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I prefer the asymetric 'old' style.
That version isn't really a director's cut, though (Fincher wasn't involved in it and says he hasn't even seen it). Granted, it's an attempt to piece together the material they had on hand to make a version closer to Fincher's vision, compared to the theatrical release, where (the first time directing a feature film) Fincher wasn't really in charge.When asked if he'd make a director's cut he allegedly said 'Sure, if I can go back and reshoot the whole thing' (or something...
I used a blow drier as a teen, but it was the 80's so I'm not sure that counts.
Gotcha. I personally think I like the Air King better.
What is lacking in the Air King?
Yeah, it was pretty bad. I don't mind bleak (really like The Road, for instance), but this one just didn't have any redeeming qualities.
Stitchy, I'm not up to date with the SW&D thread so I don't know if you've posted that fit there and gotten any feedback on it, but here's mine: I like the shirt and think the fit is enviable but I don't think it works its best with those pants and shoes. It may be the lighting, but both of those items look too dark and severe IMO. Coupled with lighter pants (a light denim wash or some lighter colored linen) and some canvas sneakers or espadrilles, that shirt would be...
Bug problem aside, I really like that place.
I agree. While I recently sold my Luminor because I nearly never wore it - mostly due to it feeling too large at 44mm - I still appreciate the design and have come to like the Radiomirs even more. I definitely prefer the simple, historic models like the 183 and 210. At 45mm they would be too large for me, but I think they might be a good fit for you. The 42mm Radiomirs like the 337 are really appealing to me (would like it even better as a pure base model, but AFAIK they...
I was hoping you'd said you didn't like the Inge, so I could post this. Oh, well - shame to waste it. Would probably fill the role of a OneWatch better than a vintage Rollie, though it might be too sporty to sit beside the Speedy (for some, I just have two sports watches now and no need for something dressier).
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