that in 30+ years, but I remember it leaving quite an impression on me as a kid.
2 inches for cuffs is where it's at. [[SPOILER]]
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