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Drop on the Bontoni. Trees can be purchased separately.
Added Isaia Suit
PM sent. Added beautiful size 11D Bontoni Antiqued Medallion Derbys
Drop on all cotton Mabitex to $45 Also taking offers on items. Pictures added of RLBL
Added $50 Ralph Lauren Gift Card (expires December 24, 2010) for $39
Price drops.
Mabitex dropped even more!
Price drop.. Duncan only $560 now!
More Price drops on Mabitex!
Price drop on the RLBL Suit to below cost! Yes, I would say that the Mackintosh coats are somewhat stiff. I think it's nice because it's not so stiff that the coat does not flow, but it gives the coat structure and it doesn't end up bunching up like many other types of trench coats. Additionally, water just runs off the coat and won't be absorbed. The stiffness is part of the design of the fabric with rubber infused cotton.
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