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I think an argument can be made for both sides. To my knowledge, the more agressive, squarish lines of the case came with the ceramic Subs, but I believe frills is referring to the overall balance of the watch. The new ones have gotten critique for losing some elegance of the models that came just before, where the case flowed more subtly into the bracelet (and compared to my 14060 I agree), but when comparing with even older models, the ceramic ones aren't really that...
Gerry Nelson, that's some solid(!) stuff. Great shoes too.Are you thinking of this one?@edmorel started that one, but sadly quickly left it. I did try to keep it alive for a while, but it never really took off.
Nice and clean. Seems very Sinn 656 inspired.Of the ones I know of, this is my favourite:- a near perfect, classic design. Had it been a few mm smaller I would seriously consider it.
Actually, giving this some more thought and my comment 'I can't imagine anyone really thinking it looks out of place with a suit', I guess I actually *can* imagine someone thinking that - in a hypothetical, highly conservative environment, but I don't know if such exist (to that degree).It also just struck me, that when I do wear a suit, I often dress it down, so for me a sportier watch works just fine for that.
Not at all, but then I only wear a jacket or a suit if I want to, not because I have to, so I happily pair that stuff with my (sporty) watches. Not that I wouldn't like a 'real' dress watch (like a Reverso) to switch it up from time to time.I agree with RogerP that it's very clean and understated (especially on a leather strap) and I can't imagine anyone really thinking it looks out of place with a suit.
For an alternative along those lines, I rather like this one:
Warning: Fuddy duddy opinions, take with much salt:1: Don't like the 39mm Explorer. The hands look anemic and the blinged up 3-6-9 doesn't suit it. I don't mind the size increase and it could have been great. If 36mm wasn't out, the previous one (or a 1016) would've been great choices. As would the 36mm OP with the blue Explorer-like dial that RFX45 just got, being maybe my favourite current production Rolex.2: Also don't like this. Too much stuff going on - quirky seconds...
I do like that pic
1600, IIRC.
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