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last night (please ignore the background or ignore the whole pic, but do ignore the background) in rykiel pants, dior homme shirt and hugo boss shoes and today (same deal about background) in dior homme jeans, v.westwood tshirt and same hugo boss shoes
Good morning, fellow styleforumists. It got a little warmer in good ol' grey Bucharest, so... Dior Homme pants, Comme des Garcons shirt, Versace Jeans Couture top and Paul Smith Jeans shoes
Nope, from Romania. (doing a search on my long lost non-european brother MJK...)
Hey, This is my first post on and it will bring you an Eastern European flavour (I am it) wearing not so eastern brands. I am a little nervous, I noticed some ... I will not call it harsh, but rather thorough critique around here. This is Dior Homme jacket, Etro tshirt, D&G jeans and Hugo Boss shoes.
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