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plenty of yummy mummy yoga classes though!
yeh a place called 'the ring' in northbridge. its a bit of a 'camp' setup, they are trying to get girls involved, but the trainers are good. especially ryan on sundays. plus its about 3km from my place so i can ride my bike there.if ur after a more 'legit/grungier' gym, bradricks in osborne park is supposed to be good.
good to read all the replies. I've started up at a local boxing gym and loving it. every session leaves me completely spent and i'm starting to pick up the beginnings of some technique which is great. already starting to feel fitter and leaner after only a couple of weeks. the point about finding the right coach is a great one. at this gym there is one guy there who is awesome, a couple who are good and 1 who is shit. and the difference between the good and shit coaches...
it seems like in Perth if you've ever been to an MMA class you have to walk around with a Tapout shirt on and picking a fight with as many bouncers as you can see. think i'll give boxing a try to start with, I like the history around it and think it may be a useful skill to have. might go check out a couple of crossfit sessions as well just to see what its all about. thanks for your responses
Looking to join a gym. I want one that will provide me with a bit of motivation to push myself and stay committed. Would you guys recommend a boxing gym or crossfit? or any other suggestions? not interested in MMA as i'm in australia and every bogan man and his dog thinks he is tito ortiz
god dammit i miss my AFL
couple of examples of the kind of stuff im looking for.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr Herbert snowboarding seems to be the domain of rich white kids who can afford to spend most of their time in the mountains instead of getting an education or working. . im living in whistler this season and working as a lifty earning $10 an hour. i work in finance back home and have plenty of friends here who are qualified lawyers, physiotherapists, teachers etc but have made a decision to get out of the rat...
that is so cool
lefty and Jlib (or anyone else), do you know much about the hungarian puli? its one cool looking hair ball
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