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I have a bad feeling about this.
Pretty good.
Has the most intense battle scenes (that I can recall) since the start of Saving Private Ryan and was overall pretty satisfying. But I doubt I'll be returning to this one like I have and probably still will, to Ryan.
The one to the far left looks awesome.
The Douglases?
The 'S' isn't silent.
^ I might only have seen that once, but I do have the 7'' of that single somewhere in the box of 80s LPs and 12'' maxi singles, up in the attic. And while speaking of boxes (and while not a movie), I took out the dvd box of Deadwood and watched the first season over the weekend. As for tv-series in general (and HBO ones in particular), this is right up there with Band of Brothers and Rome for me. Recent series like Game of Thrones and Westworld may be moderately...
^ I think I've only seen Footloose once, back in '84. Too long 70s adventure movie with a too boring romantic sub plot. Lots of Bond nods here: Another Maurice Binder designed title sequence, a corny Tom Jones'ish title song and Roger Moore juggling champagne, women, quips and shirts opened down to the navel. If you've missed this so far, you'll probably be fine to let it stay that way.
Even though it's been more than 30 years since I as a kid read the Alistair MacLean novel this is based on, the classic MacLean twist had stayed with me - though I remember it as being revealed much later in the book. This adaptation is a B-movie and not a very good one - the first half hour consists of a boring car chase with about 4 lines of dialogue - but it does have the great John Vernon and a young Ben Kingsley with a full head of hair (in his first film role - his...
The third and final film from the 60s with Caine as reluctant spy Harry Palmer. This was... not good. It starts out with a nice enough nod to Bond with a Maurice Binder designed title sequence, but it's downhill from there. Both directing and script is awful - Palmer, for instance, is never given any convincing motivation for being dragged into the (totally daft) story. And while it's nice to see Vladek Sheybal from From Russia With Love again, the main villain (a crazed...
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